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Murdoch's Life, Chapters 31-40
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Chapter 31

The waiting room was empty. The only ones there were me and the husband of the homeowner.

Murdoch: How is she? Is she doing alright?
Man: She'll be ok. Nothing to worry about, dear boy.

There wasn't any sign of concern or worry on the man's face. He was a bit relaxed when he told me of Anna's condition. I just sat down on another bench near the medical room. My eyes just kept focus on the wall clock, watching the minutes tick by. I couldn't take anymore of this! The Dark Abyss was out to get me and kill me any way they can. I wanted this nightmare to be over. To put this horrible past behind me for good and lock it away. I just can't seem to do that!

Many minutes pass since I arrived at the waiting room, and still no word of Anna's condition. I thought she never had a chance to recooperate from a long-term exposure to the rain and cold like last night. I began to blame myself for what happened. I shouldn't of sided with those evil people! Why was I so blind to not see the truth?! First my parents, then my home that I was raised in, and now my sister's sickness that has a slim chance of curing! My mind became filled with negative thoughts and self-hatred. My heart filled with sorrow and foolishness. One little thing I did turned out to be a book of tradegy!

I laid on the bench, now looking at the ceiling instead of the clock. Then my thoughts switched to my first encounter with Eggman. Maybe it was better to join up in partnership with him. It was better than the Dark Abyss, that's for sure. But the girl I saved from him..........What did Eggman want to do with her? Did she steal important information from him to give to goverment leaders? No doubt that would of been the case. Eggman would bring an army of robots to stop her from achieving that task. But what was her purpose? She looked like the type that wouldn't do such a daring and risky deed. What was she aiming for?

Then the door finally opened. I saw Anna feeling much better. I let out a sigh of relief for the first time.

End of Chapter 31

Chapter 32

We returned to the couple's home right after Anna was released from the hospital. Never have I felt so relieved to know that she was ok at that point, it was one great feeling to experience. I forgot almost all the problems I had in life. The next day we offered to help get the groceries they needed for a little party they were setting up in a week. It wasn't much of a big task to repay what they did for us.

An hour after we left, me and Anna were on our way back to the house. I looked up the mountain range where they lived and saw smoke building up. Then a troubling thought came into my head. The Dark Abyss was following my every move. With the smoke ascending into the air, my heart raced and I bolted to the house, leaving Anna trailing behind. I saw a most troubing sight when I got there.....

End of Chapter 32

Chapter 33

The house was swallowed up in flames. The intense heat was almost imbearable about 100 feet from the front door. I had no choice but to flee from there, along with Anna. We never looked back at that house at all. My mind was filled with the horrible memories I had before. My parents' death, the Dark Abyss, everything! I want it to just go away!

We returned to Central City, where I first started my whole runaway from home. I was surprised to see it all rebuilt! It was more beautiful than I ever imagined it would be! We checked to see if my house was bulldozed down, but it turns out that too was rebuilt. No one was living in it at that time, so we decided to take residence in it again. Everything was almost the same. All we needed was furniture to put in it. It took us awhile to get it but we managed to get them.

End of Chapter 33

Chapter 34

Many years pass, and the Dark Abyss kept targeting me any way they could. But after all those times, I trained myself to stand my ground and to take on any who would try and kill me, my sister, or any of my friends that I may know. Everyday, usually around the afternoon, I was always in the backyard, attacking still dummies mounted by a wooden pole driven into the ground. I practiced all sort of combos and techniques I could think of. With my quick speed and keen awareness, none of the combos I imagined proved impossible to complete. But they were just still objects; the real test was to gain victory over one fleet of the Dark Abyss. If I were to do that, who knows what might happen. And that test proved myself to the limit........

Days after we moved back into my old house, the Dark Abyss came back again. A small number of them showed up, roughly about 5 or 6 hedgehogs, all with one goal in their minds: Kill me and my sister. I wasn't going to back down from them this time. I was ready.

Warrior 1: Well Murdoch. You gots some guts to come anf face us this time. Must have a death wish to complete real quickly.
Warriors: *laugh boisteriously*

They mocked my efforts to try and take them down. They still thought of me as a coward, always running away when things got overwhelming. Pretty soon I couldn't take the mockness any longer! With them cooped up with all their laughing, I charged at the head leader of the group & drove my knee into his stomach. Without hesistating, I grabbed his right arm, flung him over my shoulder, and pile drived him into the asphalt. The impact was so intense, his spinal cord snapped, killing him instantly. The other warriors with awe-struck after what I did. I looked at them, and their faces were not filled with laughter, they were now filled with hatred and anger.

Murdoch: How does it feel to lose one of you own, huh?! Ain't cool, isn't it? This is what you did to me! Revenge is sweet; suck it up!

They all charged at me at once. That didn't phase me at all. But all in a split-second, I found myself behind them, with my arms crossed, feeling a hint of photon particles on the top of my hands. I looked at them and saw that I had issued out 2 plasma swords from my knuckles that took resemblence of flames. I turned around and saw the rest of the fleet laying dead on the street. I was shocked! Did I really take them out?

And so it was from then, I became more skilled than I ever was. Maybe even better than my father! I can be able to fully accept my responsibility my father gave me to safeguard Anna. All my worries, nightmares, and fears were all put aside. Now that I can defend myself, my life has began yet again.

End of Chapter 34

Chapter 35

I decided to go on a little adventure on my own. This was one risky decision I had to make. I was leaving Anna alone for who knows how long I may be gone for. I felt real confident about this, but leaving my sister behind was giving me second thoughts.

Murdoch: I best be on my way. Have to go and see the world.
Anna: I don't want you to go. You might get hurt. *clings to Murdoch*
Murdoch: I'll be fine, sis. Don't worry about me.
Anna: I will though.
Murdoch: If I don't return, maybe someone else will take care of you, just like Mom and Dad. *kisses her on forehead* Later, Anna.
Anna: Bye Murdoch.

She just couldn't fathom the fact that I have to leave. I couldn't stay at home all day. I need to go and explore this Earth so I can get a better understanding of it. I looked back and saw Anna, just standing in the front doorway, having a little tear trickle down from her eye. I knew that I couldn't look back anymore. Otherwise, I would have to stay at home. I kept on walking, out of the city and into the world.

About a few hours later, I ended up in this graveyard I never knew existed in this area. So remote from the city. I walked in but had an eerie feeling fill my body, like it was telling me something. That I shouldn't of walked inside this place.

After a few feet inside I saw some people running frantically towards me. I guess they're trying to get themsleves out of here, I thought. They all passed me so fast that I almost lost balance. I looked back and saw the graveyard gates close right in front of them. There were about 3 of them at that point, however 2 of them looked familiar.

One I could tell was Sonic. The blue quills and red shoes that have the white straps give it all away. But the hedgehog next to him..........Could she have been the one I saved back in Rosenti Town?

End of Chapter 35

Chapter 36

I overheard them talking, trying to find a way out of here. They all seemed real afraid and started to panic. I stayed calm. Wondering what they were trying to do, I walked up to them.

???: I'll just fly us out!
Girl: *looks up at the dark clouds* I don't think that's a good idea........
Sonic: What are we going to do?
Murdoch: I really don't know......

They were stricken with fear. I didn't care, really. But Sonic.........I thought I would never see him so scared. Something must be up, I thought. Suddenly, a ghost appeared out of nowhere. The girl freaked out, and quickly hid behind Sonic.

Murdoch: It's just a ghost.
Girl: Just a ghost??!! All ghosts are scary!!
???: .....EK! *faints*

One of them fainted after seeing the ghost. I couldn't beleive what I was seeing.

Girl: Now's isn't a good time to faint!!!
Sonic: Ash, calm down.

I finally figured out her name at that point after overhearing Sonic. Ash........she was the one I saved in Rosenti Town. It had to be. Unless there was an exact copy of her, of which wasn't related to her at all.

Murdoch: Oh for the love of............ah screw it.
Ash: What are we going to do about that?

Suddenly, yet again, another ghost appeared, and just as before, Ash freaked out. The other person was still laying on the ground, unconscious. I decided to end this.

Murdoch: Stay with me, and we'll get out of here!

But that didn't seem to work at all for them. Ash was shivering and couldn't make herself move, the other person woke up then fainted right afterward, and Sonic was confused on what to do.

Murdoch: What am I going to do about this?

End of Chapter 36

Chapter 37

The other person woke up yet again, this time she became so pale, she almost looked like a ghost herself.

???: B-b-b-b-b-behind u.........

She pointed to a gigantic ghost right behind us. Ash became so scared, she jumped into Sonic's arms. I couldn't take this anymore. I wanted to end this.

Murdoch: I'll take on these ghosts!
Ash: Be careful.
Murdoch: Don't worry. I'm fearless!
???: Lucky you.

I walked up in front of the huge ghost and began to taunt him.

Murdoch: You want me, eh? Come and get me then!

Before I was about to attack, some mysterious stranger cuts the ghost in two. Out of the shadows stepped first a foot clad in white tabi socks and rope sandals, then a flowing black kimono with the crest of the Kimachi clan, a race of warriors from Okinawa, then a face...he has a deep gash across his face. It was a hedgehog. I didn't know what his intentions were.

Mysterious stranger: You four alone here?

I didn't know what to expect next. I'm meeting all these different people on just one adventure. What else is in store for me?

End of Chapter 37

Chapter 38

I thought this was as much people as I was going to meet on this adventure. And yet, I was way wrong. 3 other people came in, who claimed that they were called TB.

Mysterious stranger: Oh, I didn't see you. Anyway, it is not safe here. The ghosts are hostile around here. I seek one in particular, the ghost god King Boom Boo. It killed my brother.
TB???1: Is there blood involved?

I saw the guy reveal a lightsaber, that had blood dripping from the handle grip.

Mysterious stranger: This was my brother's. I'll let you lick it if you have this insatiable appetite for blood.
TB???1: I like to kill stuff.......Only my demon side drinks blood.

I was stunned at that. This person from TB was part demon? Better not get in his way, I thought. Just when I thought things couldn't get any weirder, some black hedgehog falls from the sky. I assumed it was dead. The half demon guy and Ash started poking the thing, seeing if it was still alive. Actually, the guy was still alive.

Ash: Hmmm.... being trapped in a graveyard is boring.
Sonic: You got that right.
TB???1: Where are the ghost?
Ash: Yeah I encountered 3 already. They come anytime.
Sonic: Then you jumped right into my arms.

I was beginning to think that this adventure was just a waste of time. Then, out of nowhere, some other guy pops up.

Ash: Ummm.... whatever.

That guy's name must be Bob, if he were saying that like Tarzan. I sighed, and wanted to adventure to end quickly. I don't know how much of this nonsense I could take before I will die by it!!

End of Chapter 38

Chapter 39

Bob: Awww..... *walks through the gate*

Then, out of some miracle, John appears. Finally, someone I know is here. Maybe I can get someone to talk to around here.

John: Fan characters can be such weirdos.
TB???2: Who would actually like Ash without mind control
TB???3: You just jumped from the frying pan into the fire my mechanical friend.

By now, those guys from TB are creeping me out. I kept myself at a distance from them.

Ash: Bob always freaks me out.
Sonic: Don't forget about me.

Then, all of a sudden, an arguement arose over one of the people from the TB group and Ash. Didn't know why, but it must've been unimportant.

TB???2: Neither of them have a high IQ.........
TB???3: O.o
Ash: Are you calling me stupid?
TB???2: You just went up 1 IQ point.....50 more till you get 0
TB???3: O.o
Ash: *sighs*
TB???2: Organic lifeforms*shakes head*
TB???3: I'm not offended........I'm part demon
TB???1: Thats me........

I was alone at that point. I didn't want to talk to anyone over there. I only concentrated on finding an exit around here. I could feel something trying to take over my whole body. I wasn't aware of it at first, but every minute that passed by, I constantly felt weak in the legs. I just hope that I won't endanger these guys' safety. I can't allow that.

End of Chapter 39

Chapter 40

They were all trying to think up of a way to get out of the graveyard. I, on the other hand, was trying to cope with whatever was hurting my insides at this point.

TB???1: Lets escape then quarrel
Ash: Yeah, I wouldn't want to stay the night here.
Sonic: Me neither.
TB???3: I WOULD!!!!!!
TB???1: Your coming too Death........
TB???3: Awwww

They began to argue again. I couldn't really take any more of it.

Murdoch: You wanna find a way out of here?! Then let's go!

They all didn't pay attention to me. I shook my head in arrogance, then I told them:

Murdoch: Alright, I'm finding a way out of here. Anyone that'll like to come, follow me. I'm outta here.

I began walking alone into a tunnel that seemed like an alternate exit route. The stone path was barely lit, so I had trouble navigating through it. I looked back, and to my surprise, I found them all following me. Finally they decide to come along I thought. Halfway into the tunnel, darkness filled the tunnel, so none of us could see.

Murdoch: Did anyone bring flashlights? This place is littered with traps, but can be seen if the light is shining on it.
TB???3: *throws a flashlight forward*
Murdoch: Thanks. *uses flashlight to illuminate hallway* This place looks clear. C'mon.

We kept on walking through, but we then came into a fork in the tunnel.

Murdoch: Dang. Where to go now?
Ash: Hmm... Split up?
Murdoch: I was thinking about that, but what happens when........oh never mind, half of you go right, the other half left.

TB didn't seem to mind going in one direction. They really seemed confident that that was the way to go. I saw Ash go the left way, and Sonic going the right way. I never trusted my left, so I stuck with my decision to go right instead.

Sonic: Hey Murdoch.
Murdoch: What?
Sonic: Hope this path leads somewhere
Murdoch: I hope it does too. They say the right path is littered with tons of traps.

But I hoped that wasn't the case. By now, my legs were becoming like silly putty. All my energy was being sucked out of it. I just didn't know how. But then something inside took control of me. But no one noticed. He played along being like me, just so they wouldn't even anticipate an attack from whatever it was inside me.

I hope I can get them all out here................


End of Chapter 40

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