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Murdoch's Life, Chapters 21-30
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Chapter 21

The rain stopped pouring and the sun peaked through the clouds. Water dripped from the awning over the patio of the hotel room. I dozed off in a recliner that was next to the sliding door. The sun's rays beamed on my head, causing me to wake up. I got up and closed the curtains; I couldn't stand the light once I woke up. It blinds me so much. I looked around the room, and didn't see the girl I rescued earilier. It seemed like she vanished. I wondered where she went. But I tried not to think much about it.

End of Chapter 21

Chapter 22

About 30 minutes after I woke from my slumber, Anna woke up. I was busy reading the latest newspaper that the housekeeper dropped off in front of the door. The headlines on the paper we not really that much of concern for me. One was of a huge riot that happened over near Morris City, not far from Rosenti Town, the other was about the huge fuel costs at the gas pumps, charging about 3.09/gallon at minimum. But one headline caught my attention, so much that I had an even higher determination to stay away from my hometown. It read like this:

Unknown Organization Wreaking Havoc on Innocent Civilians

Central City - No one suspected that this would happen. They weren't prepared for it. An organization unknown to the government showed up and terrorized the city. They never declared what their reason was for doing such a thing. They just kept destroying anything without remorse. They killed innocent people for fun and games. Homes were like dominoes to them, toppling over and collapsing on the ground in a heap of rubble. Cars were mere playthings in their hands, throwing them like footballs and blasting them while in mid-air. But by the end of the day, they left, leaving behind destruction and chaos to Central City. What a horrific incident to all those who never knew of what was to come.

My anger towards the Dark Abyss grew extensively! I wanted to put an end to their game once and for all! I teleported from the room, leaving Anna behind. I was now more than ever determined to overthrow the Dark Abyss once and for all!

End of Chapter 22

Chapter 23

I returned to my home, seeing if it was destroyed in the onslaught the Dark Abyss dished out. It was a total wreck! Windows were broken, the front door was off it's hinges, and the yard was torn apart. I walked inside and it was more of the same. The couch was ripped up, the TV was standing awkwardly in the fish tank, and all the light poles were turned on it's side. The dining room was cluttered with glassware and broken plates. The bedrooms were trashed, with feathers flying everywhere from out of the beds. The bathrooms were destroyed, with water shooting out from the sink and bathtubs. I saw our family picture hanging in the torned down hallway. I took a glance at it, but I saw my parents' faces ripped out of it. Now it only meant that my whole entire family was just me and sister. 'The Dark Abyss must have been the ones who killed my parents' I thought, as a tear trickled down form my eye. I couldn't beleive it. The organization I trusted to help find my parents' assassin were none other than themselves! I fell to the ground, with the picture still in my hand. I felt that I had just lost everything! I was going to be hunted down by the Dark Abyss sooner or later, and so was Anna. I thought about ending my life at that instant.

Murdoch: I have nothing else to live for! I've lost everything! My parents, my girlfriend, and now my home!

I gave way into a burst of tears. It was a horrible nightmare that was never going to stop! I just wanted to wake up and see that my parents are alright, my girlfriend still alive and well, and my home back to what it used to be. That's all I wanted now! But the Dark Abyss is going to make my life a living hell. I just want them to stop this all! I can't take it anymore.

End of Chapter 23

Chapter 24

I went inside my room, or what was left of it, and salvaged for anything that I could keep that'll help me remember my parents or girlfriend. I looked under my bed and found a piece of paper that looked like it had a photograph on it. I took a look at it and amazed that I still kept it. It was a picture of me and Mari at school. My parents were with me at that time. My parents and Mari's parents became good friends that day and we all took a group picture. I wanted to keep it, just so I had something to remember Mari at that time. I felt really happy at that point that I still had this. I pulled myself back together, knowing that even though this had happened, it shouldn't hold me back. My parents knew they were going to die someday, but they didn't want to tell me right there, and my girlfriend would be with me all the way, just not physically. They're all with me right now, counting on me to right the wrong the Dark Abyss has done. It's my job to overthrow them once and for all! And suddenly, my cold sad heart began to flare up a blaze of fire, as my determination kicked into high gear! I now wasn't prepared much to commit suicide, but it still haunted my mind. My strength grew to and unbelievable level, and the ground the started to shake because of it. I couldn't hold my anger inside much longer, so I let it all out. My house was shattered to pieces due to intensity of my strength, but it didn't matter to me. I had to start over. I am now a new Murdoch. One more determined and poised than who I was before.

End of Chapter 24

Chapter 25

I began to think too of how John was shaping up. I wonder if he got any details on the assassin. I've lost contact with him for a while now. I guess he's investigating throughly for them. I wouldn't doubt it. He looks like a detective-like person. Guess he found a ton of clues by now. I returned to my hotel room, seeing Anna watching TV.

Anna: Where did you go?
Murdoch: Somewhere......
Anna: Are you hiding something?
Murdoch: Not at all.

She seemed really concerned about what was going on. She was young; she shouldn't be worried about things like these at such an early age. I haven't told her about me joining the Dark Abyss. It was best to leave it a secret.

Murdoch: Let's go and see what this town has.

End of Chapter 25

Chapter 26

Me and Anna decided to check out some of the sights this town had to offer us. It was one of Anna's favorite cities she wanted to visit in her life, and she wanted to sightsee for as long as she's staying here. I had no problem with it. I had nothing better to do. Besides, Anna's my responsibility since my parents died. I can't let anything happen to her. We were both having a great time, until I caught sight of a laser beam that was shot in Anna's direction. I tackled her out of the way and kept both of our heads low, behind a concrete planter box on gas station property.

Murdoch: What was that?!
Anna: What's going on, bro?
Murdoch: Stay down. You'll be safe. I'm going to check it out.

I peeked around the side of the box to try and find the gunman, but he wasn't their. And just when I wasn't paying attention, BANG! A shot was deflected off the side of the box my face was near to. I quickly returned behind the box and waited for a few, then I heard a voice say...

???: Come out, Murdoch! I know you're hiding there!

I was stunned. Who is this guy? How does he know me? What does he want?

End of Chapter 26

Chapter 27

???: Come on out, man. I've been looking forward to this!

I braced myself for what this guy wanted. By the tone of his voice, I would say he wanted to kill me. But for what? What crime have I done? I revealed myself from my hiding place and took a look at the mysterious person.

Murdoch: What do you want? How do you know me?
???: I've been watching you for some time..........King Murdoch.
Murdoch: King?
???: You don't remember? You've earned the title 'King' for the Dark Abyss, did you not?

After his remark, I quickly concluded that this person was part of the Dark Abyss. My anger was set ablaze inside, but I kept cool. I couldn't assume that he was from there just yet.

Murdoch: I have. You part of them?
???: Of course not! I am part of my own legion! The Shadow Dragons! I am the lord of that orginization. Call me, Ocumaru.

I was stunned for a bit. I've heard about the Shadow Dragons while I was in the Dark Abyss. Those two are fierce rivals. They've been at each other for about 35 years!

Ocumaru: I'm out to kill you, the king of the Dark Abyss! For without you, they are nothing! But I beleive that you haven't heard about my seraching for you. So consider this a warning. The next time I see you with my a dead man.

He took a quick look at Anna, who was peeking her head over the concrete planter box, then returned to me.

Ocumaru: The same goes for you little sister.

Then he disappeared. Now I was really a wanted man. Not only am I a target to the Dark Abyss, but now I'm a target for the Shadow Dragons! I knew now that I couldn't stay here anymore. It wasn't safe. I came to Anna and told her that we're leaving this place. She agreed, and we left there immediately.

End of Chapter 27

Chapter 28

I wanted to leave Rosenti Town so much, but I just didn't want to keep on running. Sooner or later the Dark Abyss or the Shadow Dragons will capture me and my sister and kill us. The last 2 family members of our dying family tree. I don't want that to happen! I won't let it! I changed my mind about leaving, but decided to erect our house on a hill that overlooks Rosenti Town.

Months pass, and I was always in the backyard of the house everyday, training myself to become stronger and faster, to be ready when they come after me. My house was how I planned it before we left Central City:

2-story level
4 bedrooms
3 bathrooms
Spacious living room, dining room, and game room

All the things that were essential. I was planning on getting a job, but I would be leaving Anna all alone in the house, open to any danger that may come upon her. As much as I wanted to work, I always thought about Anna's safety.

But one thing that still puzzles my mind was who that mystery girl I saved from Eggman and his robots was. I never got her name. She looked beautiful in my eyes, but what got my attention was the mechanical parts she had, on her right arm, left hand, and left leg. She just left so suddenly, as if she was a bit scared of where I took her or if I was working for Eggman. I wouldn't blame her. Working for Eggman would be much better than being chased down by two evil orginizations any day. But I knew someday that I'll meet her again someday.

But I hope that someday comes before it's all over.........

End of Chapter 28

Chapter 29

Finally, me and Anna had a place to call home. The Dark Abyss was the last thing on my mind. Altough they could come at that instant, I thought nothing of it. But one day, when we were both out to get food from the marketplaces in Rosenti Town, we found our home ablaze. There was nothing I could of done at that point to preserve the house. Then it hit me. The Dark Abyss was following my every move. It didn't matter where I went now. Every step I took, the Dark Abyss watched and followed. We decided to run away from this town and to keep running. No stops, no nothing.

However, during our journey, an unexpected thunderstorm raged through the area we were at. We weren't protected at all. No shelter to take refuge from. Nothing. It became bitterly cold in an instant, and Anna grew very sick. I had second thoughts on my decision to leave. My sister wasn't feeling good at all; she couldn't even walk a good ten feet before falling to the ground. I felt that this was going to be the end for both of us. The end of my family line, all because of the Dark Abyss! I fell to the ground, sending all of my anger and frustration into the dirt. I couldn't take it anymore. I was becoming sick myself. I took one last glance at my sister, then blacked out. And there I laid. In the frozen rain-soaked ground, next to my sister, maybe never to see the light of day.

End of Chapter 29

Chapter 30

I opened my eyes and found myself in a house, lying on a bed. I was astonished! How did I get here? Who brought me here? Where's Anna? I came out of the room and looked everywhere. I started to panic! Could whoever saved me just lefted my sister to die out in the forest? I couldn't let that happened to her. But as soon as I reached the front door, someone came in, most definately the person ywho saved me.

Murdoch: Where is she?
Woman: Who?
Murdoch: My sister! Where is she?
Woman: Does she have yellow fur, one-sleeve shirt, and shorts?
Murdoch: Yes! Where is she?
Woman: Me and my husband brought her to the hospital to be treated for any disease she may have. She didn't look too good at all. My husband's with her now, if you want to check up on her.

I wasted no time at all. I hurried over to the only hospital that the city had. I just hoped that Anna was going to be alright.

End of Chapter 30

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