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Murdoch's Life, Chapters 11-20
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Chapter 11

I couldn't really trust my new friend, John, at that moment. But I decided that it was right for me to do so. He did say that he was going to help out in finding my parents' assassin. I invited him into my house to discuss about what happened to them.

Anna: *looking at John* Uh.....Murdoch....Who's this? Is he a friend of yours?
Murdoch: Yeah, just met him in the graveyard.
Anna: *shocked* He's a ghost! Ah!!!!
John: I'm no ghost!
Murdoch: Take it easy Anna. He's no ghost. He's real. Anyway, we'll be in the dining room.
Anna: Why?
Murdoch: I have to talk with him for a bit.

Anna seemed really scared of John. It was just because I brought him here from the graveyard. I laughed inside. Once we got in the dining room, we began to talk and get to know each other more. Minutes pass....

John: Did you get a good look at who did kill them?
Murdoch: No. The guy's face was too dark to tell.
John: Hm.....a mystery assassin.
Murdoch: Seems to be so.
John: I'll try to do the best I can to locate them. *starts to walk out*
Murdoch: Hey, where're you going?
John: I'm heading home. I'll catch up with you later and tell you anything I might know about this "assassin" of yours. *teleports*

He just left right at that instant. I wondered if he was going to investigate it at all. But I didn't let that bother me. I just decided to sleep on it.

End of Chapter 11

Chapter 12

It's been days since John returned with any information that led to my parents' assassin. I thought that I lost all hope. But then it came like a beacon of light in the darken valley. While I was walking down the sidewalks of downtown Central City, some hedgehog came up to me.

???: Hey, kid. You trying to look for your parents' assassin?
Murdoch: Yeah. How'd you know about it?
???: I can read your mind. Ones of the Dark Abyss are trained to do so.
Murdoch: Dark Abyss? What's that?

At first, I didn't know what the Dark Abyss was. The mysterious stranger began talling me all about it, all the positive things about it.

???: We need a leader. And it looks like you can be up for it.
Murdoch: What's the catch?
???: If you join us, we can help you locate the assassin you so dearly want to find.

I thought about it for a bit, then extended out my hand. He did the same, and we shook hands.

Murdoch: I'll join up with you.
???: Good. Now come with me. Time to show you your new home.

I thought for once that I could finally find that person who killed my parents. But sadly, I was mistaken.

End of Chapter 12

Chapter 13

I arrived at the Dark Abyss Lair. It was a huge black tower, surrounded by smaller, 2-story buildings. In the courtyards, I saw many people hanging around the fountains, men, women, and children that were part of the orginization. We past that and enetered into a room where many soldiers practiced their battle abilities. I saw ones teleporting and attacking, some using photon bombs, and others just basically boxing punching bags.

Murdoch: Is it always this busy?
???: Everyday.

I thought to myself that with this many people, I may be able to find the assassin no problem. I was overjoyed, but didn't want to show it out in public. We entered the next room, where there was a female hedgehog and what seemed to be her daughter just looking at us.

Woman: Who have you brought to us, Devesan?
Devesan: Queen Myomi, I have brought to our lair our new king.
Murdoch: King? I thought I was going to be the leader...
Queen Myomi: This frail little hedgehog is going to be our king? *to Murdoch* You know we just can't let you be king just like that. You'll have to run through some tests. If you pass, then you become my husband and the Dark Abyss' new king.
Murdoch: Huh? Become your husband?
Queen Myomi: That is correct.
Girl: He looks perfect for you, mommy.
Queen Myomi: You think so, Jennifer?
Jennifer: I'm sure!

I didn't know what I gotten myself into now. But there was no turning back from this point. If only I were to know what the requirements were at first.

Murdoch: Alright, what are the tests I need to pass.
Queen Myomi: I take that as you are willing to accept. Servant! Prepare our friend for Battle One!

End of Chapter 13

Chapter 14

Huge doors that acted like walls began to open, revealing a huge fighting stadium. What is going on I thought.

Queen Myomi: Come with us, hedgehog. You shall face one of many tests here. *walks towards the ring*
Murdoch: *follows* So what are these tests exactly?
Queen Myomi: We are only testing your strength and nothing else. You'll be battling some of our finest soldiers here from the Dark Abyss. Successfully defeating an opponent moves you to the next test. *at the battle ring* Go right up these steps.

I walked those steps, not knowing of who my opponent would be. Thoughts still ran through my head. Why do they want me as a leader? Are they going to help me find my parents' assassin? Did John actually find any whereabouts leading to that person?

Queen Myomi: Bring in our first challenger!

Before I could recollect my thoughts, a a loud sound of a gong rattled the arena and what stood before me was my opponent.

???: You ready to go home crying? I'll make sure of it, rookie!

I braced myself for the opening bell. After that threat he made towards me, I wanted to stuff his mouth full of asphalt.

Queen Myomi: Let the battle begin!

End of Chapter 14

Chapter 15

My opponent charged towards me, going head first into my chest. He slammed me into the ground and pinned me there. I couldn't move much at all. The crowd was on their feet, shouting and cheering. I didn't know who they were cheering for, but I could barely hear my oponent talking smack to me. All I heard him say was, "You ain't got nothing. You should of stayed home then come play with the big dogs, boy!"
Just then, right after that taunt he gave me, I snapped. I pushed him off of me, sending him to the other side of the ring.

Murdoch: That's it, man. I've had it up to here with your stupid remarks! *taunts him* If you think you're so tough that you can talk smack to me, bring it!

Immediately, he charged towards me again, this time with full rage.
???: How dare you talk to me like that, newbie!

He swung his fist towards me, but I caught it in its place. With that, I had a stright shot into a open spot, his face. With all my power transferring to my fist, I gave him one devestating blow to his left cheek of his face, knocking him out cold. The crowd went silent once he dropped to the ground. I just stood there, keeping an eye on him. Then the referee came out and started to count to three.

One................two.....................three! Winner is the Red and Yellow Hedgehog!

The ref raised my arm up to declare me victor and the crowd burst out in applause. But I knew that it wasn't over yet. I have more battles to fight. But the queen looked at me with delight in her eyes.

Queen Myomi: Great job, hedgehog. You have done well. But how will you fare against an even stronger opponent.
Murdoch: Bring him to me! I'm ready for another challenge!

End of Chapter 15

Chapter 16

And all the while, with every opponent the Dark Abyss brought forth, I defeated them with ease. An hour passed and I finished their little deed. I stood there in the middle of the ring, everyone applauding my outstanding effort. I looked at my hands, wondering how I have so much power to overthrow the best the Dark Abyss had to offer. "Am I really that powerful? What have I done to gain this immense strength?" I thought.

Queen Myomi: Well, you have really outdone yourself, hedgehog. You are ndeed worthy enough to become our king. We must all know your name.

I hesistated a bit, but said proudly that all can hear.

Murdoch: The name's Murdoch! I shall be your leader of the Dark Abyss!

Everyone cheered my outburst, then silence later came about. I looked around and saw that everyone was bowing before me and the queen.

Crowd: All Hail King Murdoch!

They kept repeating it over and over for about 5 minutes. Then the one statement the queen said to me locked my senses straight.

Queen Myomi: Come! We must be married to become the royal family of the Dark Abyss.

I didn't agree with her desicion, but gave a suggestion.

Murdoch: Why not wait a few months. I'm not clearly ready to become the true leader. I've just started my reign, just give me some time.

The queen allowed me to do as I wished and placed the black crown of darkness upon my head. I told them all I was going to return back to my home in Central City, but return here every other day. They let me do as I requested, and I came back home.

End of Chapter 16

Chapter 17

Upon arriving to the front door step, I noticed another figure standing on the front lawn. He was admidsts the shadows, with his arms folded, as if it were waiting for something or someone.

Murdoch: Hey buddy! What are you doing on my lawn? I can site you for trespassing, y'know!

The figure didn't respond, but raised its head and stared at me with glowing yellow eyes. All of a sudden, I knew that this figure meant trouble. I didn't panic at all. The figure chuckled and his cracked open a huge evil smile towards me.

???: You must be Murdoch. I've been hoping to meet with you face to face. Queen Myomi requests your assistance at once.
Murdoch: It'll have to wait. I'll be there in-
???: NO! NOW! It is urgent that you return!!
Murdoch: Why?
???: It is too dangerous to associate with mortal lifeforms! You never know what they might do!
Murdoch: Some of these 'mortal lifeforms' you speak are my family and friends.
???: You're friends and family are the Dark Abyss!
Murdoch: Never in a million years. I only came to you guys to find out my parents' assassin. That's it. After that, I'm leaving the Dark Abyss.

But the figure restrained me from going inside my house. Dark energy cords wrapped around my arms and legs, leaving me immobilized on the ground.

???: You shall stay with us forever! If you choose otherwise, you shall be enduring a lont-term war with the Dark Abyss that'll never stop until you give in!

And with that he vanished. The cords disappeared and I got back on my feet. Until I give in? I thought. They'll be attacking me and my friends. I had no choice but to leave my home and find another one. I ran inside to tell Anna of what was going to happened, then we both left immediately, with our only family picture in Anna's pocket.

End of Chapter 17

Chapter 18

I was determined to keep myself away from the Dark Abyss as much as possible. I knew now that the Dark Abyss wasn't going to help me, but they were going to use me for some other purpose, and I rather not find out what it was going to be. Me and my sister ran into a remote forest and kept on walking, to the next town or city.

Anna: Murdoch? Hey, bro.
Murdoch: What is it, Anna?
Anna: Where are we going?
Murdoch: Somewhere far. Some place where the Dark Abyss will never find us.
Anna: Who are they again?
Murdoch: I'll tell you later.

We walked through the forest for hours now and clouds began to accumulate in the sky.
Anna: Are we at a city yet?
Murdoch: Yeah we are. Here in Rosenti Town.
Anna: Wow! Really?
Murdoch: Yeah. *looks up at the sky* But we better find a hotel to stay in quick. It looks like it's going to rain.

We both ran into the town and came into the nearest hotel we saw. We got a room and headed inside there, then the rain started to pour.

About an hour later, Anna was asleep in one of the room's beds, while I was outside under an awning on the patio, thinking.

Murdoch: *thinking: I'm really bored. I guess I'll go take my own tour of this city.

But right before I was going to start my tour, a frightful scream filled the rain soaked atmosphere.

Murdoch: Who was that?

I jumped off the patio and landed on the slick sidewalk and sprinted off, in search of whoever was in trouble.

End of Chapter 18

Chapter 19

That scream was circulating in my head all that time. I searched frantically for whoever was in danger. I came near a business district when I overhear some familiar voice.

???: Search and capture that girl! Don't let her escape!

I could remember that voice anywhere. It was Dr. Eggman. What was he up to now, I thought. Why is he after some girl? I turned the corner to find out what was going on, and to my surprise, there was a group of robots that looked like they were beating up some person.

Eggman: Rough her up a bit! So she knows never to escape from us again!

He was beating up some prisoner of his! Why would he stoop down so low! I couldn't let his rage on that person go on any longer!

Murdoch: Hey!!

I showed myself to him and got myself ready to fight.

Eggman: You should not get involved, hedgehog. This does not concern you at all!

But I didn't care about what he said. I wanted to protect that prisoner of his no matter what. Without concern for my own life, I charged into one of the robots that was beating down on her, sending the bot crashing into the nearest building, deactivating it. After that, Eggman grow hot with anger and ordered his bot to focus their attacks on me. Now I just got myself into one big hole that I can't get out of. But I wasn't going down without a fight.

End of Chapter 19

Chapter 20

Eggman: You are so persistant! If that's the way you want to play, then have it your way! You'll perish along with her! Bots! Attack the hedgehog!

The robots quickly charged at me all at once with their photon swords drawn. I could defend one of them, but 5 is just suicide. But I didn't care. I'll die eventually once the Dark Abyss captures me. I charged at them like a Kamikaze and prayed that I make it out alive. To my amazement, I knocked down 3 of the 5 bots on the ground, but they were still able to come back for more.
The rain poured harder than before. But my anger just snapped all of a sudden. I charged up a particle bomb blast and sent it towards the bots like a bowling ball and it crashed into them all, deactviating them and sending them to pieces.
I looked at Eggman, but he disappeared quickly. I stood there for a bit, then came to the aid of the girl.

Murdoch: Hey, you alright?

The girl didn't say anything. She wasn't responding that much. I dragged her out of the rain and under an awning. With experience from the Dark Abyss, I learned how to heal a person from injury. I began to heal her up and try to wake her. She opened her eyes slowly but wasn't able to move. 'Guess I didn't heal the bones quite well' I thought to myself. She closed her eyes and feel asleep, without saying a word. I checked to see if she still had vital signs. She was still alive. I returned back to my hotel and brought her there to keep her safe, knowing that Eggman may return to try and capture her again.

End of Chapter 20

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