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Murdoch's Life, Chapters 71-80
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Chapter 71

I began to try and sense her power from where I stood. Nothing was found on the area I was at, nor even within a good 10 mile radius of where I was. But still I kept on searching. However, pushing my mind farther and farther, placing more and more stress as well, began to do numbers on my body. It seemed that my bodily systems began to transfer energy towards my mind in order to help me find her, but that made me become weaker and weaker. I dropped to my knees and all my power was gone. I was feeling ridiculously tired and sleepy after that. It was a sign that showed my body needed that energy to be restored, without the use of an emerald to help me.

Murdoch: I don't have much energy left. If I transport now, who knows where I'll end up. *lies on the ground* Guess I'll just have to wait until I reenergize. Which could take about a day or two.

I turned onto my back, with my arms stretched out on the sand and my eyes gazing into the endless black void of space and its celestial lights. I began to wonder.....What does life have in store for me in the future? Are the Shadow Dragons and the Dark Abyss going to be no more? Who else am I going to meet in my adventures to come? And for some reason, while I lain there, I started to see a faint image of a figure in the night sky. I must've been seeing things, but it was really something my eyes have caught. It looked like Anna, but different....I couldn't vaguely describe the figure, but it looked like Anna....a little bit older. Then suddenly, it vanished. I couldn't believe what it was. Maybe it was showing me parts of the future, or it might've been my mind playing games with me. That could've been the case, since I did use much of it to find Ash. Slowly as the night dragged by, the sea breeze began to blow gently across the shoreline. It was soothing to the soul to feel such a thing. My eyes began to close, and I drifted to sleep, still with my arms outstretched on the sand and my head drifting to the left. "It'll only be a matter of time before the sun rises....And I can continue my search..." I thought.

In my dreams, I began to recall that figure I noticed in the sky. Maybe it was telling me of who Anna might be. She might still stay alive no matter what I might do from here on out. Or it might be someone I'll run into later in my life. Whatever it was, I'm sure I'll see that person soon. Let's just hope I do get that chance.

I couldn't tell how much time did past, but I felt something land on my shoulder. I opened my eyes slowly and noticed I was on my side, facing the inland. Something like a leaf or crab might've gotten on my shoulder.

Murdoch: .....Have two days passed already?
Ash: No it's only been one night.
Murdoch: Ash? How did you find me? I was suppose to find you.....
Ash: I used telekenisis.
Murdoch: I feel so tired........
Ash: I'm tired too... oh well.
Murdoch: I........can't really teleport ourselves back home.............
Ash: Get some rest. Then worry about it tommorow.
Murdoch: But how........are we going to get home?
Ash: We'll find a way.
Murdoch: Let's

I was relieved at the moment, knowing that Ash was safe and uninjured. But still, I guess I couldn't argue that I could try and bring us back home. After all, my mind hasn't even begun to reenergize. I doubt, also, that she had enough energy to get us back home. So, as before, I turned on to my side, this time facing the sea and its breeze and fell asleep. Then I felt something next to me, near my back. I looked over and noticed that she fell asleep right there next to me. She needed the rest as much as I did. Though I think she went through enough for one day already. She was tired after I brought her home; she must be facing even more fatigue than before...So I turned back and fell asleep, hoping that my energy will come before I wake up.

End of Chapter 71

Chapter 72

The next morning came, and the sun rose over the ocean. It kinda woke me up, having it shine through my eyelids, somehow. Ash was already up, but Chrono was still asleep, this time on the sand. My eyes opened slowly, taking in the sunlight bit by bit. I felt that my energy was replenished only halfway through the night, but I think it was enough for all of us to get back to my house.

Ash: How do we get back?
Murdoch: *gets up slowly* I'll try what I can. Hang on. Let's just hope I can get us there.
Ash: Alright.
Murdoch: Teleport now!

With all that I had, I found Ash, Chrono, and myself back in my living room, where my search for her began. And at the right time, too.

Ash: It worked!!
Murdoch: *breathing heavily* I tried a bit too hard. I lost my hard-earned energy. *collapses*
Ash: Luckily I regained mine. *heals him*
Murdoch: Thanks...........*gets back up* You know, life's different when you're half-mechanical.
Ash: You'll get used to it... I hope.
Murdoch: I can't heal anymore, that's for sure.
Ash: You're too nice.

I knew it was the best for me anyway to be half-mechanical then. It gave her the freedom I had when she was in my position. And it was also because I loved her; making that gift was one of the best things I could give her to make her happy. I smiled at her as a reply. Then Anna comes out of her room. From the looks of it, she just woke up, yawning as she was coming down the stairs.

Anna: Morning guys....
Ash: Hey Anna.
Murdoch: Morning, lil' sis.
Anna: What are you guys doing? And what's wrong with Murdoch?
Ash: He's too nice, that's the problem.
Murdoch: My problem? I thought that was a compliment.
Anna: He always is, Ash. That's mostly his personality, which makes him the best brother in the world.
Ash: But he hurts himself to make others happy.
Murdoch: I want everyone to be safe, even if it means to take their blows for them, like what I do for you, Anna, and Mari.
Ash: Yeah well it's starting to make me worry about you.
Murdoch: Don't worry about it.
Ash: Well aren't you hurting yourself?
Murdoch: Not at all. Just a bit, though. Right in the leg.

That pain in my legs....I knew I never hit anything that hard to give me that much pain. I wonder what the Dark Abyss was planning on me now...Maybe this is another one of there tricks...Maybe not.

Ash: You don't deserve mecha parts.
Murdoch: I know I don't. But it's for the best that you don't.

I got back up and dusted myself off. I put one thing into my mind. "One of these days, take a day off from fighting and vacuum the floor! It's damn dusty!!" I thought.

End of Chapter 72

Chapter 73

I walked outside the house. The weather was pleasant enough, but it wasn't like how the beach was when I was there. At least it was a bit more cooler and comfortable than this warm humidity we're dealing with right now. And for some reason, my outlook on my own life changed, again for the worse.

Murdoch: Another day........*sighs* Another day............that I might die for someone.
Ash: Murdoch, you need to live for yourself and not everyone else.
Murdoch: Why? I'm just going to end up like my parents. What good is it if others die so suddenly? They have the right to live, and I'm here to enforce that right. Besides, I'm now the number one target of almost every villain on this planet.
Ash: I could be a villian, you're not my target.
Murdoch: Hm......I would know. *sighs* For some reason, I feel hungry. You wanna go somewhere?

Hm. Don't you get those kinds of feelings that you get angered at some point for something, then all of a sudden, your whole mood changes to something completely different? Kinda surprising for many people who notice it. I, for my part, am one of those people. I couldn't beleive my mood changed like that! Oh well, I guess my mind intended for me to do so, in order to keep Ash from worrying about me all the time.

Ash: Sure.
Murdoch: I just don't know where to go. So many places in the city......You have any suggestions?
Ash: Anywhere is fine to me.
Murdoch: Well, then let's walk around the city and find one, shall we?
Ash: Okay.

I guess she seems easy to please when it comes to food places. I teleported us both over to the city and began our walk of the town, looking around for any place to eat. For some reason, I looked over to Ash, but I saw her looking back over her shoulder.

Ash: Hey did someone just.... oh nevermind.
Murdoch: You said something Ash? Something up?
Ash: I swear I just heard something.

I didn't hear anything, until a figure came out from the alley Ash was looking towards. She looked really familiar, kinda like a distant relative.

????: *walks around the corner* Murdoch........I heard I could find you here.
Ash: Hey, who are you anyway?
Murdoch: I want to know the same thing. But you look awfully familiar. Have we meet before?
????: You don't know your own cousin? It's me, Ami.
Murdoch: Ami? Oh yeah, that's right. How's it been?
Ami: Pretty good. Hey who's this that with you?

It was my long lost cousin, Ami. She looked different from the last time I saw her. When was the last time I saw her? Hm...Well, it must've been before I started school, even before I met Mari. I couldn't really remember what happened then...though I think it could be irrevalent to what's going on right now....Or is it? Ah, well, she's my cousin that I've never seen in a while, that's all you need to know.

Ash: I'm Ash, nice to meet you.
Ami: Ash, it's a pleasure. So what are you two doing here in this part of the city?
Murdoch: Just finding a place to eat, that's about it. Why?
Ami: I'm just curious, that's all.
Ash: Yeah.

Ash's cell phone rings abruptly. She answered it quickly, then puts it away. She left real quickly, not really saying much. All I knew is that it sparked up trouble, just like always. Whenever she gets a call like that, it always mean her getting herself into dangerous situations that I may have to save her from. Not that I'm complaining or anything, but that's how it usually is.

Ami: Do you like that girl? I don't know if she's the type for you. Especially with you being a bit mechanical.
Murdoch: Oh, these. These were hers. I chose to take these from her and replace them with flesh.
Ami: Then you do love her, don't you.
Murdoch: Well, could say that.
Ami: I knew it......You do love her a lot!
Murdoch: Shh!! Not so loud, Ami. Ash may have heard that.
Ami: She teleported right?
Murdoch: But she may be somewhere close!

She wasn't much a person to talk about serious things; Ami usually would kid around and begin to spread rumors around if she started them or if they got to her. Hopefully, she wouldn't tell Ash what my little secret was, but I bet she knew of it anyway. Then I forgot what the real reason I came walking down here. Food!! My stomach growled, begging for sustanence. I began to walk over to the nearest area to get food, with Ami trailing behind me. Still, in my head, I began thinking if Ash was going to be all right. 'Ash, you better be ok after this little mission you're taking...Or else I'll have to do what you hate about me...' I thought.

End of Chapter 73

Chapter 74

Minutes pass by and still, Ash hasn't come back from her mission. I began to worry a bit, thinking that I should go over there and help her. However, I bet she doesn't want me around at that time, and I have to respect that. Still, I hope she'll come back ok. I began to talk to Ami, to get to know more about here so I can keep my mind off my worry.

Murdoch: Well, where are you staying at?
Ami: At a nearby hotel.
Murdoch: How long have you been here?
Ami: For about 4 years.
Murdoch: 4 YEARS!!! You must have raked up some bill!
Ami: Yeah, but they know who I am over there. They let me stay there for as long as I want for free.

That was amazing from what I heard. Staying over at a hotel for free is one thing, but staying there for four years is amazing! I guess she's claimed that hotel room as her own. Before I could ask her another question, I began to sense Ash's energy decreasing. 'She didn't....She didn't try to have herself killed again, did she?' I thought.

Murdoch: This ain't good. Something's wrong here. A drastic power decline.
Ami: What's going on?
Murdoch: No! It can't be!

I stood up from my seat in the restaurant and teleported to her location, leaving Ami there, baffled and confused. I just hope nothing drastic occured to her; otherwise I would hate myself for ignoring the danger she was getting into. I arrived and saw her on the ground. I didn't know if she was dead or just passed out, but my mind gave me the reasoning that she was dead. There was another figure present nearby, and I thought that he was the one responsible, though the person never looked like the type to do such a thing.

Murdoch: What happened here? Tell me!
???: Ash saved our country, but got radiation poisoning in the process.
Murdoch: Damn! I'll try and see if I can still heal. Let's see. *puts hands on Ash's body* Here goes.......

I know I was going back on my promise I gave her not to worry about others so much, but I couldn't let her go at all. I tried my hardest to give some of my energy to her, but my mechanical arm wouldn't allow it. Nonetheless, I pressed on all the more so to transfer energy to her.

???: Oh no....
Murdoch: C'mon!

I tired again giving her my energy. This time, my mechanical arm began to crack, like it was ready to break apart. This was a serious danger to me. There's no way to replace the parts for it if I were to break it. I didn't care. I continued to try to give her my energy.

???: It's no use, she's probably dead.
Murdoch: NO!

Suddenly, during my third attempt, my arm breaks apart! The pain was so unbearable! Now I realized that I pushed myself too far, and should've never tried to use my healing powers on her.

Murdoch: This ain't good.....All my energy is being transfered to that arm! *gets his emerald* This is all that's left. *places it in Ash's hands* It'll soon give power to her.......
???: Let's hope it doesn't increase her sickness.
Murdoch: It......won't.....*faints*

The pain was so extreme, it placed me under a state of unconsciousness. All I could see was pitch black darkness. I couldn't even move. A half-hour goes by and I regained my consciousness.

???: I guess it's time to wait.
Murdoch: *tries to get up* It........won't be..........long now..
???: Alright.

It was hard for me to try and get up using only one arm. I looked over at my emerald in Ash's hands. I noticed that nothing was happening. I dragged myself over to her as much as I could. Once I got close enough, I placed my only hand on the emerald and applied more pressure to get the emerald working.

Murdoch: This'
Ash: *opens eyes*
???: It worked!!!
Murdoch: .....alright......*puts hand on his open wound where his arm used to be*
Ash: Murdoch, are you okay?
Murdoch: I'm.....fine *eyes about to close*
Ash: Oh no!! Is there anything I can do?
Murdoch: If you can find a way to close the gap where my arm used to be, I'd..........
Ash: *grabs emrald from him* Okay... *tries to heal*
Murdoch: I hope that can regenerate my arm.....
Ash: Me too.

I didn't know what it was, but I guess the pain I was experiencing began to give me more power that before. I thought it was the Chaos Emerald she was using on me. I've never tried regeneration before, but I was thinking it was impossible to do. Boy was I wrong.

End of Chapter 74

Chapter 75

I was still puzzled at what was going on. How was I getting power that wasn't Chaos-produced? This was beginning to become so strange. Though I felt relieved to know that it was helping me alot. Now, I felt my arm fully regenerated, and it felt so good to see it back again.

Murdoch: Ah! Great to see a bit more flesh on me now!
Ash: Yeah.
Murdoch: *gets up* It feels great......What were you doing out here anyway?
Ash: Oh, *sighs* another mission.
Murdoch: Mission, eh? *stretches generated arm* You an agent, now?
Ash: Almost. The missions keep on getting harder though.
Murdoch: Need any help? I'll be more than willing to offer assistance...
Ash: No, I'm fine.
Murdoch: Alright, but if you need me, you know where to reach me. So you finished this mission already?
Ash: Well, I seem to have saved our lives.
Murdoch: Heh, I guess you have. I was always the one doing that though. It feels weird.....
Ash: I'm not used to it yet though.
Murdoch: It takes time to get used to.

It was getting kinda weird that she wouldn't tell me about her mission, and ask for help if she's getting harder and harder missions. I was beginning to think that she didn't want me to get involved with it, and maybe she might have good reason for leaving me out of it.

Ash: I don't think I'm the type of person to go around saving lives. I'm more... dark.
Murdoch: Dark? What do you mean by dark?
Ash: As in, not that good. I'm not meant to be a hero.
Murdoch: Course you are.....I was part of the Dark Abyss before all this happened. I was completely dark.
Ash: Thanks for not freaking out.
Murdoch: My pleasure. If you want, you can come along and stay at my place.......that is if you don't have any mission to get to.

I teleported back home, leaving Ash behind. She might've had another mission to continue. Instead, a few seconds later, I see her right in front of me. I came into the living room, and sat on the couch.

Anna: Where've you been?
Ami: You disappeared all of a sudden.
Murdoch: Places....
Ash: Hi Anna...
Anna: Hi Ash...Was Murdoch following you again?
Ami: He teleported after we ate. Was he with you?
Ash: He saved my life, does that count?
Anna: Well, yeah. I guess.
Ami: I knew it. I knew it. I knew it!
Murdoch: Knew what?
Ami: You really like her, don't you. Admit it.

My cousin always loves to pry into my personal life. It's like her own little forte; one that can't be stopped.

Ash: *blushes* Ami, why do you keep asking him that!?
Ami: Because I know! Murdoch must be crazy about you!
Murdoch: *turning red* Could we end this conversation now, Ami?
Ami: Not until you admit that you like her. We can go the whole night just sitting here.
Murdoch: *buries head in his hands* Why do we have to go through this everytime I hang around a girl......?
Ash: If he doesn't want to... he doesn't have to. I don't want to force anything on him!!
Murdoch: Thank you.....
Ami: You two are one of a kind. I think you're meant for each other.
Anna: You think they are, cousin?
Ami: I'm sure of it.

I took a passing glance at the clock. I remembered that I was given a phone call while everyone was asleep. I couldn't really tell anyone about it at all. It was Devasan, my former ally.

{Last Night}
Murdoch: Hello?
Devesan: Murdoch, we need to talk about some issuees concerning the Dark Abyss.
Murdoch: You know I'm not any part of them anymore.
Devesan: You better comply, for the safety of your friends. We all know that you can't go around this with your friends on the line.
Murdoch: *sighs* What do you want?
Devesan: Meet by the alleyway between the movie theater and supermarket in downtown 10 PM.
Murdoch: How do I know you'll keep your promise for not harming them.
Devesan: You got my promise...Just keep this all a secret from them, or else...*click*

I know that they won't like it if they found out anyway. It was beginning to be time to get going. I just hope that whatever Devesan is going to tell me, it isn't going to harm my friends as well.

End of Chapter 75

Chapter 76

The time was about to come before I had to meet him. Before I started on my way, Mari came home, feeling happy as ever.

Mari: Hey everybody! I have me some great news!
Murdoch: Huh?
Anna: What is it?
Ash: Please, tell us.
Mari: I'm getting married in two weeks! Isn't that great?
Murdoch: You're what?!
Anna: Go Mari!
Murdoch: You just met him, didn't you? Now you two want to get married? That ain't right!
Mari: It turns out we knew each other before a long time ago. Back when we were both in grade school, Murdoch.
Murdoch: I don't remember that at all.

That was something I wouldn't really expect from her at all! She said she didn't have any friends, and I was the only one! This must've been while Anna and I were on the run. That must be it; it had to be!

Ash: Whoa... I don't know what to say about that...
Mari: It's going to be the greastest day of my life! *drops herself on the couch*
Murdoch: *sighs* Well, I better be off. I have..........things that I need to get done. See you all later. *walks out*
Anna: Hey, where you going?
Murdoch: *ignores, closes door behind him*
Ami: He must be just going for a walk, thinking about Ash. It's common for most guys to do such a thing.

That was the last I heard from my house that night. I sped off towards the point in which Devesan told me to meet him. The streets of downtown were still packed; many, many tourists begin to populate the sidewalks just like any other Saturday night I've experienced. A thin layer of fog rolled into the city, but it didn't bother anyone at all from having a good time. It was as high as the bottom of a car's rims, though it was unusual to see fog at this time of night. I kept walking on, passing through numerous crowds and finally reached the alleyway. While I was walking more into the alley, I looked around on each side to see him.

Murdoch: Where is he?
Devesan: Looking for me, ol' bud?

I looked to my right, and there he was. Devesan, hiimself, leaning on the wall of the supermarket, next to a dumpster. He still looked the same, along with his personality, so I know he doesn't want to make amends.

Murdoch: What do you want?
Devesan: Just going to give you a little something to ponder over tonight.
Murdoch: Lay it on me.
Devesan: Very well. *stands straight* The Queen wishes for you to return to the Dark Abyss at once. You are the only one who can lead the attack on these filthy mortals.
Murdoch: I already told you, I'm done with the Dark Abyss. I'm trying to live a new life.
Devesan: If you shall not join us, then great and terrible things will happen to your friends.

There was a long silence that hushed over us both. He did go back on his word that everyone would be safe. No matter what choice I made to his offer, they would all suffer. I couldn't really think of an answer to his offer right there, but he gave me a way to answer.

Devesan: If you wish to accept this offer, come back here tonight at midnight. Tell no one of this discussion we had, got it!
Murdoch: Got it.....
Devesan: Good....

He vanished into thin air, leaving me to think of my decision. I only had two hours to think, either I return to the Dark Abyss, or not. I would have to return to this very spot at midnight if I were to go. But what would happen if I didn't come? How will he attack them all if I were to stay at my house, where all my friends are? As much as I wanted to keep that decision, I couldn't allow myself to bring them into harm's way, even though in due time they will. I walked back home, with my mind made up, also thinking of how everyone will take my decision of going back to the Dark Abyss and turning against them. How would they feel? Especially, how would Ash feel? I couldn't stand to think of what she would think of me now. I came back inside the house and noticed them all still there.

Ash: Oh, that was a short walk.
Anna: Where did you go?
Murdoch: Nowhere.....If you need me, I'll be upstairs. *goes upstairs, into his room. closes door*
Ami: He still must be thinking about it.
Anna: He's acting weird now.

I sat at my desk in my room and just stared at it, like I just zoned out or something. Those thoughts continued to rumage through my head. You are our great leader.........If you shall not join us, then great and terrible things will happen to your friends................You are the only one who can lead the attack on these filthy mortals. These words could only haunt my inner soul. All I could utter out of my mouth was "What should I do.....?"
Then I heard Ash, right in the doorway, looking at me with concern on her face.

Ash: Huh? Are you okay?
Murdoch: *looks at her* I'm fine.....
Ash: It doesn't seem like it.
Murdoch: I'm alright. Don't worry about me. I'll be fine.
Ash: Hmm... okay, I guess I'll leave you alone.

I felt really horrible at keeping this away from her. She's been worrying about me ever since we met. I'd always tell her what was going on, but this time was different, only to keep her and everyone safe, for the time being. I took a glance at the clock and it read 10:30 PM. It was almost time for me to make my decision, a decision no matter I choose I'm not going to like. I could hear them all saying they were going to bed, which would be better for me to sneak out without them knowing I left. I looked at my door like I could see through it and had a sad expression cross my face. "I can't beleive I'm doing this..."

An hour later, everyone was fast asleep, or so I thought. I got up from my chair and walked downstairs and towards the front door. However, right before I turned the knob, Ash stopped me in my tracks.

Ash: Where are you going?
Murdoch: *looks at her* Why aren't you asleep?
Ash: I was worried... about you.
Murdoch: Listen I have places to go and things, so if you want to know what's bugging me you'll have to wait.

I walked right out that door, frustrated and angry. I wasn't angry at her, I was angry at myself. I talked to her with much anger in my voice that I never thought I would have to talk to someone in that tone, especially towards her. I would've never said something with that angry of a tone towards her. I was beating myself inside, telling myself I was so stupid to join the Dark Abyss in the first place. When I rejoined with Devesan back at the alleyway, I don't know what happened, but he somehow changed the outlook I had on life, back to one that was mainly the sole purpose of the Dark Abyss: To dominate over all.

I had no recollection of what happened the next few hours, except the fact the I ordered everyone from my home to be brought forth in front of me. Five soldiers were willing to take the job and off they went. Minutes later, they reappeared in the center courtyard, where everyone from the Dark Abyss lair was gathered for my reinauguration of me being leader.

Devesan: All bow before the return of our great leader!
*everyone bows but the captives*
Ash: Do any of you know where Murdoch is?
Everyone in the crowd gasped.

Man: How dare she speak that name of our great leader!
Woman: How would someone like that mortal know about the great King Murdoch!
Anna: King Murdoch? My brother was king?

I walked out towards the courtyard with Queen Myomi right next to me. There was a big commotion over the crowd over Ash's question. I raised my hand out towards the crowd and silence befell them all.

Murdoch: It feels great to return to where my second home was! To return as part of the Dark Abyss! You are all dismissed! Return to your usual activities! *to the other 3* You remain here! I shall speak with you all in private.
Anna: What's going on, Murdoch?
Ash: I didn't expect you were going back to the Dark Abyss... and being leader!!
Murdoch: *walks up to them* I'm sorry for not telling you guys sooner about who I was before. It's really difficult for me to explain. These guys helped me in trying to track down my parents' assassin before, but never expect to become leader. I thought about leaving, but I stayed with them.
Ash: Hmm... I don't like it here.
Murdoch: I'm really sorry about this. The only way I could never come back was if I disowned my position of being king.
Anna: Well, why don't you?
Murdoch: I can't. I'm already married to my queen. I never wanted it to happen. I was trying to get with Ash for all that time I was out from the Dark Abyss, but it turns out that they wanted me sooner than expected.

Right then and there, I noticed a side of Ash that I've never seen before. All of my lies and betrayals against them suddenly toppled over me like a stack of bricks landing on my head.

Ash: Y-your... married!? But... *speechless* !!!
Murdoch: I'm sorry Ash. This all happened this morning, so fast.......I guess you probably hate me now.
Ash: *sighs* I can't beleive it... *walks away from them*
Anna: Ash! Wait! *folows*
Ami: *looks at Murdoch* You've just made the biggest mistake of your life.....*follows*

What I just did those past few hours....I totally regret having to happen. I've already destroyed everything Ash knew about me, along with our trust and love between us. I felt so empty because of this stupid organization I joined while I was young. But the thing that Devesan gave me changed my way of thinking. I turned to one of my guards and gave him an order.

Murdoch: Make sure those 3 get off this lair this instant!
Guard: Yes, your majesty.

Then I returned to my living quarters, feeling so stupid after what I just did.

End of Chapter 76

Chapter 77

I couldn't even beleive that I had to go through great lengths and just betray them all this way. This wasn't like me at all. Never was it like me. I should've told them about my past when I had the chance to, but I said to myself that the past never mattered. I was such an idiot! Why would I say something like that?! I just sat there in my chair in my living quarters and pondered on it that whole time. Why did I do this? Was there going to be any good for me? Or was there just going to be hurt? Whatever the case may be, I totally destroyed myself in the inside. I got up and looked out towards the courtyard, still reflecting on the past account. There was nothing I could look forward to now, other than to stay and rule with the Dark Abyss for all eternity. I mean, what else could I do? I did begin thinking of resigning my position and then just start over. I kinda liked the idea at first, but it would be risky. Soon enough, one of my servants came into my quarters and tapped me on the shoulder.

Servant: King Murdoch. Two visitors are here to speak with you. One has been classified as being Mistress Anna.
Murdoch: Anna? It's a sure bet Ash is here as well. Tell them I'll be down in a few.
Servant: Yes, your majesty.

He exited the room. I knew she would come back and try to sort things out with what's going on. I couldn't blame her. Anna might've been there for the same thing. All in all, I should confront them and just deal with what they want. I just want to get this all over with. I exited the room and walked downstairs noticing them there in the lobby of the palace.

Murdoch: Well, I knew you would come back. But by the look on your face, it isn't going to be plesant.
Ash: *fist shakes* I have a feeling it won't be pleasent either...
Anna: Ash........*tries to calm her down*
Murdoch: Don't bother, Anna. If she wants to fight me so bad after what I done, then so be it.
Ash: *releases grip* What's the use. This would only make things worse, if they could get any worse.

Then, all of a sudden, I explain the whole thing to her of why I wanted to be with her more.

Murdoch: Look, I'm trying to tell you. I never wanted this to go this far. They moved the time when the Queen was ready to marry from 4 months ahead to just today. I never wanted to marry her anyway. If I were to marry someone out of this place, I would be revoked from this lair. That's why I tried to see if you liked me alot, Ash. *sighs* But it doesn't matter now. I can't change it anymore and I'm sorry.
Ash: I guess... after this I might only see you when I visit. Well, I don't think you can give up your position now. It's like you've abondoned us. I'll get used to it... someday.
Anna: Try to come back to us though, brother.
Murdoch: *sighs* I'll try. But I can tell you this. The Dark Abyss is planning a worldwide conquest over the earth. And there's nothing I can do to stop it.
Ash: Maybe I'll try to help.
Murdoch: You could try, but no one could ever beat.............the Dark Abyss Goddess......Even I can't.....
Ash: I have 2 chaos emeralds, if that does any good.
Murdoch: We could try........

This time, I knew for sure that nothing was going to change my mind and I was going to betray the Dark Abyss, once and for all, and that was that!

Ash: Is there any way for you to break up with the Queen?
Murdoch: If I disown my position of being King.
Queen Myomi: Which I won't allow you to do!
Anna: Uh oh.......
Ash: I'll fight for his rights to leave!!
Queen Myomi: I have heard you plan on sabotaging the plans of our Great Goddess, Isis! I knew you were a traitor all this time, Murdoch! You are not out King anymore!
Murdoch: Good! I never wanted to be King anyway!

Well, that seemed real easy for me. Good thing Myomi is horrible at negotiating in some ways. I took off my crown and threw it at the ground. Now they all knew I was being serious in this matter. Never again was I going to side with the Dark Abyss for whatever purposes. Myomi didn't seem shocked or surprised; she just looked at me with her cold red eyes, while I stared back with my yellow eyes aflame. She walked off back upstairs, while I turned back and faced Ash and Anna.

Ash: *yawns* I was awake all night worrying about you, Murdoch. I better get back and have some sleep.
Murdoch: Let's go home.....
Anna: Alright! You came back!

Soon after our little reunion, we teleported back to my house, and boy did it feel great to be home again. Ash felt real tired, as she said she was, so after she said it was great to have me back, she crashed onto the couch and fell asleep.

Anna: Glad you came back to us, bro. *hug Murdoch*
Murdoch: I'm sorry, though. But I have to find out a way to deal with the matter at hand. How are we going to defeat the Goddess of the Dark Abyss.
Anna: We'll find a way. But it looks like you need sleep.

And I guess I needed it. As they always say, it's easier to slove problems once you've rest your head. And so I did. Well, I tried to get some sleep, but the whole thing about the Dark Abyss Goddess and how powerful she is...It kept haunting my mind...Hopefully, with my friends' help, we can overpower her....

Let's just hope I don't go to great lengths again...

End of Chapter 77

Chapter 78

Morning rose over to Central City, and still I haven't had even a bit of sleep. Well, I managed to get about a few minutes of sleep, though I usually never slept at all since the death of my parents. O how I forgot how pleasant sleep was. However, just when I was about to dream my first dream in such a long time, Anna came in and woke me up. I was real close, too.

Anna: Murdoch......time to get up!
Murdoch: .........What time is it?
Anna: About 10 in the morning.
Murdoch: 10? *gets up* How's Ash?
Anna: She's doing fine.
Murdoch: *walks out of room* So.....tired.
Anna: You'll be fine.
Murdoch: I can barely focus.......What happened last night?
Anna: You fell asleep. That's about it.

Once my focus was more clear, I noticed Ash right in front of me, looking like she just had a great night worth of sleep. I could tell you now that I was a bit jealous towards that fact...

Ash: Oh, good morning Murdoch.
Murdoch: *smirks* Hey..........guess you slept well.
Anna: You must be tired, Murdoch. What have you been doing? Did you go without sleep again?
Ash: Yeah I did. You look tired.
Murdoch: I can't sleep........
Anna: You have to sleep sometime.
Ash: Is something worrying you?
Murdoch: Nothing. I'm..........just........fine.
Anna: It doesn't look like it.

He all walked back into the living room and Anna pushed me into the couch. I fell into it like a ragdoll. I was so tired, just like every other day of my sleepless life.

Ash: *sits beside him* Are you sure?
Murdoch: I'm still......thinking about how to defeat..............the Goddess. It's been troubling me.
Ash: You'll be stronger if you get more sleep.
Murdoch: I just can't though. I've never slept for a long time since my parents died.
Ash: I'm sorry. I don't remember my parents well enough to worry.
Murdoch: I just........can't......

All of a sudden, that urge to sleep kicked in and I just fell asleep. All I could see was just pitch black, and almost an image of my first dream. It was just about to the point of when it was starting to play out, when I sensed some danger and woke up in an instant.

Anna: Murdoch? You ok?
Ash: Hmm?
Murdoch: The Queen!

I knew she was going to pull off something real quick! I got up and teleported myself back to the lair, but I was too late to stop the launch of the Dark Abyss soldiers onto the surface world.

Queen Myomi: Launch the Dark Abyss across the globe! Time to dominate!
Murdoch: *at the Dark Abyss lair* Drat! I'm too late!
Queen Myomi: You again! No matter, you should of stayed with the Dark Abyss! Now pay for your insolence!
Ash: If you can get through me, first...
John: Need some help, Murdoch?

And I couldn't ask for anymore help from Ash and also John, who joined in along with the fight.

Queen Myomi: You can't stop us! We're the Dark Abyss! *disappears*
Murdoch: She's gone!
Ash: She'll be back.
John: Guys, she's right above us

We all looked up, and to our surprise, except for John, there she was, getting ready to attack.

Queen Myomi: Feel my fury! *sends fire projectiles*
Murdoch: Dang! *avoids*

She kept on shooting the projectiles at us, but we easily dodged them. This was how it raged on for about a few minutes, then a voice called from the Grand Throne Room.

????: What is the meaning of this?!
Ash: Hmm? Who are you? Do you wish to help us!?
Queen Myomi: It's her!
Murdoch: Uh oh!

It was the Goddess herself, standing in front of us all. During my stay at the Dark Abyss before, I only heard horrifying experiences of the Dark Abyss Goddess; the way of how she deals with people, friend or foe. She's a ruthless goddess who just happens to be part of the Dark Abyss. I was always telling myself that it was all just silly folklore.

Murdoch: The Goddess of the Dark Abyss!
Queen Myomi: *bows*
Goddess: How many times do I have to tell you! Eliminate all intruders! And yet I see them alive! There's no excuse for that! Perish!
Queen Myomi: I'm sorry, my goddess! Please have mercy!
Goddess: Mercy is for the weak! *annialates Queen Myomi*
Murdoch: What the hell?!!!

Well, I could toss out my fact of all those stories being totally made-up. 'She really IS a damn ruthless witch!' I thought.

Ash: You think you're so great, all you do is annialate people for no reason. Probably just because you want to get more attention....
Goddess: How dare you talk to me like that! You shall die!
Murdoch: *punches Goddess* You know, my friend has a point! You are not a worthy goddess!
Goddess: *grabs Murdoch's neck* For saying that, I'll freeze you to death! *teleports Murdoch to a cold place* Let's see you get out of that one, Murdoch!

I guess she brought me to the Arctic Polar Caps of the world. I got so cold, way too fast. Even when I tried to use fire to enwrap my whole body, it quickly fizzled out. I collapsed onto the icy ground, trying to keep myself warm, but to no avail. I only had some power left until it was all gone. I oculdn't teleport back to the lair, nor even back home. Heck I couldn't even get to someplace warm now. I was so cold, I couldn't move an inch from where I laid. Then, like a miracle, I heard familiar voices.

Ash: Murdoch, are you okay!?
John: We haven't much time
Murdoch: *sniffs* I think I'm coming down with something.........*coughs*
Ash: Let's get out of here.

She grabbed both of us and brought us right back to my living room. Both Ash and John got up, while I stayed on the ground. I was still majorly cold and frostbitten.

Murdoch: I can't fight with this condition........dang goddess!
Ash: Don't worry, I will.
Murdoch: I trust that you all will take her down.......I'll join you guys as soon as I get better.
Ash: I'll stay here a while longer, just to see if you're okay.
Murdoch: If you insist........

I fell asleep. This time, I couldn't actually dream. I think I blacked out because I expereinced so much coldness in all my life. I was getting sick already. I kept coughing and coughing, until I said to myself that this was getting real boring. I couldn't stay on the sidelines much longer. This was my problem, and I am going to fix it! I returned back to the Dark Abyss lair, with no consent towards how sick I was.

Ash: Murdoch!! You're going to kill yourself!!
Murdoch: I don't care......As long as the Dark Abyss is destroyed, that's all I care about right now......*coughs*
Ash: I thought I had a talk with you about this before...

Before I answered, I was knocked out from behind me. It must've been John again. He did that to me last time, and most definately did it again. This time, I woke up pretty fast, and I overheard was Ash needed.

Ash: I'll need all the emeralds, including the Master Emerald, to stop this.
Murdoch: *tries to get on his feet* Ash.........I know where 5 emeralds are....
Ash: *helps him up* Tell me.
Murdoch: The Dark Abyss has them sealed in the courtyard of their lair, under the fountain foundation.
Ash: And how would I get them?
Murdoch: *groans* I would have to get them.......
John: Which is impossible
Ash: You never know...
Murdoch: I'll be right back.

I teleported to the courtyard. It looked more barren than the Sahara. I saw the fountain, and looked towards the foundation of it. I noticed a minor crack on one side.

Murdoch: *looks under fountain, sees emeralds* Bingo! *gets emeralds, teleports back*

I returned and saw a new face in front of me.

???: Oh hi Murdoch.
Murdoch: *startled* Wah? Who are you?!
???: Sugar the fox.
Ash: How do you know who we are?
Sugar: You're almost famous, with the newspapers and everything...
Murdoch: Phew, I thought.....*coughs*.......sorry........*coughs, drops to his knees, dropping emeralds*
Ash: Murdoch!! Are you okay!?
Murdoch: My sickness is getting the best of me..........I need to lie down for a bit.........*lies on the ground*
Ash: Are you sure you can beat the Goddess like this?
Murdoch: Mostly..........But I need the emeralds to do so. But try to weaken her down a bit........*about to fall asleep*
Ash: *sits down beside him* Hmm, I need a plan.

Just then, a thought came into my head. What i remembered learning here in the Dark Abyss. But it was going to be something Ash was going to hate so much. But just think of how happy she was going to be once I was going to do this for her!

Murdoch: Ash,.......I have to ask you...........Do you wish to see your parents again?
Ash: *sighs* I would, but I can't.
Murdoch: I have a plan to do that, but you may not like it at all, since I want my parents back also. *tries to get back up*
Ash: I couldn't see them. Knowing the fact that I'd murdered them...
Murdoch: Well, I can make them come back for you. That is if you really want to see them again.........*gets on his feet*
Ash: It depends if they will forgive me.
Murdoch: I'll make it so......
Ash: Thanks...
Murdoch: I need the emeralds for.......*coughs*.........for the Ultimate Sacrifice......

The Ultimate Sacrifice technique, used for the Dark Abyss' last ditch effort if they had the Chaos Emeralds, and also it's one of the most costly techniques they know.

Ash: Sacrifice!?
Murdoch: It's the only way to rid the Dark Abyss. You may kill the Goddess, but there could be another one right after that.........I'm sorry, Ash. I have to do it.
Ash: I had a talk with you about this before!! *eyes start to water* No more sacrifices!!
Murdoch: I'm sorry.....*dries a tear off Ash's eyes* But just remember me alot then. *hugs Ash* I'll be seeing you.....
Ash: *cries on his shoulder* I can't deal with you doing this so many times. I don't want you to go...
Murdoch: I'm going now......*walks away with all emeralds* It's for the best of the earth......

I knew she didn't like it, but what other choice did I have? It was either this, or have the Dark Abyss rule the entire planet! I regretted everything I was just about to do.

Ash: Noo... you said you'd never do this again...
Murdoch: *turns to Hyper Murdoch* If I have to break a promise, I will. *walks up to Ash* But I'll fall to my death for it. *kisses Ash* Sayonara, Ash. *runs towards Goddess*
Ash: Murdoch, please reconsider!! Don't make me depressed again...
Murdoch: My mind's been made. I can't do anything anymore. I've had a horrible past and now's my time to end it. *starts to say what he is going to sacrifice* I demand that the Dark Abyss shall be forever destroyed and to have my parents revived and also the parents of my friend Ash. I ask of you now, O Great Fire Dragon, give me permission to commence this sacrifice of mine.
Great Fire Dragon's voice: You have permission to commence your sacrifice.
Murdoch: Thank you..........Begin the Ultimate Sacrifice! *red encircles the world*

During the process, my last thoughts began to fill my head.

'I enjoyed my life here on the earth. Although I had to leave it a couple of times. It was with Dark Murdoch twice in a row a long time ago. Then came to the point in where I almost killed myself in trying to take down the Dark Abyss for the first time this year. Then trying to heal Mari. Then trying to heal both Mari and Ash, and giving Ash flesh parts instead of mechanical parts and now this. Oh well, I gave up my life before. It's nothing different. My Ultimate Sacrifice will do the trick.

Then, everything began to go as I planned it.

Murdoch: *levitates in the air* First order of business! Eradicate the Dark Abyss! *blinding flash occurs*

*After the flash has occured, the Dark Abyss began to fade away piece by piece, atom by atom.*
Devesan: No! My army! No!!!!!!!

Goddess: *screams as she fades away*

*Once the Dark Abyss was eradicated, Murdoch continued on to his final part of the sacrifice*
Murdoch: Let me revive the parents of both Ash and myself!

*Just then, 4 figures encircled Murdoch, glowing white. His power was distributed to them equally.*

*Finally the sacrifice was complete*
Murdoch: *drops and collapses on ground*

That was it...It was all over...Though I looked at myself. 'Am I still alive?' I thought.
'No, but you are in the spirit realm...' A voice said from behind.

The spirit realm?!

End of Chapter 78

Chapter 79

'The spirit realm? Is this like another world, or am I just having another hallucination...' I asked.
'It is like another world...But a place for all deceased warriors...such as yourself...come to live...' it replied.
'Who are you?'
A figure appeared right before me, and I stood in awe at its impressive size! It was a huge red dragon, kinda like the ones you see in a Chinese New Year's parade or something along the lines like that. I couldn't actually determine how long it was, since it wrapped the lower part of his body like a spring coil. Its scales were reflecting a somewhat metallic red tint, and it also had two little arms like a T-Rex's...Ok, I think that's a bit overexaggerating, but still, that's how they looked like. The eyes blazed red and yellow, having for eyebrows tiny black flames. Its appearance was something imaginable, like I would picture him in Chinese folklore. The dragon lowered its head to have its eyes come in contact with mine. 'I am the Great Fire Dragon of the Deceased...' it replied.
'The Great Fire Dragon of the Deceased?'
'I don't think I stuttered, did I?'
'Oh no...hehe...You didn't stutter at all...hehe...' I, immediately, replied. I could tell he could light me like a candle if I were to do something stupid like that towards him again. Then I looked down towards the ground and noticed a stone statue. I got a closer look at it, and noticed that it was a statue of me! It was me, in the same position I was right before I died! I turned my head to the right and there I noticed Ash...

The look in her eyes...I could tell she was really disappointed and very, very sad and depressed after my decision. It was for the best of Earth, to save them from the coming doom that the Dark Abyss was going to lay siege to. Tears began to form in her eyes, glistening from the sunset to the east. A soft wind began to blow from the north and some of her tears began to drift into the wind and land on the foundation of my statue. She looked up to my petrified face and placed a hand gently on the left cheek of my face. She closed her eyes and I could hear her mumble, 'How am I going to tell this to Mari, Ami, and Anna?.....'
She returned her hand and walked away, teleporting away, most definately back to my house. Then I caught a glimpse of my parents, along with hers, getting up. It was great to see their faces again...My mom and dad, Jackson and Daisy....Anna will be so happy to see them again!

Jackson: I'm alive?
Daisy: I thought we died!
Tiffany: Yeah, weren't we dead too?
Kuran: Not anymore.
Jackson: I remember getting killed by someone back at our workplace.
Daisy: Same here. Who revived us?
Tiffany: I'm not sure.
Kuran: Me neither.
Jackson: *notices stone statue* What's that?
Daisy: It looks like some kind of statue.
Tiffany: I'm not sure.
Jackson: Lemme take a look. *comes up to statue*
Daisy: *in awe* That's our son! Murdoch!
Kuran: What!? How!?
Jackson: I.......I don't know......Maybe your daughter knows about it.
Daisy: Would you like to come to our home. We can discuss this later. I miss my little girl.
Tiffany: Alright, I bet Ash is over there too.

And there they went...All of them, heading over to my house. Won't Anna be so excited! I began to follow, until the Great Fire Dragon stopped me.

Great Fire Dragon: Where do you think you are going?
Murdoch: I'm going to check up on them.
Great Fire Dragon: We have to get back to the world of the deceased right away! We have no time to delay!
Murdoch: I'm sorry...but I want to...I want to see her...I want to see Ash...Just one last time...

The dragon seemed hesistant towards my plea. That was all I wanted to do. That's all I ever want to do now! I just want to see Ash's face one last time before I leave. It wasn't going to be too much trouble, also wasn't going to take too much time, either. Then the dragon faced me.

Great Fire Dragon: Alright...You got 10 minutes, but I'll be keeping an eye on you!
Murdoch: Don't worry, I'm a man of my word. 10 minutes is plenty!

I continued to follow them back to my house, and caught up just in time when they got up to the front door. All of a sudden, I noticed that Ash left the house, and I didn't have enough time to track her. Although it wasn't a total loss, I did get to see Anna being so joyful than I ever saw her before! She kinda reminded me of how she was when she was young before they died. Brings back so many memories....'At least Anna can be happy for the most part.' I thought.

Then the dragon got back to my attention.

Great Fire Dragon: I still don't understand why you went to great lengths to do this.
Murdoch: Just for them to be happy. That's all I want for them.
Great Fire Dragon: Then you must deeply love them all to sacrifice your own life for them...
Murdoch: Yeah...I just can't let them persih for all of my wrongdoing...not even theirs...I want them to live longer...and I was hoping that I could've stayed alive and probably start a new life....with Ash...
Great Fire Dragon: That girl has some feelings for you that are deeply concealed in her heart. Once you died, I felt her power just decrease because of her depression.
Murdoch: *sighs* I don't blame her.
Great Fire Dragon: You must've really liked her alot, didn't you?
Murdoch: Yeah, I did.
Great Fire Dragon: I can tell. You wanted to marry her before you had to marry that queen of the Dark Abyss. But it wasn't for that reason.
Murdoch: She's a nice person and all.
Great Fire Dragon: Tell you what, I'll reconsider the fact that you have to stay here. I'll send you back to the real world.
Murdoch: Really! You mean it!
Great Fire Dragon: It'll take me at least 2 weeks to prepare your body for it.
Murdoch: I can wait.. So my body will be prepared in about 2 weeks?
Great Fire Dragon: As fast as I can, yes.
Murdoch: Good. Just enough time to make it before Mari's wedding.

I couldn't believe it! I had another shot to come back to life!! I became so overjoyed! This meant I had more opportunies that were laid before me! But I had to wait two weeks tops...Not long of a wait, but I'm not complaining! I just wished there was a way I could tell her I was coming back...I thought.
Then the dragon gave me an answer.

Great Fire Dragon: If you want to annouce your arrival back to the real world to your friends, you can use the dream realm portals over there.
Murdoch: Dream realm portals?
Great Fire Dragon: You can access into anyones dream. I placed the portals to your friends' dreams on the bottom for easier access.
Murdoch: Thanks. I owe you one.

The Dream Portals were there on to my right, and sure enough, on the bottom floor, were the portals to Ami, Anna, Ash, and Mari, labeled and everything.

Murdoch: Hm.....let's see. Which dream portal should I enter in first?
Murdoch: Hm......It's a hard decision......
Great Fire Dragon: Check on your friend Ash. See how she's doing.
Murdoch: Sure, why not.

And so, I entered into her dream. When I walked in, it was just blank white. I thought I was walking on the ground, but once I looked down, I began to fall to the 'real' ground. I fell hard onto the grass.

Murdoch: Ow! Next time, I have to work on my landing. *gets up* Now if I am right about this, in dreams you'll find the person who is dreaming them up, mostly. *walks* Maybe I can find her here.

Then a shadow was casted above me. A very large shadow, I should add.

Murdoch: *stops* Strange, there's a shadow here right now. *looks up* Oo....crud...
Ash: Aaah!!
Murdoch: *sees Ash* Double crud!
Ash: *struggles* I wonder what Eggman is going to torture me with this time..
Murdoch: I'm coming Ash!
Ash: But Murdoch, you're dead!!

Right before I answered, John came in. Though something was really different about him this time....He had a sense of evil within him.

John: Goodbye Ash *shoots Ash*
Ash: Ahhh!! *falls to the ground in pain*
Murdoch: John! You punk! How did you get into the Dream realm! *notices Ash* Ash! *comes to her* Don't worry, I got you covered. *begins to heal*
Ash: Thanks.
John: Tch *lands on ground*
Murdoch: Keep your guard up, John's acting weird right now.
Ash: Alright.

He raised his gun, and it looked like the barrel of his pistol was aimed toward my dome. Now I know something's wrong with him...

Murdoch: I don't know what's gotten into you, man, but I sure ain't liking it.
Ash: *slaps John* Stop it!!
John: *looks at Ash* It could be you first
Murdoch: Ash! I'll deal with him.
John: If you are so strong, fight me
Ash: *runs katana through him* Alright.

It would seem that would've done the trick...but not this time...Instead, he took it out and broke it in half!

Murdoch: John, what's gotten into you?!
John: The great smell of fear *shoots Murdoch's head*
Murdoch: *takes shot, falls to knees*
Ash: Noo!! John, you're crazy!!
John: Ash, I'm not the crazy one. You are *shoots her*

I got back up on my feet and tackled him down on the ground. I couldn't believe he would do this!!

John: You can't win
Murdoch: Who say I can't! We're evenly matched against each other. I'd never knew you would stoop down to the level of a villain, like I once did.
John: Like you? Please *kicks Murdoch off him*
Murdoch: *lands on his feet* It's time you learn the high price of siding with evil!
John: Evil? No. Not evil. The revenge side *turns toward Murdoch*
Murdoch: Revenge? For what? What have we done to you that would make you want revenge?!
John: You were born *shoots at Murdoch*
Murdoch: *dodges* What!!!! Me being born! Man you must be taking some crazy pills or something!
John: *chuckles evily* Its no lie. You know your parent's assassins? I worked for them...
Murdoch: I knew you looked suspicious when I met you back in the graveyard!
John: *smiles* Is that why you treated me with hospitality and were friends with me?
Murdoch: I guess that's why you never return back to me about any information of my parents' assassin.
John: Yes. Because I killed the assasins. You know who else I killed? Mari...

He killed them before!?!? The one I trusted to help me find the real murderers of them all was none other than himself!! I couldn't beleive that I got fooled this whole time!!

Murdoch: You murderer! You were the one who destroyed the van she was in! You have no respect for life at all!
John: That's right. I destroyed your one true love
Murdoch: *charges towards John, eyes dialated* MURDERER!!!
John: *stops him right in front of him with telekenesis* That's okay though. You'll be joining her soon
Murdoch: She's alive and well! There's no way I'm letting you live your life any further!
John: She's dead and so will you be soon *shoots Murdoch*
Murdoch: *takes blow* You're going to have to do better than that!
John: You're right *uses telekenesis to make Murdoch rise in the air* I need to aim for your brain.

However, just before the shot was fired, I found myself back in the Land of the Deceased. She must've woken up from her dream. What great timing...Though I think the John I faced in her dream wasn't just in her dream alone...I fear that he still acts like that in the real world...

Ash...please be ok...

End of Chapter 79

Chapter 80

If John were still acting like a homicidal maniac in the real world, who knows what he'll be doing without me trying to stop him!

Great Fire Dragon: Everything ok in her dream?
Murdoch: Suddenly turned into a nightmare when John came into the picture.

I could feel something happening back in the real world, and the Great Fire Dragon felt it as well.

Great Fire Dragon: I feel something terrible is happeing in the real world.
Murdoch: What is it?
Great Fire Dragon: It's Ash. She's in trouble!
Murdoch: I don't have a body to help!
Great Fire Dragon: *shows Murdoch different body* They won't recognize you, but that's all I have! Go now!
Murdoch: You got it! *fuses into body, returns to the real world*

It wasn't much, and it didn't look too good on me at all. But who cares right now!? I had to take whatever I could get just to return back to the real world and save Ash from John, no matter what! However, when I reached the scene, I was too late. Ash was killed.

*Murdoch*: Drat! I'm too late!
John: *smiles*
Ash: You'll regret--- *dies*
*Murdoch*: Keep it cool, act normal.

I couldn't show myself now. I would blow my cover. I just have to make things up as I go, pretend to be someone else, and hope to God that I don't blow this...

*Murdoch*: Excuse me! Do you know who commited the murder?
John: Oh yes, Murdoch
*Murdoch*: *thinks: Keep it cool. don't panic* Excuse me? My name's not Murdoch.
John: Don't try to fool anyone Murdoch
*Murdoch*: I'm telling you I'm not Murdoch. Now are you going to tell me who commited this murder or not!
John: There will soon be more murders. Starting with you, Murdoch
*Murdoch*: How many times do I have to say! I'm not Murdoch! That' name!
John: You'll die anyway *shoots*

As much as I had to keep my identity secret for the time being to save Ash, trying to dodge John's bullets with this body is really complicated. That shot just grazed the left side of my chest. There was no use to keep my identity hidden now, I had to show myself. I may not win this battle again, but it's now or never...

*Murdoch*: It doesn't have to be this way, John.
John: Yes it does. Oh, and, say bye to your sister Anna in your thoughts *teleports*
Murdoch: Not if I beat you to her!

Now he's going after Anna. I followed him to her, just in the nick of time, though, too, I think I was too late. Anna was shot to death. I began to change into my Dark Abyss form, but more demonic than usual. My anger and frustration began to build to an enormous rate, a rate I've never achieved before, and yet can't acheive now. I began to try and slice off John's head for Ash and Anna's deaths, but he would switch out with both of my parents, making me kill them once more. More and more, I couldn't control myself at all. I killed the two most important influences in my life just because of a madman who killed my girlfriend and my little sister. I couldn't focus on reality anymore. I sensed around the area and noticed that John escaped the area. I sensed around a father radius and pinpointed his location. I came to him, with fire gushing out of my eyes and both my photon blades drawn, looking like I was ready for a duel down to the death. He gazed at me, then with a snap of his fingers, an army of robots begin to march towards me.

Though this never phased me at all, I still became more angry, just looking back at the past memories. I began to think, 'I knew I should've died a long time ago when I had the chance!! I knew I should've!! Why did you stop me, Ash!? Why!?'
Now that she's gone, and I have nothing left to live for, it was going to be all or nothing at this final battle. Or at least, it might be my final battle.

Murdoch: *fire blazes out of his eyes more violently then before* Your death has been foretold.
John: *laughs* Oh no it hasn't. I've seen the future
Murdoch: Your future is twisted and wrong! And I'm here to right that wrong!
John: The future tells me that your fate is sealed
Murdoch: Bring it!
John: *laughs* Revenge holds no prisoners, Murdoch
Murdoch: Maybe so. *looks at watch* Lunchtime, eh? Time to serve you up a plate of death.
John: I don't think so *raises hand* *claws come out of it* As you can see, new arrangements have been made
Murdoch: Hm......expecting that to happen.
John: Time to die, Murdoch

It wasn't going to go down this way, I began to think. If I had to go down, he had to go down with me, no matter what. However, that would mean that I would lose my priviledge of returning back home. If I were to die one more time since I came back straight from the Land of the Deceased, then that would mean curtains for me! But I had no other choice. I began to glow a reddish color, ready to sacrifice myself once he were to touch me.

That didn't work, though. He stopped and held his gun up, pointing at me from a distance. He was smart, he must've anticipated that from me. But what astonished me, was the fact that he did the same thing. He too was glowing red!

Murdoch: So we both go down together I presume
John: *turns back to normal* I learned to control it as well
Murdoch: I do too, but I presume to have my life sacrificed than to live.

Then our battle waged on. I don't recall of what ever happened at that point. It was all a blur to me. I couldn't see a thing. I could only remember the pains I felt that day. Something so painful in my life did I have to experience happened that very day. Not physically, but emotionally to a great degree. I lost everyone I loved and cared for. There was no point in living now for me. All I can remember is that Anna was safe. Wait, Anna is safe?! I remembered seeing her dead!! Not that I'm saying it's a bad thing that she's alive again, but who in the world revived her?! She woke me up and told me that I've been out for about 4 days! We stayed over in Rosenti Town just to get away from John. I don't know who revived her, or what. All I know is that she was alive, and I was grateful. I sat up and looked over to her. "We're going back to Central City. Maybe everyone is wondering what happened to us," is what I said to her.

Then we were off, heading back to Central City. Only now, hopefully, John's homicidal rampage would've cooled off.

End of Chapter 80

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