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Murdoch's Life, Chapters 61-70
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Chapter 61

I couldn't believe it myself. "I" killed them both....It was all "my" fault. I fell to my knees and tried to pull myself back together. However, the damage done leaves me still in shambles. Her chao, Chrono appeared and looked at her.

Chrono: Murdoch.... is she sleeping?
Murdoch: Yeah.........she's asleep. She'll be awake............sometime.
Chrono: *sits by her side* I guess I'll just have to wait.
Murdoch: Uh....I think it's best to leave her alone for a bit. Go with Anna, I'll tell when she's awake, alright.

I never wanted to lie to Chrono, nor to anyone else. I would always tell the truth of what happened. But this....this truth....It was so grieving to tell. I didn't want people to know this truth....Because I wasn't the one who did it. If I were to tell what happened....The blame would most definately be pointed at me! They wouldn't believe me when I say that my hyper self was the one who killed them. They would laugh and say that I should seek mental help. I didn't want that! I have to hide this truth! No one else should know of it! No one!

Chrono: I don't leave my owner's side.... she'll wake up soon enough anyway, right?
Murdoch: *sighs* I'm sorry. She's not coming back......I.....
Chrono: *teary eyed* Then I'll wait with her... I won't come back either, I belong with Ash.

Chrono began to have that look. A look that told me that Chrono already look through my lie. I tried keeping it inside me, but the pressure and stress kept building. Finally, I had no choice, but to spill out the truth.

Murdoch: I killed her alright! She's not coming back! She's dead!

Chrono looked at me in shock, but I paid no attention to it. I began running off, far into a field. I could remember Ash's last few words....Words that kept haunting me the time she died. 'Remember my words, you'll regret this someday.' They kept echoing in my head! I wanted it to stop! Please just make it stop I always begged. I stopped in the field and sat under a tree, recollecting the events that happened.

Murdoch: What have I done?! I killed both of them! Why?
Voice: Because you wanted to. It was your determination to find your parents' assassin, and you found them. You took care of them real good, especially that Ash girl.
Murdoch: Who are you?!

That voice.....It sounded so couldn't be him again right?!

End of Chapter 61

Chapter 62

Voice: I am you!
Murdoch: What are you talking about?
Voice: My name is Hyper Murdoch.
Murdoch: What?!
Hyper Murdoch: I was the one who killed them! You are too soft towards people! I knew you wouldn't have the heart to kill them, so I did!

It was him!! That was his voice!! I thought he was a part of me! How did he become a separate being?! I don't know how he did it, but I knew that he had to be the one who killed Mari and Ash. He has to be! But he didn't come here for small talk. He formed a dagger in his hand, the same dagger he used to kill Ash with. He gave me no time to dodge. He stabbed me with great force into my gut.

Murdoch: Agh!!
Hyper Murdoch: *takes it out* You'll die soon enough. Now I'm off to kill your sister! *disappears*
Murdoch: NO! Not Anna!

I couldn't let her die! She was my responsibility!! I took out the emerald I used to power up into Hyper Murdoch and used it to heal myself. The emerald was still there, so I thought out a plan. A plan so as to seal him in the emerald and destroy it once he was back inside. It was a risky plan, I said to myself, but I'll do it. I teleported back to the battle grounds and saw him about to kill Anna. Just then, however, Jett and Rocket drop in and take him down at that instant. Anna ran over to them. Hyper Murdoch, by the way I saw his expression, was getting ticked off.

Hyper Murdoch: I have no time for this!
Murdoch: Yeah but I do!!!!!

Before he could notice I was there, I gave him a quick punch to the back of his head. Then the girls gave him a double kick, which came in contact with his neck. He retaliated by sending firework projectiles at them. He turned his attention back to me and got his dagger ready. But before he could assault me with it again, the girls came back doing what looked liked what Sonic would do, a spin attack. Then they came back at him and slashed at his neck with their lightsabers.

Hyper Murdoch: *laughs evily* You can kill me! I'm invinceable!
Murdoch: Not until I put you back where you belong! *holds emerald towards H. Murdoch*
Hyper Murdoch: I'm not going back in there!!
Rocket: (grabbing Hyper Murdoch) Do it!! I can't hold him much longer!
Murdoch: You got it! I command you to return into this emerald!
Hyper Murdoch: No!!!!!!

He began to be sucked into the emerald, along with Rocket. I didn't notice her go inside. But once he got inside, I quickly crushed the emerald. Then I looked at Jett, who had an angry look on her face.

Jett: *a little pissed off* Nice going! You also sealed Rocket in the Emerald you just crushed.
Murdoch: You sure? If she were pure of heart, she would return right back here.
Jett: Oh, so she's been a punk behind my back and I never knew it? Is that what you're insinuating?
Murdoch: Heheh you're really funny. She'll return. In fact I sense her presence right about now. But I got to get going.

And soon enough, as I sensed, there was Rocket, walking out of the shadows. She still looked the same, so I beleive nothing happened to her while she was manipulating herself back in the real world.

Rocket: Why the scary face, Jett? He said I'd be back.
Jett: (smacks her sister in the face) Don't you EVER SCARE ME LIKE THAT AGAIN!!
Murdoch: *laughs* Well, could you two take Anna home for me. She was waiting near the exit this whole time.
Rocket: Is she allowed to have ice cream? I was thinking of treating her to a hot fudge and peanut butter sauce sundae on the way.
Jett: Peh! Everytime you say that, I always end up paying.
Murdoch: Yeah, she's able too. Go on ahead.

And with that, Anna came over to them, climbed onto Rocket's back, and the three sped off into the distance. I had one more thing to do before I had to go. I came over to Mari's body, picked her up, and placed her a few inches to the right of Ash. I knelt beside them, getting ready for what I was about to do. Chrono was looking on, hoping to see Ash awaken. But before I could give off all my energy to them both equally, I said to Ash, altough she couldn't hear me...

Murdoch: Just wanted to let you know, Ash, I really liked you. From the first time we met. But I didn't want it to go this way. I wanted for us to be together in the future. But I guess that will never come. Good bye, Ash........

It's what I wanted all my life, ever since I met her for the first time. But it seemed just a distant fantasy for me. I grasped both of their hands and my power traveled to both of their bodies equally. Once it was complete, I breathe in my last breath, then collapsed on the ground inbetween them, supposedly to me that I died. But for some reason, I was still breathing. However, it was hard to hear, so many would think that I did die. I could hear them...just faintly...

Mari: What happened?
Ash: *looks at Chrono* Did you wait?
Chrono: Yes.
Ash: * a tear rolls down her cheek* Chrono.... you have more to live for.
Mari: I'm glad to see you're alive, Ash. But where's Murdoch?
Ash: I'm not sure.....

Chrono knew. Chrono knew of what I did. But it was just that he didn't want to say it at that moment. He kept quiet, without a word coming out of his mouth.

Mari: Hey, ask you're chao. He was awake when this happened I guess.
Chrono: He's sleeping.
Ash: Sleeping?
Chrono: Forever.
Ash: Dead.....

She started to cry. I hated hearing her cry. It always tells me that I did something which, in her eyes, I do just to save her. Risking my life to the point of death....She hates it when I do that. She tells me that she's not that important to risk my life for. I don't care....I loved her, and I wasn't going to let her die!

Mari: So he's dead. Did he say why?
Chrono: He wanted you to live, and Ash... he likes you.
Ash: *crying* Well, I liked him too.
Mari: He must have. He told me that he liked you alot Ash. I'm sorry he had to go.
Ash: He left many times, but I'm still not used to it.

I managed to say a few words to her...I had enough breath for it...

Ash: Do you have an emerald with you?
Murdoch: I........crushed......mine in......order to......destroy Hyper......Murdoch.
Ash: 1/4 won't do.....
Chrono: *hands her an emrald*
Ash: Huh?
Chrono: It's yours now.

Then I felt my power beginning to come back to me. I should feel happy about it....but, I wasn't. I wanted to be dead!

End of Chapter 62

Chapter 63

Let me ask you. If you died for someone you loved, after you supposedly killed him or her, and they revived you back to life, would you feel happy and graditude towards that person? Almost everyone of you would say 'Yes! Absolutely! Makes it all the more so to love that person ever more!' Well, I wasn't like that at all. Sure, Ash raised me back to life, but why?! I shouldn't of come back alive!!

Murdoch: What are you doing? I'm a criminal now.......Everyone will hate for what I have done to you two.......
Ash: I'll never hate you, and plus that wasn't you... it was Hyper Murdoch.
Murdoch: *regains energy* *closes his eyes* But many will not beleive that it wasn't me. The only that know are you, Mari, Anna, Rocket, and Jett. What about John, Chaotic, Death, and all the others? They'll surely try to kill me for sure. *looks at Ash* Do you understand?
Ash: *nods* But either way, I wouldn't let you die.
Murdoch: Why not?
Ash: You don't deserve it, I'm sure a few people will understand what happened. And I'll help fight the rest.

I couldn't beleive it! She would actually defend me, even though I was the one who killed her. Sure, she said that it was Hyper Murdoch that really killed, but it was partly my fault. I released him from the emerald and I lost control of myself. I should take full responsibility for it and just die. But here, she wouldn't let me go down that path. She doesn't want me to die! I couldn't beleive it...

Murdoch: Thank you. *hugs Ash* I really appreciate it.
Ash: *hugs back* No problem, anything for a friend.
Murdoch: *kisses her on cheek*
Mari: I saw that, Murdoch. *chuckles*
Ash: *blushes*
Chrono: Yay ^_^
Murdoch: Lets get out of here.

We began our walk back to my house. While we walked, I began to think about myself....So ends my determination on who killed my parents. It wasn't my friends as Hyper Murdoch thought. It was this orginazation that did it. Sure they helped in that in the past, but the past doesn't matter. I'm just glad I changed my ways at the final moment. I felt so happy...But one person wasn't....

John: *appears* YOU SON OF A ***! *grabs Murdoch's neck and throws him against the wall*

I crashed into a wall, nearly almost paralyzing myself from the waist down. I looked up at him, and he had the determination to try and kill me for what I did. Then I remembered what I did. However, I tried to keep myself alive.....jsut for Ash...just for her...

Murdoch: Dude, John! It wasn't me! It was Hyper Murdoch. Ask Mari or Ash. They know.
John: RIIIIIGHT! *picks him up by his neck* *clenches fist* You tried to anniliate me. Now..... you DIE!
Murdoch: Really, I'm talking the truth. Would I lie to you, John?
John: Yes you would *clenches fist tighter*
Murdoch: Do I have to knock some sense into you, John? Cuz I will!
John: Tch. You couldn't even if you tried.
Murdoch: I could.......if I wanted to.
John: Not on your life *throws Murdoch against the wall*

Again, a hard crash into the same place I crashed into before. This time, fortunately, it wasn't as hard of a crash as it was before, thank goodness.

Murdoch: Dang man! How am I going to get it through your thick head of yours that I didn't try to kill you.
John: I know it was you.
Murdoch: Sheesh, I told Ash not to revive me......I'm going to have a long time to think.
Mari: John, he's telling the truth, please stop.
John: *eyes turn into fire* I'LL KILL YOU!

Now I knew he was really serious and there was no way of changing his mind. I saw that fire glimmer in his eyes. His lid was blown off his top. I had no choice, but just to keep myself alive, I made a run for it.

Murdoch: Dang! Ash, where are you. He trusts you more than me!
Ash: John... give him a chance to explain.
Mari: Too late......he's gone Ash.
Ash: Grr.....
Murdoch: I knew I should've stayed dead. Everyone's coming after me now.
Ash: Murdoch please... I'm trying to help!!
Murdoch: I told you this was going to happen. John's after my throat!
Ash: Well I'll go right back after his!!

There she goes again. Protecting my life from death in this time of peril for me. This time, I didn't care. I wanted to die!!

End of Chapter 63

Chapter 64

Murdoch: John, please! I swear it wasn't! Hyper Murdoch took control of me back there! I wouldn't do something like that!
Murdoch: Argh! C'mon, man! I swear I didn't do this. Don't try to kill me!
Ash: You'll have to get through me before you kill him, John.
Murdoch: Ash, no!
Ash: I promised to do this for you. I never break my promises!!

"Yeah I know that you never break promises, but don't go this extreme for me!" I thought. I didn't want her to die for me. Not now, not ever! She was everything to me....And I was everything to her...If one of us was dead, then one of us would want to be killed as well. She never deserved any of this! None of this! She only got into this situation all because of me...ME! If she were killed, I would be responsible for her death TWICE!! I couldn't allow that to happen again!! I saw John take out his pistol and readies his aim.

Ash: Go ahead.. shoot me!! I don't want to watch Murdoch die first....
John: If you must die then so be it!

I couldn't take it anymore! My anger and hatred inside me for making such stupid mistakes finally was unleashed! My eyes became a black, darkened void of nothingness. My energy grew to a tremendous rate even I was stunned about! I began to levitate in the air and then I stayed in suspended motion. I didn't want this to go on any longer than it already had!!

John: Then you shall die
Ash: Goodbye Murdoch, remember... I'll never break a promise.
Murdoch: won't. I'll die once more! Go ahead and kill me so this maddness will end!
Ash: I'm not watching you die again!!! Even if you do.... I'll try to heal you!!
Murdoch: Go for it, John! I'm waiting!
John: Good

Then the trigger was pulled. Blodd oozed to the ground. However, it wasn't mine...nor was it Ash's. I looked and to my surprise....It was John! He turned the barrel on himself!

Murdoch: John! What the hell?!
Ash: Murdoch.... You're going to save him without getting yourself killed, right?
Murdoch: I may have too, Ash. *starts to revive John* Hang in there, bud!
Ash: You mean more to me than him!!
Murdoch: *issues out energy to John* If it's going to take all of my power to heal you, I'll take that chance.

Hopefully, he'll be alive again....hopefully....

End of Chapter 64

Chapter 65

I began to lose a lot of energy, just trying to make John breathe. I didn't know how long it was going to be until I was going to die again...

Ash: What if I helped... would you still have to?
Murdoch: Maybe, but I don't you to lose your energy *almost dead* You might die, and you're too important in this world. I have nothing left to live for.........
Ash: Yes you do, live for me... please??

I kept on, without any help from Ash. I didn't want her to use any of her powers to heal others to the extent of almost killing herself. I couldn't allow that. John came a bit back to life, but suddenly died again.

Murdoch: Don't give any of that come back and then die things...........

Suddenly, I felt myself without power. My life force was gone...."I couldn't save him...." I thought. Then I lain on the ground on my back. But soon after hitting the ground, I came back to life all of a sudden. I swallowed some potion that I guess John gave me. He came back to life. Thank goodness....I still had to thank him for helping me find the assassin of my parents. Still, my power was really, really low. The potion only restored a bit of my power; I was still able to die again.

Murdoch: No,.......I'm almost out of power yet again.
Ash: Hmm...
John: *hands Murdoch some herbal medicine* Drink it.
Murdoch: Medicine? oooooooo...........I hate medicine......
Murdoch: I hate medicine. That disgusting taste........
John: Do it or I'll bust a cap in your leg
Murdoch: I'd rather be healed than to take that stuff.
Ash: *takes out an emrald* Alright.
Murdoch: Sweet! Thank you!
Ash: No problem.
Murdoch: *regains power* I feel better!
Ash: Finally.... now we just have to get this through to the others
Murdoch: Well, let's hope they'll listen. They won't listen to me that's for sure.
Ash: I'll get them to talk to me then.
Murdoch: You sure about that?
Ash: Anything for you.
Murdoch: Alright, if you say so.

It looked like she was determined to taste death just to keep me alive. I couldn't beleive it. I know I may have said this hundreds and hundreds of times before, but still I can't fathom the fact of why she was doing this....I can tell it because of love, but their had to be something else to it...Something else that I can't see in her...

Ash: Where are they?
Murdoch: That's what I want to know. I think I should stay here as a precaution, so they won't try to kill me.
Ash: If you want.

Before I could answer, a scream filled the air.

Murdoch: What was that?
Ash: I'm not sure.....

This time, the scream filled the air again. By now, we both remembered who it was at that instant.

Ash: That sounds like Peaches!!
Murdoch: We better go and check it out!

Ash quickly teleported there. I, on the other hand, stayed behind. She didn't notice my presence, I beleived, since she didn't come back for me. I stayed right there. Then, out of the shadows, there was a familiar face. It was one face that I thought I would never see again. Then, completely off the corner of my eye, I was whacked on the side of my head with who-knows-what that was. It brought me down to the ground and knocked me out. I can't recall what happened during then, but then I woke up and rubbed the impact area. "Damn, that was some hit....I dunno what I did to deserve it...." I thought. Then I remembered about Peaches and Ash. I got myself up and teleported there.

Murdoch: What's going on, Ash? I heard 2 different screams. You ok?
Ash: From what I know-- this chao abbandoned by John was in the bushes attacking me and Peaches.
Murdoch: A chao? Poor have a name, chao?
Ash: John must've named it.
Murdoch: Oh well, I'll ask John about this later. We better take him somewhere safe
Ash: Chao Garden?
Murdoch: Maybe......why not? Let's go.
Jim: My name's Jim..... and he didn't abondon me..... I ran away.....
Ash: You said he abondoned you!!
Murdoch: He was abandoned?
Ash: Ask him yourself.
Murdoch: I rather not......I'll take your word for it.
Jim: I lied to sound pathetic
Ash: Lying is pathetic!!
Murdoch: Really......
Ash: Why would he lie to sound pathetic?? *rolls her eyes* Hmm...

I didn't know the answer to that question. But then we both took Jim into the Chao Garden. On the way there, I began to think about that familiar person. Then, I began thinking about not telling anybody about what I did. Just to keep it a secret. It should be better that way....

End of Chapter 65

Chapter 66

Murdoch: *sighs* I figure that it is best not to tell everyone about the truth of who tried to kill you and Mari. They might not beleive you, Ash.
Ash: Then who are you going to blame it on?
Murdoch: Who else! Myself! Everyone else will be shortly after they hear about it!
Ash: They'll get mad and try to kill you...
Murdoch: That's fine! I'll live and die for my error I commited! But I'll leave one little gift for you. Hold still.
Ash: Alright.

It was one thing I could give to her that would give her the feeling of being more human...Instead of being partly a robot. I knew I really wanted to do this for her, and that by doing this act, it would bring great consequences towards myself. But I didn't care. My life was going to end at that point. I didn't care about what was going to happen to me anyway.

Murdoch: When I'm done, you'll be amazed. *starts unknown technique on Ash*
Ash: Whats happening?

This technique....I never knew existed within me. I haven't even tried using this power at all. But in the back of my mind, it was telling me to use this make her remember you by...
I guess it was worth the shot to take. And now, here I am, using whatever this power does to make Ash happy. I don't know of the outcome, but that same voice from my head began to say to me..."All her mechanical woes shall be switched and replaced for your own parts....It's the only way to make her happy..." Just then the process was finished.

Murdoch: You remember the deal you had with Eggman? Well, consider it off. I replaced you mech parts to be normal again.
Ash: *looks at her hand, arm, and leg* Whoa!!!
Murdoch: But it comes with a price for me to pay......

I saw her eyes gaze upon upon the my former body parts, now mechanical. Her expression changed from gladness and joy, to a state of surprise and concern. She shouldn't of been looking like that. She's supposed to be happy. Not sad!

Ash: Why would you do that to yourself?
Murdoch: I got nothin to live for. I'll be hunted down eventually, but at least you can something to remember me by.
Ash: I'd rather you be here....
Murdoch: I'm sorry.......gotta go. Please take care of Anna for me, Ash. I'd appreciate it.
Ash: *sighs* I'll try.

I began walking off away from her. My heart was trying to tell me otherwise. It was saying to me "Go back! What are you doing?! You love her! Stop your foolish nonsense! Go back to her!!" But I couldn't. Staying with her, would make her even more threatened by any enemy of mine. She would be a prime target for any foe of mine to take me down psychologically. And again, just as I was thinking back at that strange altar when I last encountered Dark Murdoch, the same began to haunt my living memory.

"It's for the best that I had to do this. Everyone will be happier without me."

End of Chapter 66

Chapter 67

I kept on walking. Never was I going to have myself turn back. It was for the best, I always kept saying to myself. I didn't know how far I walked that day. It was some time ago I was like that. Everything I thought back then, all the things I cherished and held true, meant nothing to me than death. I wanted everything to stand still. And the only way to do that is to die. My walking travel led me to a lush green field. Normally, I wouldn't see fields like this here on the outskirts of Central City....This one happened to just appear magically...Like it was a sign for me saying that this'll be my burial place. I dropped myself on the grass, relaxed and stretched out my arms and placed my hands behind my head. I gazed upon the partly cloudy sky above. Somehow, whenever I look up at either the sky during the day or the stars at night, I tend to reflect more and more on my life. Then I forget about the worries I ever had at that point. Still, it would take years of doing this to get rid of this problem...

Murdoch: I should just die here right now. It doesn't matter to anyone if I'm alive. But I'll be going back on my promise I gave to my parents........I left it to Ash to take care of her, though, so no biggie.

I knew it was the right decision to let Ash take care of Anna. They began a little friendship bond between themselves. They would have no problem getting along through this.

Murdoch: Man it sucks to be a loner. But that's who I am.
Ash: *comes up behind him* No you aren't...
Murdoch: *looks back* What the? What are you doing here?
Ash: Looking for you.
Murdoch: Why? You know what I said! It's best for me to leave. I'll be hunted down sooner or later. I'm nothing now.
Ash: It's not best... I'll be the first one hunting you down!!

I got up and confronted her. I couldn't take anymore of this at all!

Murdoch: Well, then. You found me......Kill me then......that's what people who hunt others down do. Go on.
Ash: Look, I'd rather get myself killed from protecting you. You don't deserve this!!
Murdoch: You don't understand! I went through a horrible life, alright! My parents died, my girlfriend supposedly died and came back, I'm the target for almost every single human being here, found out my parent's assassins, and killed you! I have no right to live! NONE AT ALL!
Ash: Anna wants you to live!! Rocket and Jett probably do!! You're the best friend we could have... but I guess that's not good enough for you...
Murdoch: Can't you see what I have done?! I know I'm a good friend to you and everyone else, but look at what I made you all go through!!
Ash: Does it look like we mind? Because every time you do this we act like it's never happened!!

Everytime I tried to make a point, or to just get my point across, she always tells me that it doesn't matter. Why does it not matter?! Why can't she get it?!

Murdoch: But I can't live with all that guilt! Maybe life is better without me!
Ash: Not for me!! Not for Anna!! Not for Rocket and Jett!! Think about us for once!!
Murdoch: I have already! I gave my life way too many times for it!
Ash: So don't do it again!!
Murdoch: And that's why I am going to kill myself! So this won't happen anymore!! *hands Ash dagger* Go on.

Then everyone else appears over in the area. "Oh great...more and more counsel about me and my decision..!" I thought. They all couldn't see the benefit of what life would be like without me! I mean sure, I knew that they would've all perished since I wasn't around...But what about now?! They could be able to defend themselve now! I don't need to be the one that determines all of their futures! I'm not that important!!

John: *appears* You aren't worthless, Murdoch.
Ash: I'd rather stab myself.....
John: Murdoch..... No one deserves to die..... Even if we think so..... We're wrong.....
Demonic: He's givin up.......We need a strategy to put him back in gear.......
Death: I could think of a few........
Lightning:*eyes get wide* You can think?!?!?!?!?
Death: Wise guy.....
Murdoch: I have nothing to live for anymore. I lived a horrible life. I want to end this nightmare of mine.
John: Murdoch..... Ash, I know what to do.....

Just then, I got knocked out. My mind went blank...I couldn't tell what was going on...I sure hoped I was dead at that point...That I wasn't knocked out...I wished I was stabbed...That would of been better...Why can't they see?! Why can't they see what's good for me?! Don't they know my past was horrible?! Don't they know that I became a traitor to them all twice, to the verge of destroying all life as we know it?! Do they know that?! Why couldn't they just let me die?!?!?!

End of Chapter 67

Chapter 68

I couldn't recall what I was doing. That hit on my head really made me forget everything that happened at that time. The only thing that it didn't erase was my thoughts from that big corporation office. A few minutes have passed, I think, until I regained consciousness. I began to get up and rub the back of my head.

Murdoch: ....What the?
John: Ah there he is
Murdoch: *stands up* Man, my head hurts. What happened?
John: You went crazy, I knocked you out, and that's about it

I noticed there was a dagger in Ash's hand, the dagger I gave her to kill me. Now that my mind erased everything from that little arguement, I figured she wanted to kill me for fun.

Murdoch: You trying to kill me or something?
Ash: *hugs Murdoch* Good to see you wake up normal.
John: *smiles at Murdoch and Ash* Well my job here is done..... I suppose Ash wants me gone so.....
Murdoch: Hey wait. Where do you think you're going?
John: ..... Away.....
Murdoch: Alright then, take care.

I began to think about heading home. I went through so much that day. And that was suppose to be my day off from evil. Turned out it never came to be like that...I guess I suppose that I'll never get that chance to get a vacation I so desire. Oh well...

Murdoch: Well, I'm heading back home.
Demonic: Okay.....
John: But weren't you a loner two seconds ago?
Murdoch: I have to care for Anna, remember?
Demonic: Who's Anna?
Murdoch: Anna is my little sister.
Ash: Murdoch... never try and kill yourself again.
Murdoch: You never know if my mind tells me to do so, Ash.

I began to walk back home. Demonic told me that I don't remember what had happened at all. But I lied and told him that I did. He never remembers anything. I guess he's just one little weird man. I continued on, with Ash and John following me over. Ash was tired I bet, and she fell asleep while walking next to me, placing her head on my shoulder. I stayed in place, knowing I can't walk when she's like that.

John: Ummm..... Looks like you two..... need time alone..... *walks away*
Murdoch: *looks at Ash* Looks like I'll have to teleport back home.

I teleported back home. I guess it was a faster way to get home other than just waiting for her to wake up. I reappeared in the living room, catching sight of Anna on the couch.

Anna: There you are! *hugs Murdoch* I thought something happened to you!
Murdoch: I'm fine.
Ash: *opens one eye* Hey, how'd I get here?
Murdoch: Chaos Control. I figured I couldn't move with you asleep on my shoulder.
Ash: Thanx.
Murdoch: No problem. You still look a bit tired.
Ash: It's been a long day.
Murdoch: I guess it was because of me huh.
Ash: No... I tired myself out. It's not your fault.

I knew that it was a long day for her. First her injuries she experienced in the morning, then came the whole thing of me killing her and Mari. She's been through a lot, and she didn't deserve any of those things she experienced. All I wanted from her was just to have a great, carefree day to live. It seems that'll we'll never get that chance at all.

End of Chapter 68

Chapter 69

Technically speaking, I was going to skip this part in my life. For some reason I was attacked by some person who claimed to be named "Pedestrian" inside my own house. Rather not go into it, though I never saw him again, thank goodness. But after he disappeared, I paid some consequences for my actions I made earlier. As both you and I can recall, I recently switched my body parts with Ash's mechanical parts of her body. It was just to give her more of the freedom of a regular hedgehog. But now, I wished that I had given them to her before this ordeal. During the battle, all of my mechanical parts were punctured, permitting me to use them less often than usual. It kinda sucked.

Ash: Murdoch... if you gave me my mecha parts back...
Murdoch: No! It's best for you to have flesh parts instead of having ones that are mechanical.
Ash: You always make things worse for yourself!!!
Murdoch: But good towards the benefit of other people.
Ash: Think about yourself!! I'm not important.
Murdoch: Yes you are!!!
Ash: It's nice that you think I am.
Murdoch: I always do!
Ash: Think about yourself, I can't give you much...
Murdoch: It's fine. Don't worry about me, got it!
Ash: I have to...
Murdoch: It's all alright.
Ash: Please don't sacrafice yourself anymore!!
Murdoch: I'm not going to if I have to. You can't predict those kinds of things.
Ash: You always used to.
Murdoch: Yeah, because I had to for the safety of others. I didn't care about myself then.
Ash: Well it's good that you started now.
Murdoch: Yeah, I guess.

I've been talking to Ash for so long then, I totally forgot to ask her where in the world Mari was. It didn't cross my mind until now.

Murdoch: I wonder......did you see where Mari went?
Ash: No. Maybe Anna would know.
Murdoch: Anna, you know where Mari went?
Anna: Not at all.
Ash: Uh oh....
Murdoch: Dang! Gotta go find her. Ash you stay here with Anna, alright.

I was thinking the same thing. It musta meant trouble. And I didn't even know about it! I began to run off out of the house, having no sense of direction of where to start looking at all. Though, I began to sense her energy nearby. I headed over there as fast as I could. When I got there, I saw her with someone else.

Murdoch: Mari?! What are you doing here? And who's this guy?
???: My name is Mark. You must be Murdoch, correct. Mari was talking all about you in our little conversation.
Murdoch: Mark, eh? Alright, then. How did you come to meet Mari all of a sudden?

I was beginning to sound like a detective. I had so many questions in my head that I wanted to answer. All because I think that it's not possible to start a love relationship, a deep love relationship I should say, within uh...I don't know...3 or 4 hours after she came back to life! This was all strange.

Mari: We just started talking to each other. I like him.
Mark: And I like you too, Mari.

"I wonder where this is going to go?" I thought. It kinda resembled how me and Mari started our relationship back in 5th grade. Though I was happy enough for her that she found someone else, since she knew that I loved Ash.

Murdoch: Well, ok. I guess you two need some time alone then. I'll be seeing you later, Mari.
Mari: Alright, Murdoch.

I had nothing to worry about. That Mark guy sure seems to be someone capable of protecting her when things get too dangerous. I began to head off for home again. Didn't take me long this time to get home. When I got there, I noticed that Ash wasn't there. I asked Anna if she knew where she went.

Anna: She teleported somewhere just a few minutes ago. Where's Mari?
Murdoch: She's with her new friend. Can't take about it now, I'm going to find Ash.
Anna: Hey wait! You're not leaving me alone again, right?
Murdoch: Of course not! You're coming along.
Anna: Yay!

Let's just say that it was her first time to experince battle. She was excited, but it's something that you were not supposed to get excited about. She didn't know really. She's only 12, come on. She didn't know any better.

Murdoch: Now where is she........*closes eyes, trying to sense her presence*
Anna: Any luck on her location?
Murdoch: Not yet.......she seems pretty far from here. C'mon, Ash. Where are you....

She must've been really far for me to try and pick up her energy. She could be in danger, on the verge of dying! I couldn't give up and looking. All of a sudden, a faint glimmer of her power tapped into me.

Murdoch: *opens eyes quickly* Found her! Grab my hand, Anna. We're teleporting there!
Anna: Let's go!

We both teleported as soon as possible, but yet again, I was too late.

End of Chapter 69

Chapter 70

Anna and I appeared at the location where I sensed Ash's energy. I knew in my heart that she was in danger before we departed. I wanted to save her from whatever was endangering her at that point, but I was too late to stop it. I saw Ash being stabbed by a knife, and her body just falling to the ground, her blood spilling to the ground, her eyes beginning to water. I saw her murderer, and I began to charge into him with all that I had.

Murdoch: Anna! Try to heal up Ash! You're the only one that could at this moment!
Anna: What? How?
Murdoch: Just do it!

In the back of my head, I knew she had no knowledge of healing period. But that didn't concern me at all. All my thoughts and intentions were drawn towards Ash's murderer. With my charge, I tackled him down to the ground!

Murdoch: You dang punk! What the hell do you think you're doing!!
???: Doing what I do best!!

He began to try and stab me, almost in the same place he stabbed Ash. I dodged his attempt to kill me, and came back at him with a devestating blow to his face!

Murdoch: Give it up, buddy! You can't win this one!
???: GAAHH!! YES I CAN!!

Again, he tried to stab me, only to find the same outcome with a different ending. He tries, I dodge, and then I spin kick him. Easy and simple, I would say. But this time, he caught me off-guard, and stabbed me on my right forearm.

Murdoch: AHH!! *steps back* Cheap hit! You got me off guard!
Ash: Murdoch!!
Murdoch: *forms fire sword in right hand* Even though I'm half robot, doesn't mean I lose some of my tricks!

I was so relieved when I found out my swords were still a part of me. Now I can actually fight a more intense battle. But my attention turned towards my sister. I felt her power draining fast because of her attempt at healing Ash. She wasn't feeling good at all...

Anna: *feeling weak* Almost...........*breathing heavily* almost......done, Ash.
Ash: Don't tire yourself out!! It's not worth it...

Still she pressed on, trying to give her so much energy. But then, she stopped abruptly, and fainted on the ground. She could still move, as what I saw; she was shaking violently. I knew it! She was using too much!

Murdoch: Anna!
Ash: ..... I told her...
Anna: *breathing heavily* Help me.........someone.....
Murdoch: Ash! Take care of her! Get her out of here! Please!
Ash: Chaos control!! *teleports her*

They both got out of the area and hopefully back to my house. Then my focus came back on the murderer, who could've killed me at that instant but chose to watch how my sister was suffering instead. I charged towards him again. He got his knife ready, still tainted with the blood of both mine and Ash's. I swiped my sword at him and gave him a huge gash into his chest. He immediately died after falling to the ground.

Murdoch: There.......That was easier than I thought. Now to return home.

From there, I teleported home, hopeful that both Ash and Anna are there safe and sound. I appeared in my living room and noticed that Ash was on the ground, just about to wake up.

Murdoch: Ash, you ok? *helps her up*
Ash: I'm a bit dizzy.
Murdoch: You should relax. *picks up Anna* I'm taking her to bed. She's had a rough day so far.
Ash: I can tell...

With Anna being carried in my arms, I walked up to her room and placed her on her bed. Then I came back out to the hallway, closing her door on the way out.

Murdoch: You need the rest yourself, Ash.
Ash: No, really... I'm fine.
Murdoch: Are you sure about that, Ash? I think you need it.
Ash: Well...yeah I guess I should rest once in a while.
Murdoch: The guest room is upstairs next to Anna's. You should get some sleep now.
Ash: Alright.

She went upstairs and inside the guest room. She closed the door behind her. And as usual, I was leaning on the wall of my house, outside looking at the stars. I was wondering where in hell Mari was. It was never like her to just stay out like this...Well, I would expect it to be so, anyway....I guess she's running around with her new boyfriend, perhaps. However, knowing them two, they know if they were out late, they would always stop and call it a day until tomorrow. I came back inside, knowing that she'll be alright. Then I began to hear noises outside, like someone jumping onto rooftops. I passed it off as being something else of unimportance. And speak of the devil, Mari comes on in.

Mari: I just had the most wonderful time!
Murdoch: I wonder.
Mari: I hope you noticed though that Ash left.
Murdoch: She what?
Mari: Left. I saw her outside hopping on roofs and everything then disappeared.

So I wasn't hearing things after all! It was Ash all along. I don't know why and where she's going, but I tried to find that out on my own. But that didn't work. I teleported somewhere almost way off course. I was on a barren shoreline. I sensed if she was around, but I found no one. "Great...," I thought. "Now I have no idea where I am....Where could she be?"

End of Chapter 70

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