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Mel's Journal - Chapter 2
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Linking to me, eh?

The next morning was a painful one. Nothing seemed the same anymore. Dad had already left the house for the day, and I was to stay here, by myself. I gazed out the window at the bright blue sky. It was a perfect day to go to the park, and since I was bored, I figured that I should go.
I walked down to the little bench beside the pond, where I often sat when there was not much to do. As I gazed into the ponds glossy water, I noticed the reflection of a blue and silver hedgehog beside my own. I would recognize that face anywhere. It was my best friend, slash fiancÚ, Salo. When we were little, his parents along with my mother had arranged for us to be married when we grew up, and now we had become the best of friends.

Salo: *leans on the back of the bench* Hey, Mel! I knew I would find you missed class today...why?
Mel: I have my reasons...
Salo:*picks up a twig and taps it on Mel's head playfully* I only have two required rules. Now don't tell me you've forgotten them? Rule number one......
Mel:*sighs, smirks* No moping around, no sad faces..
Salo: And?
Mel: Always tell you when something is bothering me, so that you can cheer me up with your corny jokes.
Salo: This reminds me! I just came up with a new one...wanna hear it?
Mel: Sure, why not?
Salo: how many dead people are there in a graveyard?
Mel: I don't know...
Salo: All of them!!!
Mel: Oh brother..!
Salo: Ok, then. Where would you find a dog with no legs?
Mel: Not sure..
Salo: Where you last put it down!!*bursts out laughing*
Mel: ha! That was pretty funny!*laughs*
Salo:*points at Mel* Now there's that smile of yours!! I made you laugh! A!
Now, you must repay me by showing up at practice tomorrow. Okay?
Mel: All right, I'll be there!

When Salo walked me home that day, It was as if I was walking back into what I hoped had been a nightmare. I dreaded it all the way there, but as long as Salo was there, I felt strong.
I opened the door and waved goodbye to Salo. While walking into the living room, I could hear voices in the kitchen. They were whispering...Without making a sound, I wandered over to the wall that separated the kitchen from the living room, and listened.

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