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Murdoch's Life, Chapters 1-10

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Chapter 1

My name is Murdoch. I am 15 years old, but I went through a harsh past. I dreaded those years.

My mother and father were known to be the city's most honorable people, since they put their lives at risk to save others, as I do myself. They we're working for this organization I have no clue of. The only things I remember were a long, black carpet with guards bear the symbol of the company on there armor and two guards watching the front double doors.

They said they needed to get the money to support me and my little sister Anna. But I never thought it would be a death trap.

End of Chapter 1

Chapter 2

When I was in my 5th year of my schooling, I noticed one beautiful person in my class. Although I shouldn't be thinking about love at my point in life, but I just couldn't lay my eyes off of her. Her name was Mari. She was.......different from all my other classmates. She kept herself isolated from people, but I didn't know why.

Coming home from school, I kept thinking about her. What it would be like for us in the future. I shouldn't be thinking about that being so young, but my mind went racing along through it. What the future holds for both of us. A family of our own.

When I reached the front door of my house, Mother and Father were waiting for me. 'Am I in trouble?' I thought to myself. Anna was outside, playing in the backyard.

Father: Son, we may need to quit work. So that may mean that you can't go to school anymore.

Murdoch: Why?

Mother: Well,.....let's just say we have troubles dealing with our boss. He expects too much from us.

Father: And it's wearing us down. So we may need to teach you here.

Teach me here? At home? I didn't like the idea, since I was going to be separated from Mari. So I just hoped that they reconsidered.

End of Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Thankfully, they kept working.

Near mid-winter of the school year, I started to talk to Mari. She really seemed to enjoy my company. 'I never had a friend before' she said to me. Never had a friend? She must've been alone for who knows how long. 'I'll be your friend, Mari' I told her. She looked so happy after I said that, and she embraced me.

Not long afterward, she told me that her parents were working at the same place my parents were. She gave me the same description I had about the building. My life rose to a point it hadn't got to before. I may have a chance! To win her love!

After school, when the sun had already set, Mom and Dad came home with some unusual papers in there hands that had the words 'Confidential' and 'Secret' stamped on them. They never came home with papers like those. So I feared myself for the worst.

End of Chapter 3

Chapter 4

I went to ask them what those papers were. They said these were their.....decommissioning paper that they needed to sign. I shrugged my shoulders and left.

The next day at school, I saw Mari crying on the castle playground stairs. I came up to her and asked what was wrong.

Mari: My parents died by their boss!

Murdoch: They did? Why?

Mari: They didn't follow the orders of the boss, so they were killed.

She cried on my shoulder. What if Mom and Dad were going to face the same fate? I tried not to think about it. But I sighed a sigh of relief when I heard that her aunt will take care of her.

End of Chapter 4

Chapter 5

I came home from school and again, Mom and Dad were waiting for me.

Mom: Murdoch, we have a favor to ask you.

Murdoch: What is it?

Dad: Well, we were going to go back to work tomorrow and if we don't come back, we want you to take care of your sister, ok?

Murdoch: Yes, sir!

I saluted to him, like he was a Commander and I was just a mere Private.

Late at night, I stayed up and waited until they would go to work. I figured that I would follow them and see what might happen. But I wish that I didn't.

End of Chapter 5

Chapter 6

The black carpet was barren, no guards were there. My parents went in and opened the front door. I quickly followed them but not too close. When I got inside, I hid behind the closest pillar as my parents stopped moving in the lobby. When I looked at them, there was a dark figure just looking at them as it guarded the the elevators.

I kept myself hidden, but I could listen to their convesation, but barely. The only words I could make out were 'You have meet your demise.' But I didn't know if that was my father saying that to them. Just then, right before I peeked my head out, a series of explosions occured, and a beam shot past overhead. I closed my eyes and waited until it was over.

Then a long silence occured. I opened my eyes and thought that it was over. I peeked out and was struck with shock. My parents were killed by that figure. I rushed to them, and tried to see if they were still alive. I couldn't beleive it. The ones I looked up to were gone. I started to cry on my mom's lifeless shoulder. Then a shadow overloomed me, and I figured that it was the dark figure from before. I looked back, tears in my eyes along with fear, and braced myself for what might happen to me. Instead, the figure walked away from me. I was lucky. I ran back home.......alone.

End of Chapter 6

Chapter 7

I came home at the time the sun peaked over the mountain range. When I entered through the front door, there was Anna, waiting for me.
Murdoch: What are you doing up so early?

Anna: I wanna ask you the same thing. Did you follow Mom and Dad to work?

Murdoch: Yes, I did.

Anna: Why? What happened?

Murdoch: I don't want to talk about it Anna. We have to get ready for school.

Anna: Tell me! Please....

I couldn't hold the dark secret to myself. So I told her exactly what happened to them, and she couldn't beleive it.

Anna: Are you sure? They aren't coming back?

Tears swelled up in her eyes. I never wanted to lie with her.

Murdoch: I'm sure. I'm sorry Anna. But I've been given a promise to keep you safe from harm until you are able to protect yourself.

Anna: *hugs Murdoch, cries* I want Mom and Dad to come back.....

I was really devestated. I decided to stay home from school to comfort my sister. I thought things would get better as time progressed.

But my parent's untimely death was only the beginning of my horrible nightmare

End of Chapter 7

Chapter 8

The next day when I came to school, I realized Mari was absent. I was wondering why she was. She wasn't sick at all. Maybe something else happened. Then the sound of an explosion occured that shook the whole school. "What was that?!" I thought.

From where the smoke was billowing, it came from the front of the school. I rushed towards the crash site, but there was a crowd blocking my way. I fought through them and made my way out the other side. To my displeasure, I saw a cruel site. A van completly blackened by what was from a missile that was shot towards it was right near the flagpole. A dead arm was dangling from the front passenger window, and I rushed over to it. When I came to the side of it, I couldn't beleive my eyes. It was Mari, my first true love. I could not beleive it.
I started to cry my heart out for her. Not only have I lost my parents, but I have lost my best friend! I couldn't bear it! The police pronouced her dead at the crash site, possibly a murder by someone.

And from then on, my life changed.

End of Chapter 8

Chapter 9

After I witnessed that horrifying incident, I didn't bother to stay at school. I ran back home, thinking only about my parents and Mari along the way. "This couldn't be happening to me........Why does everything have to go wrong in my life?!" I thought.
I returned home and saw that Anna was home as well.

Murdoch: What are you doing home this early?
Anna: I want to ask you the same thing, big brother.
Murdoch: ......I really don't want to talk about it.
Anna: Tell me.......please......

She came up to me and started to give me the ol' "puppy dog eyes" technique towards me. I couldn't withhold it anymore.

Murdoch: Mari was killed and I didn't want to go back there again.

Anna couldn't take it. She bursted in tears. Mari was her best friend. Now she was gone. Could things get any worse for me?!

End of Chapter 9

Chapter 10

I figured that since almost everything was gone in my life, I have nothing to live for. Once the government received word of my parents' death, they closed in on us, taking almost all of our parents belongings just to pay the taxes. I managed to keep the only picture of our mom and dad, so we could have at least something to remember them by. We didn't have any money to support ourselves. I became a theif and stole from the marketplaces in downtown, just to provide food. I was fast enough to the point that the police could not get me. They never knew where I lived, so we were safe from them.

One day though, I went to the graveyard to put flowers on my parents tombstones. It was the only place where I knew they'll be. I laid the flowers there and began walking home. But then I noticed a stranger also in the graveyard as well. The figure was down on one knee in front of a tombstone. I figured to just come over there to see what has happened.

Murdoch: Hey buddy, you alright?
???: *sighs* I'm just fine.
Murdoch: It doesn't look like it.
???: Why are you here, though?
Murdoch: *sighs* To just bring flowers to my dead parents
???: What happened to them?
Murdoch: An orginization killed them. I just wished I could of done something to prevent that.
???: Don't worry about it, kid. I'll help you find your parents' assailants. By the way, the name's John. You are?
Murdoch: Murdoch. Nice to meet you, John.

End of Chapter 10

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