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Murdoch's Life, Chapters 51-60
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Chapter 51

My sister? What's wrong with her? Is she ok? Did she make it, just like the Doc said she would? All these questions ran through my head. I was getting a migrane. I looked towards the hospital entrance and saw Anna come out. I sighed a sigh of relief. She was ok.

Chaotic: Shes coming here........But........Don't trust her.
Anna: Hi guys. How are you doing?
Chaotic: *folds arms* Good.......How are you?
Anna: Not much........How's my bro doing?
Chaotic: Ask him.

I didn't like how Chaotic was talking to her. He didn't seem too happy when he saw her.

Anna: Hey Murdoch. What's happenin?
Murdoch: Nothin much. Are you feeling ok?
Ash: Hmm.... I feel like something's not right.
Anna: What do you mean?

I didn't know what Ash was talking about, nor why Chaotic was acting like this when Anna came out of the hospital. I was stunned. Then, I saw Ash close her eyes and pointed her finger at Anna.

Ash: It's you, sorry.
Chaotic: Hm?
Anna: What do you mean by that, Ash?
Ash: I'm not sure.
Anna: I guess so. You're always not sure!

This wasn't like Anna at all. She would never talk back to her like that, especially in that tone of voice. And for some reason that I had no clue of, Chaotic's hands began to glow a firey red.

Chaotic: Your being possessed.

Possessed? My sister? Nah...Couldn't be.

Anna: Can I speak to you alone, Murdoch?
Murdoch: Why? Can everyone he-

And before I finished my question, she threw a punch right into my stomach. The impact was so strong, I fell to my knees and took the air right out of me.

Murdoch: Whadya do that for?!

I didn't want to admit it at first, but I had to now. She really was being possessed. After that punch, I sensed some dark energy within her body.

????/Anna: Shut your mouth! *sends Ash into nearby field*
Chaotic: HEY!!!!!*charges at Anna*
????/Anna: *dodges attack* Ha! Missed me!

John appeared and began to join the fight.

John: Hello, demon...

I tried to resist fighting. And it worked. But I wanted to take her down. John gave her a blow to the back of the head, but she didn't seem to be phased on bit. Yet, she ignored John that whole time.

Chaotic: Who are you?
????/Anna: It's none of your concern! Murdoch is my prime target.

Then, Ash returned and gave her a karate kick. John continued his onslaught on her, but with all the things they gave her, she was uneffected.

????/Anna: ENOUGH!!!

She made a force sphere that acted like an invisible wall and sent everyone back. Everyone except John, who blocked it with telekinesis. I was sent back a bit, but I stayed in place.

Ash: WHOA!!!
Chaotic: HEY!!!!
????/Anna: This doesn't concern you all! Only me and Murdoch!
Ash: But I'm concerned about both of you.
Chaotic: So am I.
John: THAT'S IT! *shoots ???/Anna*

John got really angry that nothing was working on her. I got my stance back and looked at them all. This really wasn't the Anna I knew. Nor was the one everyone else knew and loved. She had traces of the Dark Abyss seep into her. Must've happened while she was alone in the hospital room.

????/Anna: You follish mortals! I'm not the Anna you know. My name is Devesan, supreme ruler of the Dark Abyss!

Devesan? I remember him. Me and him were fierce rivals in the Dark Abyss. We always were against each other when it came to the weekly tournament. We stayed friends when I was leader.
Murdoch: That was a good match we had there again. That makes it now.....45 wins to 0. C'mon, Devesan, bud. How are you going to acheive Grand Master position if you can't even scratch me?
Devesan: I swear I'll beat you, man! I don't know how, but I will!
Murdoch: You have all the time in the world here in the Dark Abyss to try and kick my butt.
Devesan: I guess so...

Then a few days after that battle, he came up to me, with something that troubled him.

Devesan: Hey, I wanted to ask you something, man.
Murdoch: What is it?
Devesan: Is it true that you may return to the mortal world?
Murdoch: Yes....I made up my mind. My sister needs me.
Devesan: We can't allow you to do that! You belong to the Dark Abyss! You stay with us!
Murdoch: No I don't! After what I've learned here, all you do is torture people for fun! I'm not like that!

And with that I walked out of the courtyard and up the staircase leading to Earth. Then I heard Devesan's voice behind me.

Devesan: You walk out into the world, I'll make your life a living nightmare!!

I didn't care, so I walked out.
------------End of Flashback------------

It's been awhile since I last saw him. I wondered how well he's improved.

Ash: Uh oh.
Devesan/Anna: Because, all those from the Dark Abyss are immortal. Thanks to our Grand Master.

Ash didn't want to fight. She figured that there was no point. But Devesan kept her around.

Ash: I'm stressed out right now. Sonic just broke up with me and I'm being attacked my immortal things.
Devesan/Anna: Oh.....boohoo. Let me make things better by destroying you!
Chaotic: Over my dead lifeless corpse
Devesan/Anna: Bring it on! But if you do, then the girl I posess shall perish.
Murdoch: Why is that?
Ash: What?! Can't you just get back out of her?
Devesan/Anna: I'm only here to offer Murdoch something that he couldn't refuse because of his sister.
Murdoch: I wonder what.
Devesan/Anna: My offer is this, You join us in the Dark Abyss and serve our Grand Master, and I'll let your sister live. If you decline, know.

Damn...I thought. It was either my friends or my sister.

Devesan/Anna: It's your decision, Murdoch. Choose wisely. You come with us, you lose all your friends here. Stay with them, and you sister, Anna, has a nice afterlife.

But then, Demonic came up with an idea.

Murdoch: What is it, Demonic?
Demonic: If you refuse I might be able to bring your sister back........
Murdoch: You might.......but that's a risk I can't take. Anyway, I got a plan.

I took a look at him. I knew this was going to work! For sure it was!

Murdoch: Alright, I'll join with you in the Dark Abyss.
Demonic: WHAT!!!!!!!!
Devesan/Anna: A deal is a deal then. Take your sister back. *separates, Anna falls into Murdoch's arms* Come.
Murdoch: *laughs* The deals off, bud!

I knew that I won this one. He was always so gullible. But he came back at me with something much worse.

Devesan: Oh, really. I suggest that you reconsider that. Or else you sister's lungs will collapse!
Murdoch: Say what?
Devesan: *holds up trigger* With the press of this button, your sisters lungs will collapse and leave her gasping for air. She'll die in a matter of seconds! So come with us.
Murdoch: *sighs* Give me a sec then. *brings Anna back home, lays her on her bed* I'm sorry that I have to do this, Anna. But it's to keep you alive. *returns to Devesan* I'm ready to go, then.
Devesan: Good. Here we go.
Murdoch: *looks back at the group* I'm sorry.....

End of Chapter 51

Chapter 52

I have to tell you, leaving my friends behind and returning to the place I ran from was really hard to do. There was no backing down now. I made this decision, and I was going to pay for it. Devesan kept walking behind me. He knew I might try and escape again. Altough I didn't, I wish I should've. We both approached a huge, towering double-door, that lead straight to the Grand Master. Once of the servants, which looks strangely like Knuckles, came up, opened the door, and told us that the Grand Master was awaiting our arrival. I haven't been here for so long, so I don't know who this person was. We walked in and there was the Grand Master, who had a figure like that of someone I used to know.

Grand Master: Good job, Devesan. You have done well. Now be gone! I must speak with Murdoch alone.
Devesan: Yes, Grand Master.

With that, Devesan turned around and walked out. Once he exited the room, the doors closed and locked. It was just me, the Grand Master, and a few guards. I looked at the Grand Master. The person's face was concealed by the hood of the cloak it was wearing. The body figure was that of a woman, so I could say that the Grand Master was a 'she'. When I was here, the Grand Master was a guy. So much has changed ever since I left.
The Grand Master stood up from her throne. I could tell that she was looking stright into my eyes. She grabbed her hood, and revealed her face from her hood. I was completely awestruck at who she was!

Murdoch: No way!! It can't be you!!
Grand Master: It's been awhile, Murdoch.
Murdoch: But I thought you died in that car bombing! Back when I first met you!!
Grand Master: You assumed I died there, Murdoch.

I couldn't beleive it! It was actually her! My first love, Mari! She didn't die after all! But there was something about her that's different. She's never angry, or at least around me. She was becoming annoyed by something I did. I didn't know what, but she told me.

Mari: I can't believe you, Murdoch! I thought it was meant to be for us! Remember? You thought of that yourself! Now you're going out with someone else?! I'm hurt...
Murdoch: But you got to understand.....I really thought you died. I checked your pulse and everything, it was gone! You g-
Mari: Be quiet! Now that you hurt me so bad, I'm going to put the same hurt you put on me to you!!
Murdoch: So you want Anna to die? You two are best friends! Why would you do such a thing?!
Mari: I don't care! She's such a pest!

I was angered by her comment about Anna. But once I saw her hand holding the trigger that detonates the explosive in Anna's lungs, it suddenly turned from anger to frustration.

Mari: So I'll kill her anyway!

She didn't waste any time. She pressed the button, and my eyes went wide. In my head, I could feel Anna just beginning to slip away. She killed my sister...But I wasn't going to allow her to get away with it!

End of Chapter 52

Chapter 53

She continued to laugh about it. I couldn't hold in my anger much longer! I fell to my knees and my tears flowed from eyes and onto my chin. First my parents, now my sister!! My power began to rise uncontrolably. My anger was fueling the fire inside my heart.

Mari: Serves you right! Suffer with the actions that you did to me!

My eyes looked up at her, and I had no choice but to unleash my anger on her. I bolted towards her and swung a devestating blow into her face.

Murdoch: You'll pay dearly for Anna's death!!

My feet skidded on the floor as I turned around. She had her hand on the place where I landed the blow.

Mari: Guards! Seize him and put him in a holding cell!!

Then the guards in the room all lunged at me. I looked at two of them, then at another two. I wasn't going to go down without a fight! I released another burst of energy with flew the guards onto their backs and completely blinded. Mari looked on and tried to shield her eyes from the light.

Mari: Where is he?!
Murdoch: I'm right here!!

With all that I had, I slammed myself into her, which in turn brought us both through the portal that sent us back to Earth. I kept inflicting pain on her and blocking all her attacks that she tried to get me with. We exited the portal and we started rolling on the ground. We got back up and continued the fight. To my surprise, both Ash and Demonic were there when we appeared.

Demonic: What the?
Murdoch: You'll pay for killing my sister, Mari!
Mari: It serves you right for the pain you put me through!

But just when we were about to fight again, Demonic got in between us.

Demonic: Whao!!!!! Hold it!!!!! What happened?
Murdoch: Demonic, out of my way!
Mari: This doesn't concern you, mortal!

Demonic looked at me.

Demonic: Not until you tell me whats going on!!!!!

The he looked towards Mari.

Demonic: WHO YOU CALLIN MORTAL!!!!!!!!! I'M A DEMON!!!!!!!
Murdoch: She killed Anna!! She killed her!!
Mari: You deserved it!!
Ash: I don't think he deserved it, he didn't know you were alive.
Demonic: (to Mari)Why?
Mari: It is none of your concern!! Now out of my way!!

She pushed Demonic out of the way, and she bagan to charge toward me with all that she had.

Murdoch: Give me your best shot!!
Ash: *watches* Mari just doesn't get it.
Demonic: *eyes turn red* I tried to be nice Chaotic..........They leave me with no choice

Suddenly, a barrier that came out of nowhere just appeared between me and her.

Murdoch: What are you doing, Demonic?!
Mari: Dismiss your barrier from between us! I demand it!
Ash: I don't think he takes demands when he's this angry.
Murdoch: Demonic, you said you might be able to revive Anna. Go and take care of that. I'll be busy getting rid of these Dark Abyss freaks!

I tried to tell Demonic to forget about this, and go and save Anna. He said he was able to do that, and I trusted him that he would.

Murdoch: Demonic! Let me and her settle this! You don't have to get involved!
Demonic: I don't have to? I want to
Ash: Would you rather Anna die, Demonic?? Why don't you go save her instead!?
Murdoch: That's right. Go, Demonic, she needs you! *demonic voice* GO!

At that point, I didn't know what was controlling me. I felt my inner demon self getting to me. I was concentrated on having my little sister come back, and yet he refused to save her.

Demonic: I ain't afraid of you........ AND SHES YOUR SISTER!!!!!!!!!
Murdoch: You were the one who said can revive Anna. It's a risk. I'm taking it. Go please. I can't give off my energy. It won't have any effect and I'll die!!
Demonic: *loses concentration on barrier making it disappears* WHAT ARE YOU MY MOM!!!!!!!!! I DIDN'T THINK SO!!!!!!!!! ITS NOT LIKE YOUR HELPING!!!!!!!!
Murdoch: This is my problem!! I'll handle this!!

Suddenly, small sharp quills began to form on my body. I was turning back into my Dark Abyss self. All that anger unlocked who I once was.

Mari: I have had enough!! *teleports near Murdoch, gives a kick in the chest*
Murdoch: *sent back a few yards* Ow!
Mari: You shall pay! *charges towards Murdoch*
Murdoch: I think you are! *kicks her in forehead*

I thought I would have the upper hand in this, but she revealed a photon blade from within her own energy. She found an opening on my body and stabbed me with it.

Mari: This is for going with another girl!
Murdoch: *groans, drops to his knees*
Ash: *tries healing Murdoch*

Ash tried to heal the deep wound Mari inflicted on me. She caught notice of what she was doing, and charged right at her.

Mari: You.........!
Murdoch: ASH, WATCH OUT!!
Demonic:*reappears and blocks* Game over.........

Luckily, Demonic came in just in time. That block he gave threw Mari off balance. I had a chance to end the fight, and I took that chance immediately.

Murdoch: *grabs Mari's neck, lifts her in the air* I know you're not the type of person who would do this!! There's something in you!
Mari: Let me go!!
Ash: Demonic!? I thought you wanted to kill me!!
Demonic: I have a plan and I need your help

I looked back and saw Anna on his back. I didn't know what he had in store, but I trusted that he knew what he was doing.

Murdoch: I'm coming! *Murdoch's dark spirit goes through her, shoves out her evil spirit*
????: What have you done?!!
Mari: *passes out*

I released my dark spirit from inside me to shove out hers. My quills were back to normal, and my power was back to normal. I grabbed both spirits and threw them into the portal. And just so they wouldn't come back again, I destroyed it.
Behind me, I could hear what was going on.

Demonic: It won't hurt.........stand there
Ash: What are you doing!?
Demonic: Resurection.
Ash: Ressurection?? I'm scared....
Demonic: Don't be.....

I heard Demonic begin chanting something, but I could barely understand it. I walked over to Mari and dropped to the ground. I held my wound to try and stop the bleeding, but it wasn't working.

Murdoch: She was like Anna.
Ash: ???..... What's happening?!
Demonic: We have both given up half of our life energy so that no one had to die.......Now if one of us dies so does the other........I could trust you with half of my life more than Murdoch
Ash: Me?? Why?
Demonic: Murdoch's too quick to give up his life for someone........
Ash: He already did, a few times.

I came close to Mari, hoping she was alright.

Murdoch: Mari? Are you ok?

She didn't answer me. Although she didn't, I knew she was still alive. I was happy, but I didn't show it much.

Murdoch: Let's hope you're alright.
Demonic: *walks over to Anna* *sighs with relief* Shes breathing
Ash: *looks at Murdoch* Let's hope he's alright too, he worries about others more than himself.

That's all I heard before I slipped away into a coma. "I worry more about others than myself..." I thought. I knew she had a point, but it was true, in my case. I'm living a bad and horrible life, and all the friends I had are being led into it. Why should I allow them to suffer from my bad luck more than me? I would give my life up, just so they could live their lives.

End of Chapter 53

Chapter 54

I could feel my power returning into my body. I must've wasted so much on trying to get Mari's evil spirit out of her. I still lain there, right next her, though I felt my body being pushed. I guess it was Anna, trying to help me up or something. Of course, she couldn't pick me up it she could. I began to wake up. And at the same time, Mari was waking up as well, so was Ash.

Murdoch: What just happened?
Mari: I feel weird?
Ash: *wakes up* Huh?

I was just about to wake up when all of a sudden...HIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The scream pierced my ears so much!

Murdoch: *pushes Peaches away* OWWWWW!!!!!!!

My head began ringing like a bell. It was like a 10 rock concerts playing in my head. 10 really bad playing rock concerts...

Ash: I have to go to work......
Murdoch: Work? Where?

I couldn't really hear well. The scream impaired my hearing. I thought I heard her say work, which in fact is what she really said. I passed it off. She must've had some work that needed to be taken care of. It was like she wasn't working for Eggman, right?

End of Chapter 54

Chapter 55

All I can remember then was just returning home with Anna and Mari. That was about it. Nothing really happened by then. It was getting really late at night though, however. I remember what happened that night real clearly. Anna was already tucked away in bed, while Mari and I were still awake. I was outside, looking at the stars in the clear night sky. Mari came up behind me and asked if everything was ok.

Murdoch: Everything's fine, Mari. You should be in bed.
Mari: I can't sleep. Besides if I take your room, where will you be?
Murdoch: I'll be fine out here. I usually never sleep.

She resisted. She cared more for me than her, just like how I was towards my friends. I smiled.

Murdoch: You look tired, Mari. Come on.

I picked her up and carried her to my room. I placed her on my bed and began to exit.

Mari: Thank you, Murdoch. Good night.......*falls asleep*

I looked back at her. She slept so peacefully. I wondered how long it's been since she's been with the Dark Abyss. I didn't really like to think much about it. I flipped the light switch to the off position and the lights were out. I closed the door behind me and went back downstairs. Suddenly, right before I came to the front porch, I heard a voice near some trees next to my house.

Murdoch: What was that?

I looked out to where the sound might've came from, and to my surprise, Ash was there, laying on the ground.

Murdoch: *looks outside* Ash, what are you doing here this late?
Ash: Looking for you.
Murdoch: Why? It's solate at night. You should be in bed, asleep?

I noticed someone else there too. It was Peaches, the person I met back in the graveyard.

Peaches: Hi Murdoch
Murdoch: Why are you here, too? It's too late in the night to come here.
Peaches: I followed Ash...

I couldn't really beleive it. I don't know why they came here.

Ash: I can't sleep.
Murdoch: Come inside, then.
Ash: Thanks *goes inside*
Peaches: *follows holding her head* Ya thanks.

We all met in the dining room of the house. I wanted to know why Ash was looking so tired.

Murdoch: Why are you always tired, Ash? Workin' too hard?
Ash: Today's shift was 8 hours long. I'm sick of all this work.

She must've worked with a huge company of some sort to be getting that much work. Maybe like a corporate office position over with Central City Government Offices or something.

Murdoch: Then why don't you quit?
Ash: He will send the biolizard and Metal Sonic after me.

I was surprised. Those names sounded so familiar. She was working for Eggman!!!

Murdoch: Why are you working for him of all people?!
Ash: To pay for my mecha parts.
Murdoch: Mecha parts! You're part robot?

I was even more stunned! She had mecha parts! All these facts were getting freakier by the minute!

Ash: I jumped off a cliff because I went into depression after Espio self destructed to save my life. I have a mecha right arm, left hand, and left leg.
Murdoch: I'm sorry to hear that. And you got parts from Robotnik?
Ash: I either needed to have mecha parts, or stay in a wheelchair for 2 years.

I would've taken the wheelchair over working for Eggman, if that were me! But it didn't happen to me and I can't control that.

Murdoch: I see. Well, we can discuss this later. If you want to stay here for the night, you're more than welcome to.

Peaches wasted no time. In fact, Peaches just fell asleep in my room with Mari.

Ash: Where will I sleep?
Murdoch: You could sleep in Anna's room.
Ash: But isn't Anna already there?
Murdoch: She has a queen bed.

She smiled at me. But I just couldn't fathom the fact that she was working for Eggman. And also things were running in my head. I loved Ash so much, but so too with Mari. I wondered if Ash had feelings for me like Mari. I wondered if she felt hurt after knowing that I was with Mari this whole time. But before she entered Anna's room, she looked at me again.

Ash: And just to let you know, I'm not mad at you.
Murdoch: How did she know I was thinking that?

I went back outside and looked back at the stars.

Murdoch: *sighs* I wonder what is going to happen now?

End of Chapter 55

Chapter 56

Morning dawned. I was still outside, watching the sun rise over the mountain range. I sensed John appearing behind me. He always appears out of nowhere, when you least expect it.

John: Yo
Murdoch: Hey, how's it going John?
John: Meh, it's goin good
Murdoch: You don't sleep, too, I guess.
John: Haven't for 13 years

Then we both noticed Ash walking down the stairs.

Ash: Good morning.
Murdoch: Hey, you're up. How well did you sleep?
Ash: Well enough to get me through work today.
Murdoch: Are you going to plan on quitting soon?
Ash: If I want to die!!
Murdoch: Hey don't go that extreme, Ash!

I laughed a bit. It sounded pretty funny to me. The way how she reacted, is something I find really comedious.

Ash: Biolizard and metal sonic are my worst fears. I'm scared to death of them practically.
Murdoch: What me to go with you then? In case that may happen?
Ash: Alright, and by the way.... are you mad at me?
Murdoch: Hm? For what? What did you do wrong?
Ash: Work for Eggman... and be with you to make Mari mad.

Two things I would've really been so angry at.....Yet, I never showed a hint of my burning anger towards her. Times change,; I can't stop it from happening....I reassured her that there's nothing to be sorry for. Things change over time.

Murdoch: You don't need to worry. It's all ok. The reason why she was mad was because of that spirit inside her. She's never like that.
Ash: Yeah I did get a bit scared.

Then she grabbed my hand and teleported us to Eggman's base. John followed, and so did Peaches. When we arrived, we were right in front of Eggman's office.

Murdoch: Whoa! This place is huge!
John: Shouldn't be too hard to find a giant lizard and a metal Sonic
Murdoch: I know. We can take them.

John entered into the office first. I followed him, along with Ash and Peaches.

Murdoch: Let's go!
Ash: I'm scared.....

I tried to ease her fear, but it really didn't work.

Murdoch: Yo, Dr. Robotnik? Where you at!
Ash: *hides behind Murdoch* I'm still scared.
Murdoch: Stay close then.

There was no answer. It would seem that he might've went out to lunch or something....even though it was way too early for it. We kept walking a bit more inside the office. Suddenly, John caught sight of both the Biolizard and Metal Sonic approaching us. He cursed under his breath. Ash, on the other hand, was trying to run away from them, but I made sure that she stayed put.

Murdoch: Stand your ground guys!

Then the battle began. John shot at the big lizard twice, but it didn't really do much. I charged over at Metal Sonic full force. I could hear Ash behind me.

Ash: No match for me, Eggman....... I QUIT!!!

I smiled, but didn't look at her. 'She made the right decision...' I thought. I continued towards Metal Sonic and gave him 3 quick jabs to it. I looked over at the Biolizard and saw Ash use her trusty katana and slice it a bit. Then the overgrown reptile began to lunge at her. She managed to keep it cool and sliced part of it's mouth. Metal Sonic was about to drive me into the ground, but thankfully John shot it from a long distance point.

Murdoch: Watch yourself, Ash!

She gave a explosive kick to Biolizard then attacked it with her katana, all in one smooth combo. I looked back at Metal Sonic, then began to throw fire bombs at it to keep it at bay from me. All of a sudden, Peaches comes out of Metal Sonic's body.

Peaches: Those colorful wires tasted good

I returned my attention to the Biolizard, noticing that Ash was in it's mouth.

Ash: WHOA!!! HELP!!!
Murdoch: What the heck?
John: Damn!

John teleported to her and brought her to the ground. The biolizard continued lunging at her, with all that it had. Minutes pass by like seconds during the battle. Soon after, with numerous kicks, stabs, and shots to the biolizard, and a little reprogramming of Metal Sonic's CPU, the battle was finished. I was releived, it was finally over. I wiped off some sweat from my forehead and stretched. I returned home, and so did the others. I began to think up of a little plan. Like a vacation. I needed it, and so did everyone else.

Murdoch: Hey, guys.
Anna: What?
Mari: What's going?
Murdoch: I've been thinking. Maybe we should take a little break from all this stress we've been going through.
Mari: Really?
Anna: Oo, Oo, can we go to that festival in Surigaki Park? Please?
Murdoch: Sure. We can go there.

Anna became really excited; she was jumping up and down. I figured that we would go by tomorrow. Then I thought up of who was all going to be able to come. I was excited myself. No more bad guys to fight for an entire day. That would be the life.

End of Chapter 56

Chapter 57

It was going to be a great day for sure. Morning came quickly, and I still stood there outside, in the same place I usually would be everyday. It's kind of like my little spot to just......think over some of the things that have happened recently for me. I watched as the sun rose over the mountain. It told me that a new day has dawned. A new, different day for me to experience. Time to hang out with my friends this time. But before morning rose, Anna began having a nightmare about the Dark Abyss. She dreamed that she was taken captive and forced to work for them, or else she would die. By the looks of it, she couldn't wake herself up from her dream realm. It felt so real to her, she later told me, before she went back to bed. I told her that there's nothing to worry about, but she asked me another question.

Anna: Murdoch?
Murdoch: *looks back* Yeah?
Anna: Is there a chance that Mom and Dad may come back?
Murdoch: *sighs* I really don't know. Don't lt it bother you ok.

I exited her room, turned off her lights, and closed the door. I took about two steps, until I heard Mari's voice to my left.

Mari: She's a nice girl. Looks up to you alot.
Murdoch: I guess that you must've listened in on us.
Mari: You're like a father to her.
Murdoch: I promised that I would take care of her. That was the promise I gave to Dad...That I would always take care of her, no matter what....
Mari: Why is that, Murdoch?
Murdoch: My parents died two years ago. They knew they would though, since they were fighting against the Dark Abyss.
Mari: I'm sorry to hear that.
Murdoch: Anyway, you have to get some sleep. We have a big day tomorrow.
Mari: What about you?
Murdoch: *closes eyes* I'm fine. *reopens them*
Mari: *kisses Murdoch* Alright, good nght.
Murdoch: Good night, Mari.

Mari entered into the upstairs guest room and closed the door behind her. I walked back downstairs and here I am, still standing at the same place I was hours before. I was half-asleep at the time. But I can remember the sun's rays hitting my head, causing me to wake up. I walked back inside and plopped onto the couch in the living room. Mari was up. She looked down from the 2nd story railing that overlooked the living room at me.

Mari: You alright?
Murdoch: I'm good.
Mari: You know, I've been meaning to ask you this.
Murdoch: What is it?

She began walking downstairs, still looking right at me. I was wondering what she was going to ask.

Mari: You like that girl Ash, don't you Murdoch?
Murdoch: Mari, don't bring this up-
Mari: I want to know. Do you?

I knew she was going to ask this....I bet it was on her mind ever since she saw me with Ash, the first time we met.

Murdoch: Y......yeah, I do,.......a little.
Mari: If you think this is making me mad, it's not. I think it's better for you two to be together.
Murdoch: What about you then?
Mari: I'll be living here, helping you take care of Anna, if that's ok with you.
Murdoch: *smiles* Of course it is.

I didn't know she was going to accept that decision. I was releived to know that she did. I don't have to hide anything like that from her anymore. What a relief.

End of Chapter 57

Chapter 58

Seconds later, Anna came out of her room. I bet she was listening in on our conversation that whole time she was there. And strangely enough, John was there as well. I guess he must've heard it as well.

Anna: Morning, guys.
John: Yo
Anna: Hey John.

But before I was about to greet them both, I was interrupted by the doorbell.

Murdoch: I wonder who that could be at this time. Maybe Ash?

I opened the front door, and to my surprise. They were two of my long-lost friends I met before, Rocket and Jett. I should've mentioned about them earlier, and I'm sorry for not mentioning them at all if you two are reading this. But anyway, it's been awhile since I saw them.

Rocket: Hi-Yee! Didja miss us?
Murdoch: Only a bit, Rocket. You to, Jett. I'm juswt waiting for Ash right now, so we could go to festival in Surigaki Park.

Then, all of a sudden, as if Jett just disappeared out of the blue. I could see her trail of dust that she left behind. I stared at where she was going.

Murdoch: Huh? Why did Jett leave all of a sudden?
Rocket: I don't know. Maybe she heard Ash out there.

Just then, she received a call on her cell phone. She answered the call.

Rocket: Hello?
Jett: I found Ash, have taken her to hospital.

That was all that occured. She hung up, and replaced her cell phone to where it was before.

Murdoch: So what's going on? Is that Jett?
Rocket: Yes. She's found Ash, and have taken her to the Yu Suzuki Memorial Hospital. Ash fractured her wrist and ankle.
Murdoch: What! E...*sighs* Can I talk to Ash?
Rocket: Jett turned off her phone. Unless she calls back with an update on Ash's condition....
Murdoch: Well, I guess we have to go without her. I didn't want that to happen.

I was kinda disappointed at that point. I really wanted her to come along with us to the festival. But then she injuried herself during the night, perhaps. I couldn't do anything about it. I couldn't predict that would happen. Oh well, I thought, I guess I'll try again another day with her. I faced the group and asked if they were all ready to get going. They all said that they were. Anna couldn't really contain herself. She was a bit too excited. I concentrated all of my energy around them all and teleported them to Surigaki Park. I figured that this was going to be the best day I would ever have. And, frankly, I was wrong. Trouble was beginning to brew once I arrived.

End of Chapter 58

Chapter 59

We all arrived at the festival. Everyone separated from the group and went to have fun. I stayed along with Mari and Anna. Then went onto one of the rides that the festival offered. I stood and watched, leaning on the railings. I was always thinking to myself, Man what a day off this is....I should take these more often... I was feeling all relaxed, until I sensed an evil being in the presence of the festival grounds.

Murdoch: What the?

I took a look at a dark and lonely figure, who raised it's arm and pointed at me. I was kinda concerned about this. The hand looked.....metallic....I thought of it as being one of the festival mascots they had. But everytime I turned to look at it, it was still looking at me, with its finger still pointing at me.

Murdoch: Hey you got a staring problom or somthin? *comes up to the dark figure* I'm talking to you!!

Still the figure gave no reply. This was getting on my nerves. And it was also ruining my day off. Then, without warning, the figure drove its fist into my stomach with tremendous force. The force was so strong, that I flew right into a concession stand, about 50 yards away! Then, it hit me.

Murdoch: The guys from the Dark Abyss again! I thought I closed the portal for good!

The figure loomed over me, lunging towards my body, fist ready to punch. I saw it coming. I powered up one of my fists and took a shot into its stomach. It went into him and came out the other side, with wires surrounding my hand. A robot?! Since when did the Dark Abyss create this weapon?! Out of curiousity, I looked at the exit and saw someone looking at me, then bolting out inside a car.

Murdoch: Hey, come back here!!

I got up and gave chase. She was driving in a white BMW 330ci down the main street of the city. During the chase, images began pouring into my head. The street....The road....The horizon I saw....It seemed like I saw this all before. I couldn't remember, but something told me I did. I didn't let that concern me at all. I still pressed on. The car seemed faster than me. So I decided to kick it up one notch. I took out my emerald that I had used its power, so that I became Hyper Murdoch. But once I used the power, my personality changed. I can't really describe what really changed, but it did. As soon as I got close enough, John appeared and took out the driver, then pulled the brakes on the BMW. I entered into the car quickly and grabbed the person inside.

Hyper Murdoch: Why are you after me with that robot?! You trying to kill me!
Girl: My boss commanded me to kill you!
Hyper Murdoch: Whose your boss!
Girl: I can't tell you.....
Hyper Murdoch: Then take me to him!
Girl: But if I do, they'll surely kill you!
Hyper Murdoch: Not if I fused together with you. They won't know the difference. It's either that, or I kill you right here!
Girl: NO! Please don't! *starts to cry* I'll do what you say!!
Hyper Murdoch: Good.....

I fused within her, to gain entrance to wherever her place of employment was. We took a cab to drive the rest of the way. Minutes later then, we arrived at the place. I looked through her eyes and noticed that things were becoming more familiar each second. I almost had it, but I lost it. We came out and started walking on the black path leading towards the front door, with guards on both sides of the path. We went in, pressed the botton to go to the 20th floor, and waited until we got to the top.

Hyper Murdoch: *inside her* I hope you're not pulling any tricks on me.
Girl: I wouldn't want to. That would mean putting my life at risk.

The elevator came to a stop, and we stepped out of the elevator and onto the 20th floor. Then we came up to a door, preferably her boss' door. We knocked to give ourselves clearance.

Boss: Come in!
Girl: *walk into the room*
Boss: *looks at her*, how did it go? Did you get Murdoch?
Girl: No sir. He destroyed the robot once it attacked.
Boss: Then why are you here? You're supposed to kill him and not to come back to me until you did.
Hyper Murdoch: *using girl's voice* It seems flawless that you try to do that to me!
Boss: What are you talking about? Those robots were not meant for you! Only for Murdoch!
Hyper Murdoch: *unfuses, flies towards boss* And that's why I destroyed it!!

I gave a blow to the bossman and he broke through the window, then landed in a conviently placed air bag. I guess they were expect him to drop sometime. I followed, dropping to the ground. He began running, but I teleported in front of him and grabbed his neck.

Hyper Murdoch: Why are you after me?! Tell me!

He gave me no answer.

Hyper Murdoch: Tell me, or you will die!
Boss: You might hold secret information that'll make me head to jail!!

I sensed Ash, Anna, and Mari's presence nearby. I guess they wanted to come and watch.

Hyper Murdoch: What are you saying?
Boss: I wanted to kill you! Just as I killed your parents!

I went wide-eyed. Now I remembered. That looked just like my parents' assassin....This place.....was where they worked....The boss....he was the one I saw with that robot. I lost my grip on his neck and just stood there, shocked at what I heard. I just couldn't beleive it....He continued on with his reasoning, which made it more shocking and unbelievable to hear.

Boss: They worked for me! They stole secret classified documents! They were to perish!! Right Mari!
Hyper Murdoch: Mari........

The one person I had my first true love to.....She was part of my parents' death. I was speechless, but I was left even more speechless after what he said next.

Boss: And thanks to the help of Eggman, we got that whole plan together, and BOOM!! Good bye to those people.

I thought about Ash....At that time she was working for him still....She must've been a part of their death as well. I felt so betrayed. A mere tear drop fell from my eyes. I wanted to hear no more of what he had to say. I knocked the boss out, then I turned to look at both Mari and Ash, with my cold, fire red eyes.

Ash: It's partly my fault.... I'm so sorry.
Hyper Murdoch: You! *demonic voice* You killed my parents?!
Mari: I didn't know any better! Honest! I didn't even know they were your parents! You got to beleive me!
Hyper Murdoch: Liar!!

John was there. He tried to comfort me, putting his hand on my shoulder, but I quickly shoved it away.

Hyper Murdoch: Get your hand off of me!! You have paid the ultimate price you two!! Here's your consequence!!

I charged a particle fire bomb and aimed at them. I was more demonic than I could ever have been. Yet, I never liked it at all....

End of Chapter 59
Chapter 60

I lost all control of what was right and what was wrong. All that mattered to me was revenge. It kept echoing in my head....Revenge..........Revenge.........Revenge.... There was nothing I could do to stop it! I tried all that I could to regain control, but it prove futile. I can only hear just what was going on out there...

Ash: NO!! It was just a mission.... I didn't mean too!!!!
Hyper Murdoch: I don't care!! You two cotributed to it, so now you must die!!
Ash: Grrr.... I'M NOT GOING TO DIE!!
Hyper Murdoch: To hell you go!!!
Mari: Murdoch! No!

I felt the release of the particle bomb. I knew that meant really big trouble. I kept on trying to stop myself from becoming an assassin myself. With all that I could, nothing worked. My plans left in vain. I could hear the bomb being deflected. I sighed, knowing that they got clear away from the bomb. Then, all of a sudden, after all the destruction taking place........

That was all I heard. I figured that it must've been over. The battle is done. But I feel my power still at maximum. They must've lost! That can't be! Then, just as quick as it became silent, the destruction quickly continued again. I could hear what I was saying at that point.

Hyper Murdoch: Why did you have an emerald in your possession?!!
Ash: Because I'm important enough!!!
Hyper Murdoch: Well, I'll see to it that it is thrown into the wind.

I didn't know what he meant by that, but soon after I heard a sound similar to glass shattering to pieces, I knew right then....he crushed one of the Chaos Emeralds.

Ash: GRR!!! Why did you do that!?
Hyper Murdoch: People who kill are not deserving to hold an emerald. In case you were going to get it back, I crushed it!
Ash: Not deserving?!?!
Hyper Murdoch: Enough of this pointless conversation!! Time to die!!

He began charging towards them. I felt his power beginning to increase more and more, and his determination to complete his revenge rising ever higher. I just prayed that they made it out alright. Unfortunately, that seemed impossible... He first swiped Mari out of the way. She crashed into the wall. Then he turned his focus towards Ash. I felt the fire dagger being formed. He took a stab and then I felt a power decreasing. It wasn't Ash's power.....but it was...
Mari's power! She got in the way and sacrificed herself! Her power decreased, until it was no more.

Ash: MARI!!! Grr.... look what you've done. You're trying to get revenge but your doing the same crime!!! Try to realize that.... after you kill me.
Hyper Murdoch: You don't understand! If it's for revenge, it is reasonable to do so! If it's for selfish want, it's completely the opposite! *throws Mari out of the way* Now it's your turn!
Ash: Murdoch... you'll regret this someday.
Hyper Murdoch: Fine by me! I have no regrets! *stabs her*
Ash: *is bleeding to death* Remember my words, you'll regret this someday.
Hyper Murdoch:!!

Just then, I finally regained control of my body! I just need to stop myself.....But I was too late....The damage was already done....When I looked through my eyes, I saw what has happened. My friends.....Mari and Ash.....laying dead on the ground.....Ash was right.....
I am regreting this....

End of Chapter 60

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