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Linking to me, eh?

Aside from having sprites for your fan characters, how about trying to make stories about them? Now some may say, a Biography or Autobiogrpahy? No not really, but it would be cool nonetheless. Any fiction that deals with a person's character is all good. Be sure to keep checking here. This page is going to be updated so many times within the month.

Murdoch's Life (Me)

Hawaiian Disaster (SuperJon5000)

Since I was having little difficulties with Tripod about apostrophes and dots, and there was so many of them in this story, my last inititive is to give you all the link to his story on the SEGA Message Boards. From there, after you read it, you can vote on it, hopefully you don't need to be a registered user to vote on how well it is. It you can't vote here, then drop me a line at and send in your comments.

Mel's Journal (ultraviolet)

Home of the fan character sprites, big and small.