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Mel's Journal - Chapter 1
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Linking to me, eh?

The main part of my life started when I was only four years old, at the little town hospital.

I lay on my stomach in the waiting room with father, coloring a picture from a coloring book I had gotten for Christmas while waiting for mother and my new baby brother. I glanced up at dad. He was sitting silently, off into a world of his own with a stern expression on his face. I could tell that he was worried about Mother. A couple of hours later, a nurse entered the room. She had a look of sorrow and pity on her face as she eyed me. The look on Dads face told me that something was wrong, as he followed the nurse into the hallway. Running to the door, I pressed my ear against the door and listened to the conversation.

Nurse: I am sorry Mr.Borielis; there was nothing we could do.
Sychar: NNNNOOOO!!! You're lying!!!How could something like this happen without me knowing!!???
Nurse: Sometimes diseases like that are hard to detect, the symptoms are difficult to notice.

Just then, I heard a deafening scream. I opened the door, and to my horror, I saw Dad standing above the dead body of the nurse. His fists were clenched tightly over a bloodstained dagger, and was breathing heavily. His eyes glowed wildly as he scrutinized his victim.

Mel: Daddy!!Why did you do that!?
Sychar: It's all their fault, Scarlet...oh lord! How could you take her from me!?*Storms out of the hospital*
Mel:*runs after him* Daddy!! Wait for me!!!

I did not know what was wrong with him, or what had become of my Mother. I was scared. Could he possibly do the same to me as he had done to the nurse? I wasn't sure, but having nowhere else to go, or no other family I had to follow him. When we got home, Father ignored me completely. I was so hungry; I thought I could eat a whale! Sitting on my bed, I tired to tell myself that it was all a dream, that when I woke up Mother would be there, and Father would be his normal self again. I wished and hoped, but nothing happened. At last, I cried myself to sleep.

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