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Murdoch's Life, Chapters 41-50
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Chapter 41

All of a sudden, I blacked out. But I felt my body still on its feet. It was as if I regained my energy somehow. However, why is it that I can't control myself? I try to raise of my right hand, but I couldn't. This was beginning to get all strange. Suddenly, in my head, I heard of voice that was almost identical to mine.

???: You no longer have control of me, Murdoch. I control you.
Murdoch: What is it that you want?
???: No one leaves the Dark Abyss for nothing. I'm going to show you what happens when you betray us! Starting off with you friends.....

Back in reality, my friends were completely unaware of what was bound to happen to them. The Dark Abyss had control of me this whole time! The thing is that now, with my power at their control, who knows what possiblity the Dark Abyss can do.

Murdoch[???]: Sorry that I had to do this to you guys. But I think it's time to meet death.

I began to chuckle at myself. A very evil chuckle. But in the back of my head, I began to struggle and regain control. But it was no use. The Dark Abyss threw my spirit down inside, so that I may never get the chance to save the day.

Murdoch[???]: You see, I am posessed with an evil spirit of these......emperors that roam about. They told me to bring you here to meet you're fate!

As far as I can sense, my eyes turned black and this weird looking aura of a dark purple and black began to encircle me. I kept telling myself: This is it. They're goners. I can't save them. But somehow, I knew there was still hope........

End of Chapter 41

Chapter 42

He began his rampage on some of my friends. I sensed that a few of them escaped. But then I felt a enormous power surge other than myself. I couldn't determine who it was at the time, but I felt that it wasn't going to be enough to take 'me' down.

Murdoch[???]: *double-voiced* I have lured you all here. I have no fear! I have no love! I am immortal!!
TB???1: You have lost.......Everyone escaped........
Murdoch[???]: You foolish mortals! I encircle the entire planet! No one is safe from my wrath!!

I couldn't take it anymore. I had one last desperate move, but it would killing myself. I decided it was best for the whole world. I let the Dark Abyss gain control of me. It was all my fault. I've endangered my new friends and it was all because of me. I have no purpose to live anymore. If the Dark Abyss is going to keep following me everywhere I go, then what purpose is their for me living on Earth? I'm going to die eventually by their hands, so I'll make it easier for them.
I headed straight for the only place inside my body that was vulnerable to attack......the heart. I closed off one air vent, and I felt my body weaken.

Murdoch[???]: *stops abruptly in front of them, agonized with pain inside* What? What's happening to me?!!
Murdoch: You dare hurt them, I tear you apart from the inside.
Murdoch[???]: You're bluffing!
Murdoch: No way. This is my only insurace policy that you'll not hurt them.

I knew that it was foolish to keep talking. I only spent my final few seconds waiting till I unleash my ultimate sacrifice to save the world.

But as I waited there, a different thought presumed dominant in my head.

The world would be better off if I had not existed

End of Chapter 42

Chapter 43

I closed my eyes, and my mind just flashed my past right before me. My parents were of the main things that appeared mostly. The way they cared for me and my sister...........The only things that mattered to me the most. Then came the horrific death I witnessed before my eyes, my parents on the ground, with their eyes wide open and their blood splattered on the walls around us. Next came to the fact of having revenge and how my life was not important at all. I would give my life up anyway I could, I didn't care if I had to stay alive. I would just end up like them. Buried under dirt with a stone slab protruding from the dirt.

I reopened my eyes and thought that whatever I had to do, must be done. I prepared my ultimate sacrifice, and I whispered to myself these words:

I'm sorry if I let you all down. Sonic, Blur, TB, Ash, and everyone else.

I'm sorry.

I initiated the sacrifice right then. I heard my body scream with pain. All I could remember was just a bright flash of light, then all blacked out.

My life ended at that point.............

End of Chapter 43

Chapter 44, told by me, Anna! Isn't it great? ^^

It's been a day since my brother Murdoch left on his adventure. I began to worry much about him. Was he going to be ok? He was like Mom and Dad put together. He's been taking care of me ever since they passed away. I always wonder what might happen if he were to die. What am I going to do? I'm stuck paying bills and I'm only 9 years old! I guess this is what happens when your parents die and no one is there to pay for the utilities around the house.
I began walking outside the house in the morning. I came to be in the place of the Kimichi Temple. I saw some people around the temple, and I noticed one right away. The hedgehog looked familiar from a newspaper clipping the Murdoch read the day before he left. The guys name was Chaotic. I ran up to him and wondered if he's seen my brother.

Anna: Chaotic! Is that you?
Chaotic: Hm?
Anna: I thought I recognized you. How's my brother?
Chaotic: Who's your brother?
Anna: You know? He was with you back in that spooky place yesterday.
Chaotic: Hmmmmmmmm.........Murdoch?
Anna: Yes! Is he ok? I haven't seen him at home. I thought he would be with you guys instead.
Chaotic: Umm.....He died

He died? He couldn't of. Chaotic looked like the kind of guy that was a kidder. I began to laugh, just to joke around. But at this point, he wasn't.

Chaotic: He did die.

I stopped laughing at the instant that he said that. I couldn't beleive it.

Anna: He's..........dead? Why? He said he would come back to take care of me since Mom and Dad are gone!

Then Murdoch's friend, John, came by. He asked for my name, but I thought Murdoch already told him. Oh well, it wouldn't hurt to tell it to him anyway.

Anna: My name's Anna. *starts to cry* Why did Murdoch go?! *drops to her knees*
John: Death told ya. He's dead
Anna: But why?!
John: No one knows.
Anna: I'm going to head home. After this, I don't feel like myself anymore.

I couldn't beleive it. He promised me! He said that he'll be back to care for me! It wasn't fair! I always remembered what he said to me before he left:
Murdoch: I have to get going now. Everyone's waiting for me.
Anna: I don't want you to go there. You might get hurt. *clings to Murdoch*
Murdoch: I'll be fine, sis. Don't worry about me.
Anna: I will though.
Murdoch: If I don't return, maybe someone else will take care of you, just like Mom and Dad. *kisses her on forehead* Later, Anna.
Anna: Bye Murdoch.
{End of Flashback}
I waited until he came back that whole time. Who else could take care of me just how my brother did? He was the best brother I could ever have. And now he was gone! I came back home and tried to sleep on the matter. But I just couldn't fathom the fact that he was really gone.

Murdoch, please come back......

End of Chapter 43

Chapter 44

A few hours pass as I slept. I had recurring dreams that always dealt with Murdoch's death. I couldn't take it. I wanted to wake up, but I couldn't. But I managed to, still thinking I was dreaming when Chaotic said Murdoch died.

Anna: Murdoch? I.......oh yeah, that's right. he's gone.

I remembered that it was all true. I didn't want to admit it. I wondered where everyone was at. Did they even come to see if I was ok? I doubt it. I walked outside and saw someone near my house. It kinda looked like the person Murdoch rescued before, Ash.

Anna: What are you doing out here?
Ash: Getting lost. -_-
Anna: Where's everyone else?
Ash: Abondoned me.
Anna: Why? They don't like you anymore?
Ash: I'm not sure.

Soon, we were having a long conversation.

Anna: *sigh* So I guess you know what happened to Murdoch, huh?
Ash: Yeah.... I really liked him too.
Anna: You did?
Ash: Yeah.
Anna: I had no idea. You must have been hurt because of it, huh?
Ash: Yeah, hurt quite a bit.
Anna: But not as much as I have.
Ash: I would guess.
Anna: He was like my mom and dad all in one. Once my parents died, he looked after me all the time, like he always did.
Ash: He was one of the only people that was willing to protect me.
Anna: That was Murdoch's determination. To make sure all his friends were safe, even if it meant his life.
Ash: I see.....
Anna: *sits next to Ash* But how did you two meet?
Ash: I ran into him one day.
Anna: And this was how long ago?
Ash: About 2 years ago. He helped me up and we became friends.
Anna: That would explain him going on such adventures.
Ash: I am adventurous.
Anna: I'm not. I usually stay home and take care of the bills since Mom isn't alive anymore.
Ash: That really sucks.
Anna: Now I got more things to take care of now that Murdoch's gone. I don't know what to do!

I began to cry when I began to think about it again. She told me not to cry, and she told me not to worry. But she said that we both have to leave this place before it was going to be too late. I began to be really scared at that point.

Murdoch, please come back! I'm scared!

End of Chapter 44

Chapter 45

I was scared all that time. I didn't know what was going on. I couldn't leave my home! Where was I going to live if it was gone?

John: Yo, need some help outta here?
Anna: John, it's you again.
John: Hey, Anna

I asked Ash one more time, just to see if she was sure.

Anna: Ash, are you sure that someone will attack you?
Ash: *shudders* Yes, very sure.
John: Ash, Anna, I can get you guys out.
Anna: How?
John: I know a secret passage way *teleports them to the outside*

I didn't know where he took me and Ash. But, afterward, he just disappeared.

Ash: It's him!!!! *points*
Anna: Who?

I tried looking around, seeing where Ash was pointing, but I didn't see anything. I tried calling out where John was, but he didn't answer. I was confused and scared, all at the same time. Ash ran off because she was going to get away as far as possible from what was going to get her.

Anna: *shudders* Murdoch. Please come back! Murdoch! *cries* I'm alone.

I looked around and noticed I wasn't too far away from my house. I entered inside, walked into my room, then laid on my bed. 2 hours pass, and I hear a familiar voice in my room.

Anna: John? Is it you again? Or is it Murdoch?
John: *steps out of the shadows* Me
Anna: Could Murdoch be able to come back?

He didn't really know the answer to that question. Suddenly, he heard someone in the bushes in the front yard. He pointed what looked like a pistol towards the bush with his eyes still focused on me.

John: Who's there?
Anna: What's that?
John: Come out now.
???: *comes out* Well, hey Anna
Anna: Who are you? And how do you know me?
???:Don't ya know your own brother?? I'm Murdoch.

I couldn't beleive it! It was actually Murdoch!

Anna: Murdoch?
Murdoch: Yeah, it's me. Told you I'll be back sis.

I was so happy! He didn't die after all! I looked to John to see if he was happy also. When I looked at his face, he was still concentrating his gun on Murdoch's head.

John: Tell the truth, who are you?
Murdoch: Don't you trust me, John? It's me, Murdoch! Put the gun down.
John: Give me one reason to. I saw the real Murdoch die
Anna: Murdoch? Is it really you?
Murdoch: C'mon. I come back and I'm treated like an enemy?
John: I don't trust you. Explain then
Murdoch: My my, you are so persistent, John. I now know you think I'm not Murdoch. Congrats, you are correct.

What? Not the real Murdoch? Then who is he? I thought.

John: I'm never wrong
Dark Murdoch: When I said I was immortal, I am immortal. Murdoch wasted his own life for naught.

I guess this is what Ash was afraid of, maybe. He looked so scary after this guy changed to a more eviler version of my brother.

John: Anna, run away as far as possible *shoots Dark Murdoch's right arm*

I began to run away as far as possible. I couldn't hear the rest of the battle, but I figured that it was best. I was so scared at that point. What if John wasn't powerful enough to defeat that............that..........bad Murdoch lookalike? What if that bad person came after me?!

But when I looked around the corner of my house, away from those two..........I'm real confident that's him! I know it!

End of Chapter 45

Chapter 46 (now I'm back again)

The Dark Abyss must've preserved alive my dark incarnation after the suicidal blast. Fortunately, I barely lived out of that myself. Used an emerald that I found near my body, which was just coincidence or a miracle that it was there. But now, I found myself standing face to face with the evil that controlled me back in the graveyard. He was battling John at that point. But then I can and intervened. I told John that this was my battle and his part was done, so he left. Now it was me against who I call, Dark Murdoch.

Murdoch: What's the deal coming over here? You have a score to settle with someone?
D. Murdoch: I plan on ruling this world! My esscense of evil shall spread to all!!
Murdoch: How do you plan on doing that?
D. Murdoch: *points to an altar* Using that altar, I can be able to control all mortals walking on this planet!
Murdoch: Yeah right, Dark Murdoch. You have to get past me to do so.

He didn't seem to care. He swiped me out of the way, and walked towards the altar. I hit the wall of my house hard. Anna came by and crouched down to come face to face with me.

Anna: Murdoch! It's really you?
Murdoch: Yeah, it's me. Turns out if he lives, I live also.

Just then, almost everyone I knew back in the graveyard was over at my house just like that.

Chaotic:*appears next to Murdoch* Hi
Murdoch: Yo, Chaotic. Nice to see you again.
Chaotic: Same here
Ash: Murdoch? Is that you?
Murdoch: *looks to Ash* Sure am. Did you miss me?

I wanted to act like a movie star that time and just recited a line from a movie I watched.

Ash: Yes, I really missed you.
Chaotic: Now that we're all here........Lets get Dark Murdoch
D. Murdoch: Mortal fools! Prepare to bow down to me!

I could not beleive what I was seeing here! There was the Dark Abyss' transportation portal, and a huge, dark sphere and lands on top of the altar. Then, a shock wave of dark energy showered over the earth. I beleive this is what the Dark Abyss was planning to do all along. But for some reason, me and my friends around me were unaffected. Chaotic went overt to attack Dark Murdoch, but I remembered one dark secret about that technique Dark Murdoch's using.

Murdoch: What do you call this technique?
Queen Myomi: This is the key to our ultimate domination of the earth, the Dark Emitter.
Murdoch: The Dark Emitter?
Queen Myomi: Yes, it changes all of the beings on Earth into our people, worshiping the Dark Abyss for eternity. It is one unstoppable force.
Murdoch: How so?
Queen Myomi: Whoever commences this technique, any attack drawn to him, makes him and the power of the blast, much stronger than before.
Murdoch: Hm? Is this like a last-resort tactic?
Queen Myomi: Not at all. It'll be one we'll use first hand. The Dark Abyss shall rule!
Murdoch: So there's no way to stop it.
Queen Myomi: There's only one way, but that involves risking that person's life. Life energy is more greater than this technique. If that some person uses it to stop this, the erath is saved but that person dies.
Murdoch: I see.
{End of Flashback}

Pretty soon, almost everyone started to attack Dark Murdoch then.

Murdoch: No! Everyone stop!
Ash: Why?
Chaotic: NO!!!!
Murdoch: When he has the orb in his control, he's impenitreble. If you attack him, he'll only get stronger!
Chaotic: Oh
Murdoch: That's the source of his power, without it, he's dead. We have to blow up the orb! But there's one thing about it.....
Ash: What?
Chaotic: What?
Murdoch: In order for it to explode, one of us has to do it. Your power is crucial. Too much, the world blows up. Too little, there went one wasted life.
Ash: Oh no.
Chaotic: How much do we need
Murdoch: But since I am the his clone, so to speak, it will have to be me, yet again. It was great to come back here for a few, but I have to leave again.

As much as I never wanted to do this, I had to. It was either that, or I serve the Dark Abyss again, and I never want to go to that place again. Dark Murdoch wanted to kill me so bad, so I'll let him do it, but I'm taking him with me. But this sucked. I just came back from almost dying, now I have to kill myself again for the world.

Anna: So does this mean you're leaving again, brother?
Ash: -_- Good luck Murdoch. *hugs him*
Murdoch: Thanks, Ash. *kisses her on cheek* Could you take care of Anna for me if I don't make it?
Ash: Yes I will. I'll miss you.

John wanted to come along to help me out, just in case I didn't die. But I didn't want to take the chance, it might be a bit too much power to handle.

Murdoch: Sorry, John. Gotta go at this alone. *starts to run towards altar* I'll try to stay alive guys!
John: You ain't stopping me!
Murdoch: John, no! This is my battle. I have to end it!
John: Yo, you think you're gonna fight without me? I'll just give support if yer about to die
Murdoch: Don't follow! Stay behind! It's for the safety of other!
John: *stops* Fine but if yer about ta die I'm helpin!

So there I went, alone to save the world, again.

D. Murdoch: *sees Murdoch coming towards the orb* That's it! I'm not letting you destroy me again!

I made it inside the orb, and for one desperate move, I charged all of my life's energy, and let it all out to stop it!

Murdoch: Ok, this is it.

A bright light occured after my initiation of the blast. I knew this was enough to take him out. I just knew it!

Murdoch: I'm going to send you into the abyss once and for all!
D. Murdoch: No!!

And as I stayed there, the orb became destroyed, and all the evil that was released into the earth was vaccumed up. I still stayed suspended in the air for awhile, then crashed into the ground. I thought I died at that moment......Maybe I did......Maybe not.

End of Chapter 46

Chapter 47

I was breathing very heavily. I didn't know if I'll be able to make it. I kept hearing voices. Voices of my friends......and also the cries of my little sister.....

Anna: *holds on to Murdoch's hand* It'll be ok.
Ash: He survived!!!
Anna: I don't think he could talk. He only has power left to breath. *starts to cry* I hope he'll be ok.
Ash: *hugs Anna* Don't cry, he'll be okay.

I really hoped that I did make it! That was a most impossible tactic that's too high of a price to pay. I was struggling to keep my life and my heart going.

John: Well, Mudoch ya kicked his My services belong elsewhere now. See ya!

I turned my head to see John, walking away from where I lain. I had enough power to just utter a few words.

Murdoch: La......ter........John.

And with that, I fell into a deep sleep. I could still hear everyone around me.

Ash: See Anna, he just talked. After Murdoch wakes up he'll be fine.

I woke up again. I figured that the hard ground was uncomfortable to sleep on. I tried to get up, but after using so much of my power to stoip Dark Murdoch, I was too weak to even stand in a crooked way. Ash came over to me, and helped me up to my feet.

Murdoch: *grunts in pain* Guess.......I shouldn't.........of used........that much.......po.....power.
Ash: Seems like you used the right amount.
Murdoch: But I almost died, though.
Ash: >.< You'll be okay.

I decided to get home. I figured it was best for me and Anna to stay in the sanctum of our dwelling. Plus I was too weak to defend her if anything happens.

Murdoch: C'mon Anna. Let's go home.
Anna: Ok.
Anna: So what now, bro?
Murdoch: Time to heal my wounds with some rest.
Anna: You scared me back there, with you saying you might not make it.
Murdoch: I didn't really know the answer.

I didn't want to converse with her anymore. I needed rest. But as I fell asleep, I hear a bit of what she asked me. Presently, a few minutes before I wrote this chapter, I asked her what the question was. And here it is:

Anna: Were you trying to get Ash's love to you show?

I fell asleep again. Maybe for a few hours. And during my slumber, I felt my power coming back.

End of Chapter 47

Chapter 48

I awoke from my slumber again. I felt renergized. My power returned to it's normal state. Some of my friends were there to keep me company while I slept. Didn't know why, but I enjoyed their presence.

Murdoch: I must've been out for at least a few hours. Where's Anna? Do you know?
Ash: I don't know.
Murdoch: Ash, could you go and find her?

She did so. I didn't know where Anna went. She must've went out for a bit. But I wanted to know where she was, just to make sure. I got up and got a drink of water in the kitchen. Then I sensed someone else there in the house. I wondered who it was. When I studied it, it wasn't friendly at all. I teleported quickly to where it was, but I got there too late. I didn't know what was going on, but once I saw my friend, Ash, lain on the ground in a puddle of blood, I knew it was something about this person that yearned for blood.

Murdoch: What the hell do you think you're doing?
???: Destroying a source of useless information
Murdoch: You senseless punk! You die!
???: Lets see you take on three of us at a time

I threw all of my anger and frustration towards this mysterious trio. They killed one of my best friends! I wasn't going to let her death go unsettled. But all my attacks were of no effect!

???: I am a robot fool!

One of them raised a gun, and shot a bullet into me.

Murdoch: Dang you. Why are you doing this?!
???: Hand over our target and you will not be harmed.

I didn't know what target they were talking about. But my thoughts turned over to Ash, who opened her eyes and tried to speak.

Ash: I'm going to die.....
Murdoch: Who is the dang target!

I asked them that, as I ran over to Ash and began to heal her wound. I didn't want her to die at that point. They gave me the answer I was looking for.

???: Chaotic the hedgehog

Chaotic.....They must've been talking about the Chaotic I know. That me and Ash know.

Murdoch: They left out of town after Dark Murdoch died. That's all I can give you.

So far, though, my healing powers were taking no effect on Ash.

Ash: Get him Chaotic, don't worry about me.
Murdoch: I'm not letting you die Ash. Not you.
Ash: Why not? I have nothing to live for anymore.
Murdoch: Yes you do. Maybe not now, but later in life. Don't go. If someone has to go, it'll be me!

They pressed on further. It seemed that my explanation wasn't good enough for them.

???: He is around here.......Hand him over or be destroyed
Ash: I seriously don't know where Chaotic is, don't hurt me anymore.
Murdoch: I conked out after my battle with Dark Murdoch. Find John, he might know.

Then, out of the blue, Chaotic appeared at my front door. He just saved us a big deal of hurt right there. But it didn't seem right. Why were they after him? For what?

Murdoch: What's going on here? Chaotic why are they after you?
Ash: *losing blood rapidly* Chaotic?? What happened??
Chaotic: I haven't the slightest idea but they killed my team........

That was good enough for me. Ash was losing blood really quick. I had no other choice then to give her all my power in order for her to live, and for me to die. And they I laid. In that puddle of blood. Again, I passed away, hoping that I'll return.

End of Chapter 48

Chapter 49

Many people say that when you're dead, you are conscious of nothing at all. You can't hear, feel, or dream. But for some reason, as I lain there, I got a vision. This was getting strange to me. 'I can't be dreaming? I'm dead! How is this possible?!' I said in my vision.
A voice spoke to me. 'You are dead, but you are not finished....' it said to me.
'Not finished? What do you mean, voice?'
'You're life does not end here. You are greatly needed in the planet....'
'No I'm not....All I give to the people is hardship and misery. Their lives would've been better.......if I hadn't existed.....'
A figure came to me. It was wearing a white cloak and was floating in the air. 'Is that so, young warrior.....If it wasn't for you.....many would've never even lived to this point......'
'What do you mean, "Many would've never lived to this point?"'
The figure put its sleeve on my shoulder. 'Come my dear boy.....And I will show you....'
And from there, I found myself in front of my house. I looked around. This was really my house! What it was, 20 years ago! I saw my parents, moving furniture into the home. I walked inside, and saw aa calendar hanging in the dining room. There was a date circled, which told what day it was currently. It was Tuesday, October 15, my birthday! 'But wait! If this was the day I was born......Why isn't Mom at the hospital?'
'This is Tuesday, October 15, if you weren't to exist.....I want to show you what your friends and family's lives were affected without your existance....' the figure said.
I looked down at the ground. 'That's right.....I remember now...'

Next, I jumped up 8 years into the future, to the time Anna was born. I appeared in the hospital room Mom was in, along with Dad. And that's where I saw Anna....cradled in Mom's arms.....But I remembered that she wasn't all this quiet at that time....She was crying all that time......But not now.....She was quiet.....
'When you were around, Murdoch.....She was afraid of you.....She thought of you as a monster.....With how you looked when you were 8....' the figure told him.
'Yeah....I was pretty hideous back then....' I said, letting out a chuckle. 'At least I'll know that she won't be that fearful of things when she gets older.....'
'Come.....we have more to explore, Murdoch.....Many things are changed when you do not exist....'

Now, after jumping another few years, I could really remember all the things that had happened. This was the night! The night my parents were killed by the assassin! I saw them just about to leave the house. I gave chase and caught up to them at their workplace. I decided to walk in first, just so I can take down the assassin first, and Mom and Dad wouldn't have to feel death. I lunged right at him, but to my surprise, I fell through him. 'What? How come I can hurt him?!'
'You don't exist in this world, remember....'
I looked on in horror to see what happened to my parents a second time, only this one seemed more depressing and sadder than the first. A few days later....We loomed over my house. And I was surprised at what I saw.....Many dark figures surrounded the house. I phased inside and was awestruck and what I saw. Anna was asleep in bed, completely unaware of what was going on outside. 'No.....No.......she won't...'
'Unfortunately, Murdoch.....she will....' it said, putting its sleeve on my shoulder again.
I stayed in her room all that time, just staring at her. She laid perfect still, sleeping soundly and cuddling a teddy bear in her arms. She shouldn't die so young....What did she have to deserve it?

I heard the door crash open and many of the dark figures darted inside. Anna was still fsat asleep. She didn't know what was going on....
They trashed the house, from the living room to the dining room to the bedrooms. They last came to Anna's room. I could only watch. One figure came to her bedside, took out a rag, and covered Anna's mouth with it. She awoke that instant, sat up, and tried to struggle and call for help. However, a few seconds passed, and she was knocked out. Her head crashed into her pillow, and she lost grip of her teddy bear. "What should we do with her boss?" one of them said.
"We must burn her.....She can't know of what happened to her parents...."
Then two other figures came and doused her bed with gasoline. The figures left save one who had a pack of matches in his hand. He got out a lighter, ignited all of them, and tossed it on Anna's hand. Her bed was ablaze in a matter of seconds! 'Anna! Anna! No!!' I cried, having tears run from my eyes.
I couldn't believe what happened before my eyes....Those assassins killed my whole family!! 'Do you now of what happened to Mari?' the figure asked.
I looked at it. 'Please! Bring me to her! Please! I beg you!'
It did as I wished.

I found myself in a different house. I looked at a photograph that was propped on the end table next to a sofa. It was a picture of Mari. 'This is her house....' I said.
The house was dark. I looked in the dining room, and saw the table barren, the dishes washed, and the candles blown out. The living room wasn't so lively. I read the clock on the wall. It read 11:30 PM. 'Guess they're all asleep.....'
I walked up the stairs and I peeked through one of the doors thatwere cracked opened. It was her parent's room, but it was empty. 'Her parents were killed anyway, even if I wasn't here in this world...' I said to myself.
I continued walking down the hall. I came up to a lighted room, on the other side of the hallway. I went in, and saw Mari, sitting up in bed, writing in what seemed to be her diary. She just got her pen out, so I guess she must've started writing. I walked up next to her and looked on and saw what she was writing. This is what it said:

Dear Diary,
It was another one of those days again. Always lonely and quiet. It's been two days since my parents were killed by their boss. Something in my heart tells me that they'll be after me next. But I plan on staying here in my home. This is my home, and I won't leave it. But when things get too bad, I'll run away and try to find a new home.
I was watching the news, and it had the words "Breaking News Bulletin" flashing on the screen. The newscaster said that a house was burned to the ground. Possibly a case of arson, they say. But what was really sad was that it was my parents' friends and their only daughter. Their daughter, Anna. She was the bestest friend I had. In fact, she was the only friend I had. We always did alot of things together, even though she was so young. But I thought that that was unfair to her. She died and hasn't gotten a chance to experience life! The firemen looked into her house, and found her charred body laying in bed. A camera person from the news followed them in. I was still watching, and saw her. I was surprised! I cried that whole time....All that was left that she was laying in was a mattress and a pillow. The blanket was gone, or completely eaten by the fire. But still, I lost my only friend! My ONLY friend! No one appreciates more than her! I just feel like I want to just kill myself and end my life! No one likes me, so why do I have to keep living! I'm sorry if I'm writing like this....I promise to write nicer things tomorrow. I have to go to bed. Bye!


She closed her diary, placed both that and her pen on her nightstand, turned the light off, and feel asleep. 'I couldn't beleive she went through that.....Mari....' I walked closer to her, and brought my face closer to hers, and whispered, 'If I was only alive, I would've kept her alive as well....I'm sorry, Mari...'
I got back up. The figure rejoined me. 'We have one more person left for you to see....'
'Who? Who is it?'
The figure didn't respond, but instead, we jumped towards Morris Town.

The day was rainy. I looked up and saw the hotel me and Anna stayed at. Then it hit me like a truck impacting a brick wall! 'This is where I met Ash! Oh no....' I said.
A most troublesome thought came into my head. I remembered those robots beating down on her. She almost died, before I interfered. But since I don't exist.....'She's going to die?' I asked the figure.
'I'm afraid so...' it replied.
I saw Dr. Eggman in the air, overlooking the brawl. "Rough her up good! Make it so she'll never run away from me again!" he said.
The bots continued beating her down. They were beating her too much as I saw. And when Dr. Eggman stopped them, he came down, got out of his hovermobile, and checked her vital signs. "Eehhhh....she's dead....She deserved it anyway.....That's the consequence for running away from Eggman! Her parents were gone, and no one likes her. Her death is meaningless to all!!"
My eyes watered, and I wanted to rip Eggman's head off! How dare he say that kind of vile things about her! Then soon, we left there, and found ourselves in a dark void. Everything was black. 'Now do you think it was better that you didn't exist?' it told me.
My eyes were red from all the tears I shed. 'No....No it wasn't....It was only worse. But Mari! She still was alive! Did she join the Dark Abyss?!'
'I didn't want you to see it for yourself, but she committed suicide that morning. I'll tell you all the details....She woke up that morning and became really depressed. She just awoke from a dream that really demoralized her. Everyone sought to kill her, only because she was like the odd man out. No one liked her. They all turned to enemies. Even the people whom she thought was her friends or aquaintances, turned on her. They kept chanting, "Die Die Die! You are not wanted in this world!" And she woke up, she figured it all to be true. She took out a carving knife from her nightstand drawer, and started cutting everything in her room. Her papers, photos, bedding, curtains, almost anything that were paper or fabric. Then she started throwing things around. She threw her TV into her vanity mirror, threw all the things on her bed and scattered them across the room, and broke her 2 lamps that were on the nightstands. She let out her frustration and anger about the dream, but she didn't stop there. She came out from her room and rampaged through her parents room, almost the same way. She jumped out the window and walked towards the shed in the backyard. She took out an ax and brought it inside. She continued her destructive behavior. She make big hols in the walls of every room. TV screens were shattering, cotton flew from the sofa cushions, and pieces of wood flew from the walls. Same went for the dining room. Plates crashed on the floor from the cabinet, and she cut the table in half. She came to her room again and did the same to the walls there. She began destroying her dresser like a mad man. Her eyes were dialated. It had no emotion whatsoever. She came to her bed and fell into tears. She cried into her pillow real loud. She couldn't beleive what she just did to her only home. And the only thing she had on her mind was just to end everything right there. So she got her carving knife back in her hand and shoved it into her stomach. She fell into her bed, having it glistening with crimson red. No one knew what happened there though. So that's how the house stands until now, when you're 20. No one dared to enter.'
'I can't beleive that happened......Am I going to live again?' I said to it.
It didn't respond, but faded away. But then, I heard a voice coming from the outside world. "Murdoch...."

And suddenly....I felt myself coming back to life.

End of Chapter 49

Chapter 50

I awoke, and I found myself on the same floor I died on. I got up quickly and asked whoever revived me if I was really alive or not. But when I looked, no one was there. I was alone. I looked outside and noticed that it was still the same time right when I died.

Murdoch: Where is everyone?

I thought to myself over and over again. then I felt a battle going on not far from my house. I sensed all the fighters there.

Murdoch: Anna...Ash....They're in trouble! Big time!! I've got to go and help them, before it's too late!!

With that, I headed to their location. After witnessing what would've happened if I had not of existed, I knew that I was the only one that could help them more than ever. I arrived there and noticed that it was the same group that killed me before.

A-7: All shall perish.........
Metal Shadow: You tell him........
Mecha Espio: Kill them all
Murdoch: I don't think so.
Ash: *wakes up beside Murdoch* Wha--??
TD: Who's this guy
Murdoch: That's what I want to ask you! What's the deal trying to kill my friends......and my sister!?

I was so fired up! I wanted to pay revenge on them for what they were doing. They were killing them without reason. then, I heard Metal his head, it was ringing... Ash grabbed her emerald and suggested that we all leave, but I decided to stay.

ME: Whose calling Metal?
Ms: Its our client.........He wants us to retreat
A-7: Fine*causes a smoke screem*

They disappeared. Just like that....I was pretty fortunate for that, though. I never would've gotten the chance to take them all down at once. I figured that they might be back again, so just for precaution, I wanted the girls to go into the hospital to heal the wounds. It was just me and Chaotic now, with these girls now on the sidelines, so to speak.

Murdoch: Well....let's help these guys with their wounds. *picks up Anna*
Chaotic:*picks up Ash*
Murdoch: Let's go, Chaotic.
Chaotic: Right

We both headed to the hospital. We both found two rooms that were unoccupied, and placed each of them in those rooms. I walked over to the nurse and told them about the whole thing and where we put them. She nodded her head and gladly accepted the act that we did. I walked back into the room Anna was in. The doctors began treating her quick. He asked if I were to wait outside the room while he was examining and looking for fatal wounds. I complied then waited. It was like waiting for hours for the doc to come out. I felt bad for what I said earlier in that vision. That everyone would be better without me....It didn't take long for me to realize that it would've been worse. No one would be able to save them from the troubles that I saved them from. I couldn't beleive that, though, for a second, but after pondering on it.....I feel that I am important in this life. Maybe that's why I was brought into this world. to become a protector. Yeah, that's right.....I am a protector.... I, then, lost my fear, that fear of being a nobody, and I was able to live life well, without that worry.

The doc came out of the room a few hours later. He allowed me to stay in the room and watch her. I entered the room, and closed the door behind me. She had many wires to connected on her body. I feared that she might not make it through.

Murdoch: You going to pull through Anna. I promise.

I grasped her hand tight and hope that she'll wake up. Minutes later, the doc entered the room and informed me that Anna was going to recover soon. Real soon. The only thing was is that she would need a lot of rest to heal the wounds. I thanked him, and he exited the room, leaving the door open. I felt so relieved. But then, I sensed a dark force near my home.

Murdoch: What's going on over there?

I teleported there, but I found nothing. It seemed strange. I felt a dark force here, now it's gone. then Demonic came next to me.

Demonic: Would you really like to know?

Then, out of the blue, Ash appeared near us. Then came Chaotic.

Chaotic: Where's your sister?.......She's usually with you.
Murdoch: That's what I want to know. Ash, where is she?

But before she could answer, Chaotic interrupted.

Chaotic: Hm?.........I sense something
Murdoch: What is it?
Chaotic: Your sister..........

End of Chapter 50

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